Top 5 Apps Like Polyvore

About Polyvore

Polyvore was a community-powered social commerce website. It had virtual mood boards. This feature allowed users to add products into a shared product index, and create image collages called Sets. Pasha Sadri started Polyvore back in August 2006. Polyvore was unique in its class as it lets users share their views on trends and influence what others are purchasing. Polyvore had 20 million monthly users at its best time. Polyvore gave users the tools to create collages of clothing, beauty, and home products. Clothes, shoes, beauty products, and home wear products were sold on the platform.

Polyvore was a popular place for fashion followers and designers. The success of the platform could be attributed to its mood boards, design collage features, and democratizing fashion. Millions of people loved the idea of being an editor of fashion, beauty, and home products. SSENSE acquired Polyvore and discontinued the service. Previously it was owned by Yahoo! Inc and Oath Inc.

5 Apps Like Polyvore

After Polyvore was discontinued, many of its users started looking for a platform like it. They searched for a platform that could do things like their favorite platform that became unavailable. And there are apps like Polyvore now. Here we have created a list of Polyvore alternatives with their best features, functionalities, pricing, and other information. Let us take a look at the list.

1. Fashmates

Fashmates is a community-powered creative destination for fashion, beauty, art, and home decor. It shares many similarities with the Polyvore app. It lets you create unique and inspirational sets or collages or looks from millions of items curated from thousands of brands, retailers, and designers. Fashmates is a place for discovering and shopping millions of products with simple "kayak-like" searches. Fashmates uses the same editor as Polyvore. This app has 18 million+ curated products from 500+ top brands. Fashmates has content with community votes. Here on this platform all of the boards you or others make are shoppable boards. Fashmates app is available for iOS and Android.

2. SmartCloset

Smart Closet is a clean, smart, and easy-to-use tool to help you manage your closet (capsule wardrobe) and daily outfit. It is another app like Polyvore. You can select clothing from thousands of brands or retailers and add them to your virtual closet easily with this app. You can also edit details for your clothes, including category, color, brand, price, season, and more. SmartCloset has inspiration for outfits from other people with a similar style as yourself. The app is designed to help users to plan their daily wardrobe, categorize the wardrobe based on item specifics, and essentially create their outfits. SmartCloset app is available for iOS and Android.

3. Combyne

Combyne app is a social tool for creating outfits - a fusion of a game, a practical utility, and a social network. It has fashion items from over 800 brands and online shops. You can follow your friends, favorite bloggers and style icons, or any other user on Combyne. It also lets you share your outfits with them or comment on their outfits. Combyne allows you to combine your favorite clothes in Polyvore-like mood boards. There are thousands of product images and other elements like food or emojis to select from so that you can create a unique vibe for your mood boards. Combyne also has fashion challenges. Combyne app is available for iOS and Android.

4. Urstyle

URSTYLE Fashion Social Network is another app like Polyvore. It helps you discover outfit ideas and shop the products from the world's top brands and retailers. You can create your community, gain followers and become a fashion icon on this app. It has more than 9 million products and more are added every day. It has drafts and backup tools that allow you to protect your work. The advanced mood board creator canvas of Urstyle has all the features you need. It offers styling for men, women, and kids along with the options of decor and additional stuff. URSTYLE app is available for iOS and Android.

5. ShopLook

ShopLook is a virtual styling marketplace connecting shoppers, stylists, and brands. It offers a relevant and personalized discovery experience for apparel and accessories. ShopLook is a good alternative to Polyvore. It is the biggest platform for all the polyfam and has similar features. Shoplook’ helps to discover and shop outfit ideas for any occasion, body type, and pricing range. ShopLook gives you the facility of easily making different looks and styles with the help of multiple items. You can also start to take part in competitions and contests on ShopLook and get prizes as a winner. ShopLook app is available for iOS.

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