5 Best AdSense Alternatives

About AdSense

Google AdSense is the fourth largest ad network. It lets content creators and Website publishers monetize their text, audio, and video content through display ads. Over 38 million websites are using Adsense as of 2021. Users need to apply the content that they are intended to show ads on to Google Adsense. Once they get approved, Adsense starts to show ads to the viewers on the content. AdSense is simple and easy to use. It is a free ad network. For displaying ads with AdSense for content, publishers receive 68% of the revenue recognized by Google in connection with the service.

AdSense gives you instant and automatic access to a huge source of advertiser demand, which means competition for your ad spaces, more relevant ads, and ads for all your online content. Adsense shows ads that are relevant to the viewer. You can monetize royalty-free or Creative Commons content if the license agreement grants you rights to use it commercially. It can resize the ad shown on your content according to the user's screen size and resolution. It shows the advertisement that bids the highest pay for that slot. All these features make it one of the most popular ad networks out there.

5 AdSense Alternatives

As a creator, you need to monetize your content. Monetizing your content helps you keep working with your passion as well as earn your life with it. Ad networks make monetization easy and hassle-free for you. Google AdSense is one of the major monetization methods. There are more options you might give thought to. Here we have listed the best AdSense Alternatives with their best features, criteria, and every other detail. Let us take a look at the list.

1. Media.net

Media.net is a leading online ad-tech company that develops innovative products for advertisers and publishers. Over 500,000 websites use Media.net to monetize their content. It is one of the best Adsense alternatives that you can find. Media.net net is one of the highest-paying ad networks. It pays around $5 per 1000 page views. To approve for this ad network you need to have a significant amount of original content and a reasonable volume of traffic visiting your website. Media.net offers Ad optimization, contextual ads, sticky sidebar, and more. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100. Media.net makes payments via Payoneer or Wire Transfer.

2. Revcontent

Revcontent is a leading content marketing platform and ad network alternative to AdSense. It allows publishers to monetize their site and advertisers a way to drive traffic. You need to have at least 50,000-80,000 visitors per month to approve for Revcontent. It pays around $3 per 1000 page views. Revcontent supports the content of any language. It shows real-time statistics to publishers. Over 4,600 websites use Revcontent to monetize their content. It promises 100% fill rates and does not hamper page speed. The minimum withdrawal is $100, and it makes payments via Paypal.

3. PropellerAds

Propeller Ads is a full and self-service advertising network providing comprehensive and industry-leading ad-serving and optimization technologies for online marketers and web publishers. It offers display, native, video, and mobile ads along with affiliate services. Website Owners, Ad Networks, Brokers can earn through this ad network. It has no minimum traffic limit. PropellerAds pays around $2-$4 per 1000 page views. The minimum withdrawal is $5 on this network. PropellerAds has reporting tools that allow you to be in control of your monetization. PropellarAds can pay via PayPal, Payoneer, and Wire Transfer.

4. Skimlinks

Skimlinks is the commerce content monetization ad network. It offers the technology of automatically monetizing product links in commerce-related content. Over 1.5 million domains use Skimlinks to monetize their content. It has no minimum traffic requirements. Skimlinks is best for commerce content publishers creating product reviews. Skimlinks provides depth reports so that you can improve your marketing strategy and campaigns. It automatically updates your commerce content with affiliate links to enhance all of your commerce strategies, including website, mobile, social media, and email. The minimum withdrawal is $10 on Skimlinks. Its supported payment methods include Direct Deposit and PayPal.

5. Taboola

Taboola is a native ad network. It helps people explore what's interesting and new in the moment of next. It has features like Actionable Editorial Insights, Optimized Paid Acquisition, Audience Exchange, and more. Taboola approval needs to have a minimum of 500,000 monthly page views. Taboola pays around $3 per 1000 page views. Taboola is best for publishers of mobile web platforms. The minimum payout for Taboola is $50. Taboola pays via wire, ACH, check, or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover).

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