3 Mistakes To Avoid: Tailoring A Pinterest Strategy 2022

What Is Pinterest

Pinterest is an image-sharing social media. It is one of the fastest-growing social media right now. There are over 500 million users on the platform. Over 1.5 million brands showcase their products and services on social media. It is a high-performing marketing channel as around 70% of users are actively shopping from the platform.

Pinterest For Business

Pinterest works great for promoting your business. You can share your products, find customers and create a brand identity with this platform. Ideas are represented by a Pin. It is an image that is searched and saved by the users. Pins can also link back to websites. That helps for driving traffic to your website or eCommerce shop and drive sales. You can also share information about your products on the platform.

Creating Pintrest Strategy

Pinterest is easy to use. The best advantage of the platform is it is completely free to use. You can create both organic and ad pins. Users can create 2 types of pins. regular and idea pins. You can also post videos as both regular pins and idea pins. Regular pins contain an image, with a title and description and a link to your desired destination. Idea pins are like Facebook and Instagram story pins. But unlike those platforms Idea pins will last more than 24 hours on Pinterest.

Pinterest Mistakes

Using Pinterest for business is a good idea. But many of the brands can not gain traction and reach their audience for some common mistakes in their Pinterest marketing. These are the 3 most common mistakes that you should avoid to get a lot of organic audiences and find new customers on the platform.

1. Pin Mistakes

Creating your pins is the most important part of your plan. You have to create fresh content to get the most out of content. You can share both your products and other important information in your Pinterest content. While crafting your content keep these three things in your mind.

Choose the right color

Using the right color in your pin images is important. You can use red, purple, blue, and pink in your pin images. According to a study, some colors like blue, green, black, yellow-green, and yellow may not perform as expected. You should not use all white or all black product images on Pinterest. To get more shares you can use reddish or pinkish images.

Use text overlay

Using texts in your Pins makes them more understandable for your audience. It also helps to convey your message more clearly. Keep your text readable with the right color contrast. Keep it short and to the point. Use single or multiple power words in your text overlay.

Give proper description

You can add a 500-word description to your pins. Don't neglect this opportunity. Write a proper description using the right keywords. Don't just write it away. Think and create an engaging description for your pin. Your pin descriptions also help Pinterest’s internal search feature to find and show your content to more users. Write pins with descriptions of at least 100 characters.

Use hashtags

Do proper keyword research for your niche and find the best-performing hashtags. You can find hashtags on top pins. You can also use the ad pin creator to find the best keywords. I have a detailed post about how to find the best keywords on Pinterest. Check it out for a clear idea.

2. Board Mistakes

You can create boards on Pinterest. Boards are simply different collections of related pins that you have created. Optimizing your boards is as important as pin optimization. Try to keep these things in order while optimizing your boards

Board Name

Name your boards according to your niche. For example, if you want to share your lip gloss-making tutorials or lip products you can name your boards "Making Lip Gloss" or "Shiny Lip Gloss". You can create more than one board. Try to name them according to the pins that it will contain.

Board description

All boards carry a 500-word description. Write the board descriptions in the right way. I found several templates for writing bard descriptions. You can write it by yourself and just aim for what is the board about. And use related keywords in the board description.

3. SEO mistakes

Pinterest works almost like a search engine. So it has it's own SEO rules. Avoid these Pinterest SEO mistakes while implimenting A Pinterest strategy

Profile Optimization

Keeping your Pinterest profile organized and optimized keeps you ahead. Idea pins drive visitors to your profile or account. You should always keep it clean and beautiful to ensure a clear brand vibe. If you are using a business account, use a beautiful profile cover. Your account is your identity on Pinterest.

Irregular Pinning

Pin regularly on every board. Most people don't pin regularly, but when they do it, they overdo it. You should be consistent with your pinning time and quantity. You can use scheduling programs or online pin schedulers to keep your pinning consistent. You can find many post schedulers on Pinterest. Even if you are pinning manually, pin with continuity.

Abandoning Boards

Many users make and join a lot of boards. And they don't keep pinning on them over time. Abandoning boards is one of the worst things to do on Pinterest. In the beginning, create a maximum of 10 boards and use all of them. Don't just join group boards on which you will never pin any content, it will not help.

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Start Your Jouney

Pinterest is a gold mine of quality traffic. Around 82 percent of weekly active users on Pinterest say they have bought products based on their brands' content on the platform (Pinterest, 2019). To be successful with your brand avoid the mistakes I mentioned in this blog. Bookmark this page to read it again and better understand and use it while creating your strategy.

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