Quickmail Features, Reviews and Alternative 2022

What does QuickMail do?

QuickMail is a tool to automate your personal email outreach for sales and marketing QuickMail helps you send personalized emails and follow-up automatically at scale while keeping high deliverability so you land in the inbox and start more conversations.

With QuickMail, you get to send highly personalized emails straight from your inbox while enjoying the latest technology to maximize email deliverability. QuickMail helps companies, eCommerce businesses, marketing agencies, and printers with the mailing and distribution of letters, parcels, campaigns, and everything in between.

Quickmail Auto Warmer

The Auto-Warmer feature generates email exchanges between members of the Auto-Warmer Group, which are real email accounts (from different email providers) of QuickMail users. The volume of auto-warmer emails will gradually increase by 1-2 daily. To avoid cluttering the inbox, we automatically archive the emails.

Quickmail Auto Warmer is a free-to-use tool. You'll need a QuickMail account to get started. Head to the Auto-Warmer tab found in your settings. Next, you'll choose the Auto Warmer group to join (the default group is called 'public') and set the number of emails you want to send each day.

Quickmail Reviews :

What do you like best about QuickMail?

A perfect tool to work with multiple mail services at the same time. I like this cause you can switch from one to another as simple as that. So this simplifies your time to manage your inbox when you use different services for marketing and business media. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

What do you dislike about QuickMail?

Had to be a little careful while using it, since is a third party had to be extra careful with your private information, the way are you allowed to answer with any email you had open in there, you can easily change it, and answer with another one; so if you're not careful with that, maybe you're answering with your private or personal email something on your business inbox or vice versa.

Lic. Marlet . Abogada Small-Business

Great product- wildly impressive support

Very satisfied with the product. Their 'kick-ass support' team responds within minutes of my reach out which is really impressive.


The product allows me to communicate with my client base in bulk but still comes right from my email address. A lot higher open rates/conversions because of this.


Site brands itself for cold reach outs. I think they have more to offer! I use it for communication with my client base!

Reasons for choosing QuickMail.io

Because quick email sends emails right from your inbox. Fundamentally different than Mailchimp/constant contact.


Quickmail vs Lemlist

lemlist is a great tool for B2B companies to execute their email marketing campaigns within minutes with 3 simple steps - automating, personalizing, and measuring. Automation saves valuable time and increases the efficiency of the users. Moreover, personalizing the email via images at scale is a great way to boost engagement and get more replies.

Quick Mail is an email automation platform that enhances deliverability and automates follow-ups, allowing you to receive more responses with less work. It enables you to create manually, utilize a contact form, or use CSV or Google Drive spreadsheets to import a large number of prospects.

Lemlist features include a campaign wizard, customized variables and images, email scheduling, the email review process, statistics and tracking, and more. With Quickmail You can make your own merging tag and characteristics and employ A/B Testing and dynamic testing to enhance deliverability and response rate.

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