Top 5 Crunchbase Alternatives

About Crunchbase

Crunchbase is a business information website. It provides information about public and private business organizations. It is an ideal platform for start-ups to grow fast by finding the best opportunities. It also helps business organizations to collect data such as funding status, web traffic, investments, number of employees, etc. Michael Arrington founded Crunchbase in 2007. It is one of the large business databases with over 675,000 companies.

Crunchbase is a provider of private-company prospecting and market research solutions. Over 55 million users use this website to find their needed information. Most salespeople, entrepreneurs, investors, and market researchers use this website for its mega database. Crunchbase is free for limited access. Premium pricing starts at $29 per month with up to 1,000 results per search.

5 Crunchbase Alternatives

Information is one of the greatest tools for growth. Crunchbase lets you find and share information about your business and the businesses you care about. Crunchbase is a great source of data for many of us. There are more websites providing information about businesses. Here we have created a list of the best Crunchbase Alternatives with their features and functionalities. Let us take a look at the list.

1. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is a go-to-market intelligence platform for B2B sales and marketing teams. It is a leading B2B contact database provider. ZoomInfo creates profiles of business people and companies. The solution is designed to help teams identify and prioritize prospect companies that signal intent via various channels. Intent insights are provided for online research activities, organizational changes, funding announcements, company mergers, technology adoptions, and more. It helps businesses make insightful strategies, connect with the right audience, boost business growth and provide custom solutions. ZoomInfo offers custom pricing on request.

2. UpLead

UpLead is a business email database 62+ Million B2B Contacts With Real-Time Verified Emails. The cloud platform lets sales teams build customizable B2B lists, configure the criteria for lead qualification, access and verify emails using lookup functionality, and engage with prospects in real-time to improve lead conversion. The quality of the leads is about 90% accurate and it is about as high as we have found to be the case with much more expensive systems. It has features like real-time email verification, worldwide contacts in over 200 countries, 50+ search criteria, technology tracking, account-based marketing, competitor intelligence, email pattern intelligence, social profile links, CRM integrations, robust API, and more. UpLead starts free with 5 credits. Premium pricing starts at $74 per month.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the premium version of LinkedIn. It has a network of 500 million members. LinkedIn Sales Navigator will help you better target, understand, and engage with buyers. It gives sales organizations even more power to discover leads and manage their pipelines effectively. Sales Navigator has some impressive premium features including 20 InMail messages per month, Advanced lead and company search, Lead and account alerts, and more. It’s up to the leadership to ensure that their team is not lost in random acts of social, but are armed with a daily sales activity plan and templates that align with your KPIs. LinkedIn Sales Navigator pricing starts at $79.99.

4. Lusha

Lusha is a lead management software designed to help businesses retrieve prospect contact details from various websites, capture lead information, engage with clients, or candidates, and enhance overall conversion rates. It helps business professionals establish a fast and true connection with their leads, contacts, and candidates. Lusha helps you build trust using simple tools which allow you to enrich and verify business profiles. Most of Lusha’s clients are B2B SaaS companies, but it’s also used by venture capital firms, investors, and recruiting agencies. Over 800,000 sales representatives, recruitment managers, and marketers are using Lusha daily. Lusha has a free version and offers a free trial. Lusha paid version starts at $99.00/month.

5. Tracxn

Tracxn is a technology platform that helps Investors discover start-ups across the world and make better investment decisions. It is tracking 1.4 million entities through 1,800 feeds categorized across industries, sectors, sub-sectors, geographies, affiliations, and networks globally. It is powered by a unique combination of human analysts and artificial intelligence technology that scans through billions of data points to build one of the most relevant data intelligence platforms. It serves customers worldwide. Tracxn is the research partner of choice for 850+ Investors, Corporates and Government bodies across the globe. Tracxn's pricing starts at $600 per month.

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