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About Procreate

Procreate is a raster graphics editor app for digital painting. It is a leading creative application for iPad. It has hundreds of handmade brushes, a suite of artistic tools, an advanced layer system, and a fast Valkyrie graphics engine. Popular artists created viral artworks like Kyle Lambert's hyper-realistic Procreate finger painting of Morgan Freeman with Procreate. Even movie posters for Stranger Things, Logan was created with it. Cartoonists, tattoo artists, creators from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Disney Animation, and Pixar also used the app to create graphics.

Savage Interactive launched Procreate in 2011. It received an Apple Design Award in 2013. Procreate was the overall best-selling iPad app on the Apple App Store in 2018. Most artists and design professionals mark it as one of the best in the class. Procreate is an Apple store exclusive premium app. It costs $9.99 for lifetime access.

15 Apps Like Procreate

Digital art is flourishing. More artists are considering digital art as their favorite medium of expression. There are over 2.2 million digital artists in the world. Digital art is getting more popular as it is easier to create on a digital platform than traditional methods. It is also easy to reach more audiences with your art on digital platforms.

If you are a digital artist or dream to be one, you might have used the Procreate app. But this app is available for only Apple devices, and it is a premium app. Here we have created a list of similar apps like Procreate, with all their important features, functionalities, compatibilities, and pricing information. Let us take a look at these apps.

1. Concepts (iOS, Android)

Concepts app is an advanced version of sketching paper, with natural tools and vector manipulation to help ideas change and grow as you like. It is a flexible space to think, plan and create. This is great too for Sketching your ideas on the infinite canvas. Concepts let you write notes and doodles with tilt and pressure. You can use it to draw storyboards, product sketches, and design plans. Concepts app has an infinite layering system with automatic sorting and adjustable opacity. The drag and drop feature lets you add images straight onto the canvas as references or for tracing. Concepts is a free app. The premium Concepts Essentials costs $14.99. Concepts app is available for iOS and Android.

2. Krita (Tablets, Chromebooks)

Krita is a free and open-source raster graphics editor for digital painting and 2D animation. Krita is an entirely free alternative to Procreate for Windows and Mac, and you don’t need to take trials or subscriptions to use Krita. It's particularly great for the beginner painter, is easy to get up and running, and it works great. Since the interface is optimized for big-screen devices (tablets and Chromebooks) it is not available for phones yet. For beginners, Krita is much preferred, and it is also much better value for money.

3. Adobe Illustrator Draw (iOS, Android)

Adobe Illustrator Draw is a version of Adobe's popular vector-based drawing application made specifically for touchscreen devices. It can create vector artwork with images and drawing layers. It lets users sketch with five different pen tips with adjustable opacity, size, and color. Get easy in-app access to your assets — including Adobe Stock images, photos you processed in Lightroom, or scalable vector-based shapes created in Capture. You can publish your work to the Behance creative community and get feedback without leaving the app. You can also share through Facebook, Twitter, and email. Adobe Illustrator Draw is a free app. Illustrator Draw is available for iOS and Android.

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  • 4. Artflow Studio (Android)

    ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook is a free digital drawing pad with over 100 brushes, layer filters, an intuitive color scheme, and advanced controls. With this app, you can sketch easily on your android phones. It provides the perfect features and options for coloring, drawing, and painting while allowing you to export and import pictures from your gallery. Additionally, it will enable you to save your work for future use or send it to others for review. It's a great app for children and adults. Children can get more creative and this app also supports pressure-sensitive pens, so it's more like you are drawing on a real canvas. Artflow is free for Android, it has a $6 Pro version. Artflow Studio app is available for Android.

    5. Ibis Paint X (iOS, Android)

    ibis Paint X is a popular and versatile drawing app. Ibis Paint X is a great alternative to Procreate. Designed specifically for manga and anime, Ibis Paint X comes with many tools and templates you can use. With Ibis Paint, you get all of the essentials for drawing and painting: layers and multiple brushes, for instance. It has Over 140 brushes, erase, smudge, blur, color picker, and selection. You can upload videos of your artwork as it is automatically recorded on this app. The best feature is its compatibility with styluses. Ibis Paint X is a free app with in-app purchase items ranging from $2.99 - $27.99 per item. Ibis Paint X is available for iOS and Android.

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