How You Can Make $5000/month Using Pinterest

Pinterest is the most sales-centric social media platform available to e-commerce retailers today. Over 1.7 million merchants are finding new customers on the platform. The latest stats show that:

  1. Active Pinners spend twice as much shopping each month and have an 85% larger order size. (
  2. Pinterest brings in 33% more referral traffic to user websites than Facebook. (
  3. LED Submersible Lights are the top-selling item on Pinterest followed by Scented Candles, Beanies & Portable projectors. (

This information clearly says that Pinterest is the best place to give your business a kickstart. You can grow a $5,000 sales profit on Pinterest 33% easier than on Facebook. While most marketers and merchants use their full social media time to create ads on Facebook, you can take the advantage of free and organic traffic before many other businesses.

Before going to any details, you can check out my latest blog 3 Mistakes To Avoid: Tailoring A Pinterest Strategy 2022 to better understand what is Pinterest and how to use it for business.

Now, let us pave the ways to create a successful online business you can create completely based on Pinterest.

Choose your product

Choosing the right product is the first step. You have to find out what products are the top-selling items on Pinterest. Get a clear idea of what is the product, how long the market will sustain, viral products, quality, and price point. Take your time in choosing the right product. It is the most essential part of your business.

Setting Up your Shop

You have set a shop for your product. It can be your Shopify or its store. Even a business account or a Pinterest shop. You can also use eCommerce platforms like Magento or WooCommerce with a web hosting server. Choose an easy-to-use template or theme for your shop and also set your payment methods.

Market research

Next comes market research. It is the most important part of your strategy after product selection. There are many ways to conduct proper market research for Pinterest. Your home feed promoted pins and picked-for-you pins can be a great source of information for your research. Also, look at what board is Pinterest suggesting to you most in the home feed. You have to also look at customer perceptions and desires from other product pins.

Target Audience

Targeting the right audience gives your business an extra boost in sales. Look at the user Pinterest User Demographics and what is your target. Look at the audience and find what you want them to do. Now find out what you should do to help them find your website and drive more traffic to your website or store. You can also create paid Pins to be more effective.

Profile Creation

Now you are ready with your product, shop, market information, and audience. Set up your Pinterest business account with great care. Put an identifiable brand profile image, and give a proper description of your brand or business in your profile. Create a brand within your profile. You can put a link on your Pinterest profile. Don't forget to link your store using this link. Provide contact information so that your customers can find you whenever they need you.

Content Creation

Content creation is the next step. Pinterest is an image-sharing social media. Create engaging and innovative content to reach more audiences which will result in more customers. Create long pins. Create colorful and vibrant pins. Use a proper mix of regular pins and idea pins. Create video pins as the Pinterest algorithm is showing videos to more users now.

Managing Pinterest Marketing

Managing your Pinterest marketing is the next thing to do. You have to pin consistently, interact with your audience, reply and send DMs, and create and publish content with a plan. Having the right strategy is always important on Pinterest. Read my latest blog on how to get more visitors on Pinterest. Secrets To Get 30,000 Followers on Pinterest.

Analysis and Development

Analyze all your efforts and fill the voids. Continuous development is vital for your social media success. Social media trends, user behaviors, and buying patterns, change and evolve every day. Keep yourself updated with the trends and develop your skills every day.

Need help?

We all need a hand when we are beginners. I can help you create your business profile, create content, and set a growing profile on Pinterest. Check out the services I provide.

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