All You Need To Know About Skillshare

About Skillshare

Skillshare is a popular online learning community. It provides educational videos for people who want to learn different skills. Michael Karnjanaprakorn and Malcolm Ong started Skillshare in November 2010. It provides the chance to learn a wide variety of topics online from expert teachers. Anyone can join Skillshare to start watching online classes, create projects, and even become a teacher. Skillshare carries more than 27,000 online video courses, most taught by experts.

1. How much is Skillshare monthly?

Skillshare is a premium learning platform. The monthly pricing of Skillshare is $32 per month. The Skillshare membership gives you unlimited access to its vast range of courses of Animation, Data Science, Mobile Development, Freelance & Entrepreneurship, and more.

2. Is YouTube better than Skillshare?

YouTube is a video-sharing platform. You can find all types of videos on the platform. On the other hand, Skillshare is an expert-driven community for learning different skills. If you are serious about learning something to base a career on it you must go for platforms like Skillshare.

3. Can you use Skillshare for free?

Yes, Skillshare offers one month of access to all of its courses for free. If you wish to access the free classes you only need to sign up with your email address. With the free account, you can access several free classes both on your web and mobile(iOS).

4. Is Skillshare a good way to learn?

Skillshare is a good way to learn according to many of its users. Skillshare is great for people who want to learn applicable, creative skills in a short time. The platform has many crash courses that will help you learn things quickly.

5. Can Skillshare get you a job?

Skillshare can help you learn and achieve a new skill that opens up new opportunities for you. Developing new skills helps you get a better job even a better paying job. Skillshare provides Online Flexible Classes that lets you learn things at your comfort.

6. Is Skillshare Worth It?

  • Skillshare is worth the money if you find enough classes there that you want to take and those classes are up to date.
  • Skillshare is worth it if you are willing to implement skills that you learn in real life.
  • Skillshare is worth it if you can devote some time and take those classes and finish the assignments.
  • 7. Is there anything better than Skillshare?

    There are many online learning platforms available now. All of these platforms offer different sets of features and functionalities with the same aim to help you learn a skill or get the expertise of a subject. You can find the best Skillshare alternatives here.

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