11 AutoCAD Alternatives (2022)

About AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a commercial design and drafting software application. It is one of the most popular designing software for desktop PC across different platforms including, Windows and macOS. It is also available for mobile devices of iOS, Android os. Users can draw, edit, and automate tasks to plan 2D and 3D designs with this software. It is a preferred software for engineers, architects, graphic designers, development planners, and many more professionals. Autocad has a variety of Vertical integrations including, Advance Steel, AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Plant 3D, Autodesk Civil 3D, and more.

AutoCAD is a predecessor of Interact CAD, a 1979 released computer program. In 1982 AutoCAD appeared in the designing software arena. AutoCAD has attracted millions of users in its 36 years of development and existence. It is premium software. It costs $220 per month or $1,420 per year. You can install A single subscription of AutoCAD software on up to 3 computers or other devices.

11 AutoCAD Alternatives

AutoCAD is the leading software for designing and planning. It has 37% of the market share of the Computer-aided design industry. It has a lot of features and pros that make it one of the best for design works. But now, as a designer, you have more options than ever. Several dozens of software can do things similar to AutoCAD.

Here we have listed the best AutoCAD alternatives, with all their core features, functionalities, abilities, and pricing. Read the full list to choose the best AutoCAD alternative that you can try. Let us jump into the list.

1. DraftSight (Best For Price)

DraftSight is a 2D and 3D Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) application. DraftSight is the best AutoCAD alternative according to us. It lets users create, edit, view, and markup any kind of 2D and 3D DWG file with greater ease, speed, and efficiency. It also offers more advanced features such as toolbox, batch printing, automatic dimensioning, image tracer, and G-code generator. DraftSight can go from 2D drafting to 3D modeling and back again to optimize and maximize designs. DraftSight has three different plans to choose from. The $99 per year Standard plan, the $199 per year DraftSight Professional plan, and the $499 per year DraftSight Premium (3D) plan. It has customizable Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans.

2. SketchUp (Best For Students)

SketchUp is a premier 3D design software. It is one of the most popular 3D modeling and design tools in the world and a free alternative to AutoCAD. The suite of tools within the program enhances workflows across a variety of industries including architecture, engineering, construction, woodworking, interior design, film, and much more. The 3D modeling capabilities of SketchUp are one of the best in the class. SketchUp has a large community of professionals and enthusiasts that share component models. These can be useful for quickly developing working 3D models. SketchUp starts free for personal use. For professional use, premium plans start at $119 per year. SketchUp has discounted pricing for students starting at $55 per year.

3. Fusion 360 (Best For 3D Modeling)

Fusion 360 is a simple software to develop 2D/3D models. It has a quite simple user interface yet, you can design complex products with Fusion 360. It is to the point AutoCAD alternative as you can make ready-to-print designs with Fusion 360. The analysis infusion 360 is very well and gives perfect values. It has an excellent user interface. As Fusion 360 is cloud-based, it is easy to share and collaborate with cor worker or friends. It provides a complete set of tools to create a 3D model. Besides these features, Fusion 360 has a special module for 3d printing. It connects to another 3d printing software called MeshMixer created by Autodesk. Fusion 360 pricing starts with the $60 monthly plan.

4. ZWCAD (Best For 2D Design)

ZWCAD is a cost-effective, DWG file format compatible CAD solution developed by ZWCAD Software. ZWCAD’s interface seems almost identical to AutoCAD’s, making the transition from one program to the other very smooth. You can Design whatever you want with seamless data exchange and flexible modeling tools of ZWCAD. It has unique 2D design features that streamline your workflow. ZWCAD always keeps clear and simple with a classical Windows-style interface. It provides innovative, collaborative, and customizable features for engineers in the AEC and MCAD industries, easing their design process. It is easy to use and a reasonable alternative to other CAD packages.

5. nanoCAD (Best For Free User)

nanoCAD is a modern computer-aided design (CAD) platform that provides designers with powerful capabilities in 2D drafting and 3D modeling. It comes with a complete set of basic but also advanced tools that allow the creation of CAD files, all compatible with standard DWG. nanoCAD has a wide price range and is affordable for both beginners and professionals. Its functionality allows creating simple to complex designs and drafts for modeling, projecting, construction. It has a free version that you can only use for educational and evaluation purposes. nanoCAD Plus pricing starts at $200 for a year. It has more modules like 3D Modeling, Construction, Mechanica for that you can also buy.

More AutoCAD Alternatives

  • 6. TrueCAD
  • 7. FreeCAD
  • 8. BricsCAD
  • 9. SolidFace
  • 10. BRL-CAD
  • 11. LibreCAD (2D)
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