5 Apps Like StockX

About StockX

StockX is the stock market for sneakers. It serves as an online marketplace, facilitating auctions between sellers and buyers, then collecting transaction and payment fees. It lets users buy and sell limited edition and high demand sneakers. StockX has over 200 million users on its website from 200 countries. StockX is a legit platform for auctioning authentic sneakers. It lets sellers put their exclusive sneakers on auction while buyers can bid and buy in real-time. StockX is one of the largest sneaker resellers in the world and has about 20% of the total market share. You can pay with All major credit cards, Debit and gift cards, Alipay, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and even Google Pay, WeChat Pay(Only for Chinese customers) on StockX.

StockX is popular among young customers as 70% of its users are the age of 35 years. A transparent and secure marketplace, guaranteed authentication, easy and available payment options, perfect pricing of goods are some of the best reasons behind the wild success of StockX. Though 70% of all products sold on the platform are sneakers, you will also find other items like handbags. watches and clothing. StockX has four different tiers of charge for sellers on the platform, starting from 9.5%. With growing sales, the charge goes down to 8.0%. StockX also has minimum transaction fees for different verticals and currencies.

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StockX is a great place to sell your collection of sneakers, as well as buy your dream sneakers. It has all the features you might need to collect your wanted sneakers. Now there are more apps like StockX, to buy, sell, and collect your sneakers. Here, we have created a list of similar apps like StockX with all their features, functionalities, and pricing. Let us begin.


GOAT is a destination for authentic sneakers on desktop, iPhone, and Android. You can shop for new and old sneakers with this app. GOAT offers the biggest and best sneaker marketplace to its users, with over 125,000 pairs of sneakers. You can discover the greatest styles from the world’s leading boutiques, retailers, and selected sellers. GOAT has buyer protection guaranteed on all purchases.

GOAT ships to over 170 countries. You will find Nike, Air Jordan, Adidas, Yeezy, Off-White, Comme des Garcons, Supreme, Gucci, and more sneaker brands in one place. To sell on GOAT, you need to become an authorized seller. As You can get approved as a seller, you list your shoes online. The goat seller fee depends on your location and the address associated with your account. It also has 9.5% + seller fees. GOAT app is available for iOS and Android.

2. Kixify

Kixify is another Sneaker Marketplace app like StockX. It lets you discover new or vintage sneakers you can’t find elsewhere. You can sell sneakers to casual buyers and serious collectors with Kixify. It has a global community combining the entrepreneurs and store owners who sell their sneakers with the platform. Using a commission-based sale framework, sellers from all over the world use Kixify to flip sought-after drops. The inventory is huge, but Kixify has been reported as lacking authenticity.


NTWRK offers live shoppable shows featuring the best brands and biggest names in pop culture. Download our app to secure sneakers, streetwear, collectibles, and more. Aimed at a younger crowd of Gen Z and millennial consumers, NTWRK offers tools that allow creators to interact with viewers and sell products in real-time The NTWRK Drawings aspect of the app also allows you to enter raffles for the more coveted items. The NTWRK Drawings give you a chance to purchase rare and highly coveted hyper beast items from companies such as Supreme, Yeezy, Jordan, Off-White, Nike, Adidas, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, and more. You can chat and interact with other users or directly with our host in real-time.

4. Nike SNKRS

Nike SNKRS is another sneaker shopping app like StockX. It sells brand new Nike sneakers. You can also sign up for raffles, and all transactions are done seamlessly in the super-chic app interface. Integrates SNKRS calendar that reveals the dates of Nike sneakers' drops. The bot also comes with a Twitter Sniper, so you’ll never miss even unannounced releases. SNKRS has introduced several innovative ways to cop, most notably through augmented reality to combat bots and improve user interaction. You can set notifications about upcoming releases, and share news, photos, and videos with friends. It is also available for Android.

5. Grailed

Grailed is a website like Stockx. It lets you buy and sell second-hand and high-end men’s and urban clothing to other fashion enthusiasts. Grailed has a curated feed that helps you browse the latest in men's fashion and streetwear. It has filtered lists to help you shop for the latest trends. Grailed is relatively small compared to players like Goat and StockX, despite launching two years before them in 2013. It men’s clothing offers several brands, including Raf Simons, Jordan Brand, Balenciaga, Supreme, Rick Owens, Yeezy, Saint, Gucci, and many more.

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