Top 10 Educational Game Sites For Kids (Free)

Let us start with a quick fact. Around 75% of toddlers between the age of 6-36 months use smartphones and tablets daily. We have spent most of our childhoods in playing grounds, playing games with other kids, engaging in creative mischiefs with our little minds. But the eyes, hands, and minds of today's toddlers and kids are stuck in front of screens. The average screen time of American kids is 5-7 hours.

As 90% of a child's brain develops by the age of five, it is important to use this screen time to help them learn something new every day. Kids are wildly attracted to games. If you can utilize this love of games as a purpose of education, it will be great. Educational games can create an attractive learning environment for kids and youngsters.

What are the best gaming websites safe for kids?

There are many sources you can find educational games for your kid. There are educational game websites, educational game apps, and many more alternatives to find. Here, we have created a list of some of the best education game sites for your kid. We will open up about what games you will find in them, how many games they have, and more. Stay tuned and go through the full list. Let's dive into the list.

1. is a great place to find Educational Games for Kids. It has over 800 educational games for kids of preschool to 8th grade. You can search games by grade, by subject, and by the standard. It has fun games, math games, coding games, reading and writing games, and more. You have to sign up on to access games. All games are free. It also has premium membership plans. The first month will cost $8 only. And the other plan is $5 per month (billed annually). You will get Assessments, Classroom mode, Progress Tracker, and more with the premium plan.

2. Poki Kids

Poki Kids is a free online games platform specially created for young players. It has many games including Coloring Book, Sweet Memory, Creative Puzzle, Chu Choo Cake, Rescue Zookeeper, Happy Crayons, Penguin cafe, and more. All games load fast and require no sign-up or log-in to play games. Most games are attractive and also educational. Poki Kids games are free.


PBS KIDS is another popular place for educational games for kids. It has games from different categories like popular games, friends and neighbor games, animal games, healthy habit games, dress-up games, nature games, dinosaur games, create games, math games, measurement games, and more. All games are free on this educational gaming site. PBS KIDS Games has apps for Android and iOS.

4. Funbrain

Funbrain is an educational game website for kids and children. It also has books, and videos made for kids. It has a collection of 24 games and activities aimed at younger kids including Helipopper and Desert Dive. It is officially known as the Mom and Kid's Playground. You can browse games by name and type. You can also browse games by grade. It has games for pre-k to 8th grade. Funbrain Jr. is available as an iOS app.

5. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is another fantastic place for finding educational games for kids. It has different games, including quizzes, action, adventure, fill-in, and more. It has 100+ amazing games for your kids. All games are free to play. National Geographic Kids also has features like videos, animals, and more.

6. Arcademics

Arcademics is a website for multiplayer educational games. It has free math games, free language arts games, and more for K-8 students. It has More than 60 games for K-8 in subjects such as math, language arts, and geography. It has games like Alien Addition, Capital Penguin, Dolphin Dash, Giraffe Karts, Jumping Aliens, Snow Sprint, and more. All games are free to play. Arcademics app is available for Android and iOS.

7. Switch Zoo

Switch Zoo is a place to make new animals, play animal games, build a biome, learn about animals, and hear animal music. It has games like Build a Biome, Words of a Feather, Where Do I Live?, Scavengers Hunt, and more. All games are free on this website. These animal games are great for gathering knowledge about the animal kingdom. Switch Zoo has apps for both Android and iOS.

8. is a website that provides educational games and activities for school-aged children. You can browse games by grade on this website. It has games for pre-school to 6+ -grade students. It has math games, words games, holiday games, strategy games, skill games, and more. It has 50+ free games for kids. ABCya app is avilable for iOS, Android.

9. DisneyNOW

DisneyNOW is another great place for free kid's games. It has 30+ free games. All games are free to play. It requires no log or sign-up to play these games. It has games including Bounce, Puzzle, Action, Magnificient Garden, Wordplay, Magic My Way, Cart Blasted, Soaring Through Space, and more. With the DisneyNOW app, you can also catch up on the latest episodes of Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD shows including This Duckburg Life, Big City Greens, Puppy Dog Pals, and Raven’s Home. It is a free app.

10. is an educational website for kids. It has games for kids of 3-13 years old. You can browse games by age and categories like action, adventure, arcade, dress-up, dinosaur, driving, and education. All games are free on the website. It has games like Space World, Little Baseball Math, Speed Racer, Tank Wars, baby dragon matching, Tank Wars, and more. You will find over 200 games on the site for free.

Our Words

These are some cool websites to find the best educational games for kids. Many other websites and apps provide educational games and content for your kid. Here we have made the list of the best ten according to ease of access and pricing. Hope it will help you. Thank you for reading. Now read

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