All You Need To Know About Storybook Brawl

About Storybook Brawl

Storybook Brawl is a card-based auto-battler with fairy tale and fantasy themes. Good vs. Evil compete as you recruit fairytale characters to fight for your team. It is an adventurous, free-to-play card game. Featuring hundreds of fairy tale characters you know from children's stories, but often with a humorous twist.

During Early Access, you can play single-player practice games or test your skills against seven other online players to claim the crown. Cryptocurrency exchange FTX US announced last week that it had acquired Storybook Brawl developer Good Luck Games, and the new owner isn't shy about its intentions. The acquisition is an "opportunity to be the vanguard for the ethical integration of gaming and crypto transactions," according to FTX.

1. Is storybook brawl free?

Storybook Brawl is free to play and will stay that way. The supporter bundles available in Early Access will only be available during Early Access.

2. Can I play storybook brawl on mobile?

Storybook Brawl is an upcoming card-based auto battler that's heading for iOS and Android.

3. How many cards are in storybook brawl?

Deep strategy meets enchanting fun in Storybook Brawl! 8 Player Card Auto-Battle Royale! Hundreds of free, draftable spells, characters, and treasures! Gorgeous artwork of characters you *think* you know.

4. How many cards are in storybook brawl?

Knight is 1000-1499, Noble is 1500-1999, Royal is 2000-2499, Monarch is 2500-2999, and Legend is 3000-3999. Each Rank in this range is still a floor.

5. Can you play with friends in storybook brawl?

The core systems and many of the final game objects are already in place (including "1 Ultra Cute Puff Puff"), but players can expect to see features added such as group lobbies, friend chat, and fully-voiced characters. Storybook Brawl is free to play, and can be downloaded from Steam.

6. Who goes first in storybook brawl?

One player is randomly chosen to go first. On a player's turn: The character in the next slot attacks, and randomly chooses a character in the opponent's front row (slots 1-4) to attack. If there are no characters left in slots 1-4, a character in the back row (slots 5-7) is chosen as the target instead.

7. How does damage work storybook brawl?

At the end of the fight, the losing team takes damage equal to the other heroes level plus one damage per character (three if the character is upgraded). The damage amounts aren't massive, but you will lose fairly quickly if you don't win any fights.

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