7 Effective Steps To Build A Powerful Brand On Social Media

Why is social media promotion important?

Let's check some of the most interesting social media stats first,

  1. 1 in 3 consumers uses social media to discover new products and brands. (business2community. com)
  2. A total of 76% of consumers have purchased a product they saw in a brand's social media post. (retailtouchpoints.com)
  3. More than 50% of revenue across 14 major industries is generated by social sales. (smallbizgenius.net)

Social media is a vital part of the marketing plan for every consumer brand. Every product we use every day including food, clothing, vehicles, electronics, and appliances is present on social media. Fashion items are on the top of the online best-selling list followed by Trips and tourism, Tech products, and Educational Courses.

All these facts and figures signals that the next big brand you want to create should be present on social media. You must bring your brand to social media to communicate with your customer, understand their needs and grow your business.

Social media helps Increase brand awareness, humanize your brand, establish your brand as a thought leader, and learn more about your customers. From small consumer brands to mega corporations all sizes and types of businesses are using the business potential of social media.

How to use social media for your brand?

The average person in the United States uses about 4 social media platforms. You may also use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Discord. But using these platforms for business is a lot different from personal use. Using social media for business takes skill, knowledge, and proper understanding of the platform you want to start with.

Following the right strategies for branding on social media, you can build an efficient marketing channel for your business, develop an easy way to communicate with your customer, and share every new update about your brand and product instantly with your customers. On the other hand, having a complicated and irregular social media approach can result in weak brand identity, poor communication, and speculation of misinformation about your brand.

Step 1: Identify your primary objective

The first step to making a proper social media strategy is to know what you are aiming for. On social media, you can aim for many things. You can drive traffic to your website or eCommerce store, build brand awareness, reach more people, share new product images or any updates about your brand, build a social media follower base, or create a presence. Choose the most important thing first.

Step 2: Set your goals

Set your business goals. Goals for social media can be the number of audiences you want to reach, the number of sales you want to make, the number of followers you want to achieve, etc. Setting your goals will help you create a perfect work plan and be efficient in managing your resources.

Step 3: Identify your audience

Your target audience refers to the specific group of consumers most likely to want your product or service. You need to identify your audience on social media. You can define age group, gender, profession, income, location, and interests. Identifying an audience is important for your content creation process. The more you know what your target customer or audience is interested in the more engaging content will create for them.

Step 4: Create a content plan

A content plan includes all the digital marketing channels and tools that you'll need to create, publish and manage your content. You need to conduct market research, choose the best content management system, brainstorm content ideas, and Determine the content type, to tailor a perfect content plan. With a proactive content strategy, you can ensure that every piece of content you publish or post brings a positive result.

Step 5: Maintain consistency

Consistency is the secret key to social media success. Being a consistent presence on social media helps you to build 'real' connections with people, this is after all the most significant expectation of being present online. You need to have Brand Voice Consistency, consistent content publishing, and brand identity. never forget to keep the brand Message the same, and align visual design elements. Setting brand guidelines will help maintain consistency.

Step 6: Keep learning

Social media is fast and it is changing every day. Learning new skills, keeping up with the latest trends, learning about new marketing tools, and finding the most effective branding examples will keep you ahead of your competitors. You can learn from experts, about what others are doing, what are latest the social signals and trends, etc. Start with the fundamentals and be creative with new skills and knowledge.

Step 7: Social media marketing tools

You need to use the right tools for social media marketing. There are 5 primary types of social media marketing tools, Planning tools, Social media advertising tools, Display Advertising Tools, Content Marketing tools, and Email Marketing tools. Learn about the 8 Best Social Media Marketing Tools for Beginners.

Kick start

Now it's time to get started. You need a brand logo, choose a brand style and start your social media branding journey right now. Be confident. Self-confidence is the key to social media. You also need to have compassion, set realistic online training goals, and track Milestones.

Need help?

All these steps are easy to follow. Yet everyone needs a little push to get rolling. I can help you plan, create and establish your brand on social media with my knowledge and skill. With my years of experience and knowledge, I can help you stand out and create a long-lasting influence. Find out my services here.