Top 5 Horror Apps

Is there a horror app? What is the creepiest app ever? What are the haunted apps?What's the best horror game app?

About Horror Apps

Horror is a favorite genre for many of us. Horror stories, frightening films, creepy things attract people who love to face their fears. Horror apps are the latest addition to the list of your thirst for horror. You can find many creepy and scary horror apps for your smartphone now.

5 Best Horror Apps

Here we have listed the best horror apps with all their best features, functionalities, and pricing. Let us dive deep into the list.

  1. Chilling
  2. Ghost Hunting Tools
  3. Ghost Voice Box
  4. Scary Mansion
  5. How to Summon Demons

1. Chilling (Horror Story App)

Chilling is an app with Scary Horror Stories. It has 500+ curated horror stories from different categories like Horror Stories, Scary Stories, True Stories, Paranormal Stories, Supernatural Stories, Evil Stories, Personal Experiences, and more. It has a soothing narration style for listeners. You can also create playlists of stories from your favorite genres or artists & choose an ambient sound that matches the narrative you desire. It has great ambient sounds for creating the perfect environment of horror. In addition to all these features, you can also share your own horror stories on the app. It is a free app. Chilling: Scary Horror Stories app is available for iOS and Android.

2. Ghost Hunting Tools (Ghost Hunting Simulation)

Ghost Hunting Tools is an ghost hunting simulation app for entertainment. It gives you easy-to-use access to EMF meters and EVP detectors to hunt ghosts and spirits. The included several thousand words strong dictionary will allow for great ghost hunting sessions. Ghost Hunting Tools will select words from the built-in dictionary. The processing time can vary and depends on your device's processor unit. Similar devices are used by paranormal investigators all over the world. Ghost Hunting Tools app is free. It is available for iOS and Android.

3. Ghost Voice Box (Spirit Communicator Simulation)

Ghost Voice Box - Spirit Communicator is a Spirit Communicator Simulation app for entertainment. This application uses a sound bank to emulate a Spirit Voicebox. It is intended for entertainment purposes only. This app is best used in a quiet environment, either with headphones or over speakers. Results can vary drastically from session to session, but either way, you often can get answers to your questions. You can use this app alone or within a group environment. Answers are rarely direct and often require understanding and context. Multiple sessions at the same time in the same location can help establish a context and deepen your understanding. Ghost Voice Box app is available for iOS and Android.

4. Scary Mansion (Horror Game)

Scary Mansion: Horror Game 3D is a survival horror game. It is an exciting thriller with complex riddles and a maniac's sinister house. Remember all horror films about best serial killer Jason and Friday the 13th and feel like the main character of a scary story game. This game has a scary story of an unlucky postman, an exciting slasher plot. It has optimized gameplay and quality 3D animation. This horror game provides a gloomy quest with mysterious locations. Scary Mansion is a free game. Scary Mansion: Horror Game 3D is available for iOS and Android.

5. How to Summon Demons (Fun Demon App)

How to Summon Demons is an app that teaches you how to summon demons and spirits from a Hindu Aaiyyanist perspective. Tens of thousands of people worldwide are using this app to become successful and become one with Higher entities. These teachings have been used for thousands of years to help the rich and powerful retain control and it has also opened the gateway to those wishing to join the elite. This app focuses on the teaching of the Abhichaara School which is one of the Tantric schools of Hindu Aaiyyanism. This app will present the methods used by the Abhichaara school to summon various negative entities that will aid you if you so wish it. The aid these beings can give you is either to remove negativity from yourself on a superficial level to give you wealth and power, or (more usually) to curse your enemies. It is a free Android app.

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