5 Best Marketing Apps

About Marketing Apps

Marketing is an ancient concept. As a business owner or a marketer, you need to plan and execute your marketing. Marketing Apps are apps that help you create marketing plans, track your marketing campaigns, and analyze the results of your marketing efforts. Most companies and businesses now have more focus on the digitalization of their marketing. There are a bunch of marketing apps available for your business.

What makes a great marketing app? Well, It depends on your needs. In most cases you need an app that will help you manage your marketing campaigns, will help you reach more customers, and help you carry out the best marketing strategies for your business. Here, we have listed the best marketing apps with all their best features and functionalities with pricing. Let us take a look at the list.

5 Best Marketing Apps

There are generally five steps of marketing. We have chosen the best app according to us for each step in this list. Here are our top five selections for best marketing apps.

  • Best App For Market Research : SurveyMonkey
  • Best App For Marketing Strategy : Asana
  • Best App For Marketing Plan : Google Primer
  • Best App For Building Customer Relationship : Buffer
  • Best App For Tracking Performance : Databox
  • 1. SurveyMonkey

    Market research is the first step of marketing. SurveyMonkey is a popular market research app with surveys, polls, and quizzes. It helps you understand the market and your customers. With this app, you can create a survey, quiz, or poll and send it out to their customers. You can also add or change a question as your need after starting the survey. SurveyMonkey provides charts and individual responses to Analyze your survey answers. You can share your survey link via text, email, or social media. It is the best app for gathering opinions and transforming them into data. SurveyMonkey starts with a Free Basic Plan that includes up to 10 questions or elements. Premium plans start at $25 with 10,000 responses per year, Custom logo, colors, and survey URL, and more. SurveyMonkey app is available for iOS and Android.

    2. Asana

    To create a perfect marketing strategy, you need to bring your team together. Asana is a great app for collaboration and managing projects within a team. It lets you stay focused and connected with your teams, from anywhere, anytime. It helps boost your productivity with my task feature. Over 100,000 organizations and personnel use Asana to focus on things that matter and to create great strategies. It creates integrity, visibility, and coordination between every team and every department. Asana has a free plan with generous features like Unlimited tasks, Unlimited messages, List view projects, Project Brief, and more. Premium pricing starts at $10.99 per month billed annually. Asana has apps for iOS and Android.

    3. Google Primer

    Having a great plan for your marketing is the key to marketing success. Google Primer is an app that helps you create an effective marketing plan. It helps you learn new business and digital marketing skills fast. It is designed to teach digital marketing and business skills to small and medium business owners, startups, and job seekers using 5-minute interactive lessons. Growing sets of marketing skills help you build a powerful marketing plan. Planning and organizing skills help you manage time, tools, and resources to reach a goal. It is a free app. Google Primer app is available for iOS and Android.

    4. Buffer

    Building relations with your customers is a key purpose of your marketing efforts. Buffer is an app that brings all your social media profiles in a single dashboard. You can post on all your social media accounts with this app. You can also schedule future posts. It brings easy-to-read analytics of all your social media posts and accounts. In addition to the app, it is available also as a Chrome extension that makes it easy to use with your browser. Buffer ensures your consistent presence in all social media is important for growing your business. And it helps you build relations with your customers with ease. Buffer has a free forever plan. The premium plan starts at $5 per month. Buffer apps are available for iOS and Android.

    5. Databox

    You always need to look at your results after all these efforts. Databox is a great analytics app for all sizes of businesses to track performance. This business analytics platform makes it easy to track and understand all your business data by bringing them into a single screen. Over 20,000 businesses use Databox to track and visualize performance easier than they ever have before. It lets you mix and match data from different sources to get a more complete view of your performance at a glance. Databox has a free-forever account with 3 Data Source Connections, all standard features, and more. Premium pricing starts at $72 per month. Databox app is available for iOS and Android.

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