Secrets To Get 30,000 Followers on Pinterest

Pinterest Is My Favourite

Social media marketing is effective more than anytime now. Every business now wants to bring its brand on social media platforms. But not all social media platforms are the same. They are all different and work in all different ways. Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media right now.

It is a bit different from other social media platforms, as it is an image-sharing platform. It is often referred to as a social bookmarking website and is known for its evergreen organic reach.

Here comes the moment of truth. Though Pinterest is a suitable platform to reach a huge audience easier than other platforms, it is not ideal for all businesses. These are some of the most appropriate businesses that are ideal for Pinterest.

  1. Beauty and Fashion 
  2. Cosmetic and makeup 
  3. Homemade items 
  4. Fitness and health 
  5. Food and drinks 
  6. DIY and Crafts 
  7. Shopify 
  8. Print on demand 
  9.  Books 
  10. Itsy 

If you working with any of these ideas; Pinterest can be the best marketing channel for your business growth. Pinterest also works fine for creating personal brands.

How I got 30,000+ followers

Now, let's talk about the thing you want to know. Gowing your Pinterest account is easy if you have a proper plan, Content Creation, and Consistency.

Before anything else, I am expanding on these 3 parts of your Pinterest strategy,

Proper Plan

Unlike any other social media growth on Pinterest takes a proper growth plan. To create a proper plan you need to identify these three things

  1. Who are your audience?
  2. What will be your target on Pinterest?
  3. What are your expectations?

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Content Creation

Content is the key part of Pinterest. A tip, Pinterest loves fresh pins. You need to create brand new Pins to reach more audiences on this platform. There are three types of pins available right now. Regular pins, Idea pins, and Pin ads.

Regular and idea pins are the type of pins you will have to use for organic growth. While creating your content for Pinterest you need to remember

  1. Your Pins should be beautiful
  2. Use the right colors for social media
  3. Use text overlays

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You need to be consistent to make a successful social media strategy, especially on Pinterest. It loves the accounts that are consistently publishing pins and active on the account.

To create the consistency you need to do

  1. Pin regularly, whether it is daily or weekly. You need to pin fresh content at least 2 times a week to get results.
  2. Pin on all your boards. You need to give priority to all your boards and use all of them.
  3. Keep content consistency. Your audience expects content about the niche theyfollowed you for. Keep that in your content.

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Things to Remember

Follow The Trend

Trends are a great way of knowing what users are searching for on Pinterest. Understand and use trends to get on the top.

Description Matters

Keep your pin and board descriptions clean and clear. You need to target the right audience with keywords. But remember not to keyword stuff. Keyword stuffing may harm your SEO on Pinterest.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are everywhere on social media. You need to use the right tags so that Pinterest can understand and show your content to your audience more easily. Do proper research and find the best tags for your Pins.

Engage The Audience

Pinterest is a community-based social media. You also need to be a part of that community. Interact with other Pinners, comment on other pins you like, and follow what others are doing.

Need Help?

These are the things I did to get over 5 million views and 30,000+ followers on Pinterest. Need help? Bookmark this blog and never forget to read my latest blogs on Pinterest Growth tips and Pinterest strategies.