8 Apps Like Panda Helper

About Panda Helper

Panda Helper is an app store that allows iOS and Android users to download a large range of various applications and games for free. This AppStore can be simply installed on your device without any jailbreak required. This 3rd party games and application software is compatible with all iOS devices. And don't worry all the updates and bugs are fixed through this ultimate software just like your device's official app store or play store.

Panda Helper is one of the safest and securest app installers to download and use to install other fascinating applications and games. This unofficial app store consists of Full SSL encryption, hence don't worry it won't ruin your iPhone. Unlike other third-party app installers, panda helper does not ask for your Apple ID; no chance of tracking.

8 Apps Like Panda Helper

If, Panda Helper servers are down you can try out the best ‘Apps Like Panda Helper’ mentioned in this post. We are going to share all about the best apps like Panda Helper from where you can download paid, modded, and tweaked apps for free. These apps work like the Panda Helper app and let you download unofficial content on your iPhone or Android phone.

1. Sileo

Sileo is a fast, beautiful, powerful, and efficient APT Package Manager designed for jailbroken devices running iOS 12 and up with a focus on being up to date and most importantly reliable. It provides applications for iOS versions 11, 12, 13, and 14. And most probably, it will continue to work the same for iOS version 15. It’s very similar to Panda Helper, and that’s the reason it’s one of its best alternatives, look-wise. Sileo is iOS exlxusive.

2. TweakDoor

TweakDoor app allows you to download Unlimited unofficial apps and tweaks on your iPhone and iPad. TweakDoor is a great alternative to Panda Helper. It has a complete, user-friendly interface through which you can easily search for your desired stuff and quickly download it. It is another famous name that is popular among iOS users who have been using tweaked, modded, and hacked applications for a long time. This platform isn’t jailbroken specific, i.e. doesn’t matter whether the device is jailbroken or not, you can easily download any applications from this platform. Additionally, you don’t even need to bother about signing in through your Apple ID, as it doesn’t ask for it.

3. AppCake

AppCake is an alternative app store, that allows users to install their .ipa files of apps and games downloaded from the web. You can also download your own IPA files and install those too. You do not need to jailbreak, and you don’t use your Apple ID either, so your usage is safe. And regular updates keep AppCake safe and free from viruses and malware. It is one of the best alternatives to the official app store, with thousands of games and apps and all for free. AppCake is only designed for iOS users. It is a tremendous platform for cracked apps and tweaks for your non-jailbroken device. AppCake Extensive database with the most popular apps patched to be used for free and without adverts.

4. TweakBox

TweakBox app is an unofficial app store that offers 3rd-party apps and tweaks for iPhone and iPad. It gives neck-to-neck competition to Panda Helper in every aspect that you can think of. The main reason behind its popularity is its very clear-cut interface and it uses a collection of modded apps and games. Another thing that makes this platform unique from others is the tons of emulators that you will find here. It provides a stylized but straightforward user interface. It has no hidden cost and is entirely free to download.

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  • 5. 25PP

    25PP is a substitute to the official App Store for iOS devices to download high-paid apps and games for free. Just like other platforms, all the tweaked, hacked, and modded applications found on this platform are completely free to download on 25PP. The software lends an extensive hand in managing the user’s iOS device. Through seamless backup to file exchange, the software has it all. The app comes up with a feature to delete temp files, and you can install apps without using the default app store. You can not only manage apps and games but also manage photos and music as well. Since there are millions of iOS users, developers keep coming up with new apps to offer more and more to the end-users. The 25PP is one app that is popular among iOS users for all the right reasons.

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