Lemlist Features, Pricing And Lemwarm 2022

What is Lemlist?

Lemlist is an outreach platform. It lets you start conversations that get replies from your prospects. Lemlist is effective for sales teams of all sizes, startups, and lead gen agencies. It can be a great option for ambitious entrepreneurs. Lemlist helps users to grow a profitable business and build win-win relationships with their customers.

Lemlist is email automation and cold outreach software that lets you send cold emails to a target audience. It's usually used by SaaS companies and small businesses to streamline their lead generation activities.

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Lemlist Features

Lemlist has a bunch of useful features for email outreach. These are some of the uniquely designed features of Lemlist:

Email personalization:

Lemlist has the ability to create tailor-made and unique sequences thanks to personalized images, custom landing pages, and video prospecting. That way, you’re adding a much-needed personal touch without sacrificing the ability to send emails at scale.


Lemwarm is the auto email warm-up tool by Lemlist. This feature lets you maximize your email deliverability and keep your emails out of spam forever.

Cold Email Templates:

The email marketing platform provides exclusive access to the best B2B and sales cold email templates, follow-ups, and sequences from real users and with real data as proof. It boasts templates like How to book 50+ meetings with your ideal prospects, Create partnerships for backlinks, Find new business partners, and more.

Lemlist Pricing

The journey with Lemlist begins free. There are different pricing points available:

Email warm-up

Starting at $29 per month per user, the Email warm-up plan has features like Connect any email provider, Auto email warm-up, and Deliverability booster, It is the basic plan.

Email outreach

Starting at $50 per user per month, the Email outreach plan includes email outreach features like Personalization at scale, Automated follow-ups, Inviting teams, Integrations (Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce), and Integrations + API. This plan also offers Auto email warm-up, Deliverability booster, Automated sequences, A/B testing, and reporting.

Sales Engagement

Starting at $83 per user per month billed annually, this plan is a good option for businesses. Its features include LinkedIn workflows, Video prospecting, LinkedIn extension + enrichment, Custom landing pages, Native Email enrichment integration, Native Cold call integration, and more. It also has all the features available on the Email outreach plan.

Custom Plan

You can also get a personalized quote on Lemlist. The features you get are Agency cockpit, ree Supervisor roles to manage campaigns, and Report-only access for clients, The custom Lemlist plan lets you manage all your client’s campaigns from one convenient spot.


lemwarm is the ultimate lemlist experience plan coming soon. It has amazing features like Essential content email, DNS check, Deliverability score, Smart cluster, Smart content email, and Warm schedule. You can get a $29 discount on Lemwarm by subscribing to any lemlist plan.

Lemlist reviews

lemlist is your cold email batmobile. Personalization, automation, deliverability... everything you need to get more replies is there. Nick Dunse, CMO @Shuttle

It’s so simple to use, easy to connect with your CRM and their automation features will save you a lot of time. We booked more meetings using lemlist compared to other tools we used in the past. Alla Zeitoun Key Acc Manager @Meero

We had massive success using lemlist to grow our sales pipeline. When you work with a good company and they help you become more successful, I can just highly recommend them. Gabriel Frasconi SE Director @Zendesk

If you're trying to get recurring revenue clients to grow a small and profitable agency, this is a predictable system to leverage. Chris von Wilpert, Founder @Content Mavericks

My emails simply stand out amongst all that noise of emails we receive every day. Building relationships with top talents is much easier thanks to highly personalized emails. Mark Lundgren, Co-Founder @Sourcing Challenge

Lemlist vs Mailshake

Mailshake is another very popular email outreach tool. It is one of the most popular alternatives to Lemlist. They are both essentially the same but there are some strong differentiators too. While Lemlist is great with personalization, it’s also a simple, email-only tool that lacks a ton of capabilities compatible products offer.

On the other hand, Mailshake (if that’s what you meant) is a solid tool that allows you to employ more outreach channels outside of email. But as far as I know, they charge you upfront (no trial) which would be a dealbreaker for me.

Mailshake premium pricing starts at $29 per month. It is a common price point for both of the tools.

Lemlist Cold email templates

Lemlist offers some of the most effective cold email templates. These are the best performing Lemlist cold email templates

    How to book 50+ meetings with your ideal prospects email template
    Find new business partners email template
    Promote your marketing services email template
    Find your niche email template
    Pitch from a VC email template
    Selling to big banks email template
    Promoting a social media app email template
    Find affiliate partners email template
    Automatic, ultra-targeted personalization email template
    Link building outreach email template
    Multichannel outreach email template

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