5 Ways How to Crop a PDF on Mac Computers

Do you need to remove a certain part of your PDF page or document? You will get so many solutions on how to crop a PDF on Mac to make it precise. PDF documents should look the same without any changes when shared, regardless of what OS you’re using.  

Standard viewer on Mac doesn’t allow crop PDFs easily. It can be easy on a Mac computer using the following simpler methods. You can edit a PDF even if it is unalterable and locked. Let’s find out what these ways are and how to use them for free.

Why Crop a PDF on Mac?

PDF is a file that makes seeing a file simple on nearly all kinds of devices. Users don’t need extra software installed on their devices for viewing the file. PDFs are used to share information across platforms. You may need to crop a file to divide it into smaller portions.

You need to crop a PDF when you have to share only some content instead of the whole file. Cropping helps in highlighting important information or removing confidential information from the document. Other reasons include removing or merging pages.

Use a Preview to Crop PDFs

Preview is a free tool on Mac to make PDF cropping much easier. This is the best bet if you’re looking for a way to annotate a PDF on Mac and crop a PDF. It comes preinstalled on Mac as a native PDF viewer and editor; you can learn more about annotating a PDF by clicking https://setapp.com/how-to/annotate-pdf-on-mac.

To use this app to crop pages when they are on a PDF PDF on Mac, simply open the PDF file in Preview. Tap the Show Markup toolbar and then click on the Rectangular Selection icon to start cropping. To select the content you want to crop, use the Drag tool. Now, tap Crop to get the cropped version.

Use Preview Another Way

To crop the required PDF, simply open it. Now, pick the block of content you wish to crop. Next, tap on the Rectangular Selection tool at the top left corner of the PDF. It will appear as a box created by partial lines.

Tap and drag that rectangular box around the content you want to keep. To crop all other content on a specific page, click on the Crop button. If you need to do the cropping for multiple pages, repeat the same process. To save the file, click ‘Export as PDF’ in File.

Crop With Professional Tool

crop with tool

To simply crop a PDF on Mac, you can use a PDF editing tool - PDFelement Pro. This tool is designed to manage all PDF aspects. To crop a PDF page, import a PDF document to this tool. For this, click on the Open File tab and search the folder where the file is saved.

Hit Crop under the Edit menu to get the crop box on the page. Make the necessary changes, such as adjusting the edge size for removal and setting the numeric value for every section. Tap the Crop button. To group multiple PDFs at once, tap Combine PDF.

Crop PDF Using Screenshot

Knowing how to crop a PDF on Mac can be easy with the Screenshot tool. Even though this tool doesn’t offer versatility and can’t be used for editing, it proves effective for cropping any PDF files. To quickly crop PDFs, open the required file in a web browser or Preview.

If you own macOS Mojave and later versions, press Shift, Command, and 5 to get a screenshot. For other macOS versions, press Shift, Command, and 4. Access the new PNG image in Preview. Now, choose File and then click Export as PDF.

Crop PDF File with Google Chrome

Another easier way to crop a PDF file on Mac for free is using the modern web browser – Google Chrome. Using this browser, you can read and crop PDF documents on Mac. To crop a file, tap on the Print button.

It will open up a print window on the screen. Next, choose the Save as PDF option in the Destination. Now, set the required pages you need to crop from the original document. At last, click on the Save button. The new cropped document will be saved in the download folder.

The Conclusion

Cropping a PDF file on Mac is required to remove unwanted or private data for numerous reasons. This task can be accomplished using any of the methods discussed above. Opt for the easier way to get the professional outcome in only a few minutes.

If you are not satisfied with the cropping, undo the changes. To get back the pre-cropped version of a PDF immediately, select the Edit menu and then click Undo Crop. To undo later, get back to the previous version. In File, hit Revert To and Browse All Versions.