8 Best Social Media Marketing Tools for Beginners

What is in a social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools to boost your business now. Social media marketing helps increase the brand awareness of your business, it establish helps your business as a brand, it can help increase website traffic, can boost sales, and many more. Social Media Marketing can get your brand in front of people much more quickly and easily.

Why social media tools are important?

Social Media is Essential for Businesses. Most businesses are now interested in social media and have plans to promote their brands on social media platforms. If you are a brand owner and want to get social with your brand or you are a person willing to know about more social media marketing and work as a social media marketer, you must be aware of the best social media marketings tools. These tools will help you plan your social media marketing strategies and will increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Which social media marketing tool is best?

There are different types of social media marketing tools including post scheduling Tools, curation Tools, Lead Generation Tools, Analytics Tools, Influencer Marketing Tools, Designing Tools, Security Tools, Monitoring and Sharing Tools, etc. It is important to know exactly what tool you should use for what purpose and which tools are the most appropriate for you.

Here we have created a list of the best social media tools by categories. We will open up about the best features, functionalities, availability, best uses, and the pricing of this tool. Read through the full list to unleash your highest social media potentials. Let us stat.

Best Post Scheduling Tools For Social Media

1. Buffer (Web, iOS, Android)

Buffer is a media post scheduling tool for the web and mobile. This tool is designed to manage accounts in social networks. Buffer helps a user to schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. This tool can also analyze the results of the post and engagement. You can schedule 10 posts per social media platform on Buffer on the free account. The premium plan Buffer Essentials costs $5 per month for each social channel. The Team Pack costs $10 per month for each social channel. Buffer app is available for iOS and Android.

2. Tailwind (Web, iOS, Android)

Tailwind is another popular post-scheduling app, especially for Pinterest and Instagram. It has features like Automated publishing and automatically publishes your social media content for you. Streamlined workflow of the tool lets you Create and Schedule in one platform. It has a Personalized Smart schedule feature that picks the post times according to the highest response of your audience to get the most engagement out of every post. Tailwind has a basic free version. The premium subscription starts at $9.99 per month with the Pro plan. The other two plans are the $19.99 per month Advanced plan, and the $39.99 per month Max plan. Tailwind app is avialble for iOS and Android.

More Post Scheduling Tools For Social Media

  • SocialPilot
  • Planable
  • Loomly
  • Best Content Curation Tools For Social Media

    3. Feedly (Web, iOS, Android)

    Feedly is a tool to organize, read, and share the information you need to stay ahead of the next big trend in your industry. This tool lets you easily organize all your publications, blogs, YouTube channels, and more in one place and consume and share more efficiently. With Feedly, you can go deep and find niche content that is specific to your work or passion. It is a robust feed reader that aggregates information from around the web into one convenient place. The Basic plan of the tool lets you follow up to 100 sources and use the web, Android, and iOS apps. Feedly Pro costs $6 per month and Pro+ costs $8.25 (both billed annually). Feedly app is avilable for iOS and Android.

    4. Curata (Web, iOS, Android)

    Curata: Content Curation is a tool for social media marketers to scale content marketing to grow leads and revenue. It is one of the best tools for starting content marketing efforts for both beginner and advanced organizations. This content marketing tool provides both content curation and content management with analytics and attribution. It enables marketers to grow leads and revenue with content. Curata has four different intros, basic, advanced, enterprise plans. The intro plan starts with one Publishing Channel.

    More Content Curation Tools For Social Media

  • Quuu
  • Buzzsumo
  • Hootsuite
  • Scoop.It
  • Best Social Media Analytics Tools

    5. Analisa.io

    Analisa.io is an AI-powered social analytics tool that provides Instagram Analytics & TikTok Analytics to businesses of every type and size from small-to-medium-sized businesses to enterprises. With this app, you can analyze the social activity and performance of your own and your competitor's Instagram or TikTok profiles and hashtags. It keeps your analytics history and you can always check them back. You can also Discover engaging content and influencers with real-time analytics of top posts, captions, hashtags, and posting times. Analisa.io has a free basic plan. The premium plan starts at a $59.35 premium plan, the other plans are the $109.55 Plus plan, the $199.35 Pro plan.

    6. Audiense

    Audiense is a social media marketing tool to identify relevant audiences, discover actionable insights and inform your strategies to grow your social media presence. This is a platform that combines rich social data sources with the world's leading cognitive and machine learning enabling you to understand the audience. It refines your audience segments and helps you target them better. The free Audience plan has a limited version of Twitter Marketing and Audience Insights. The premium Twitter Marketing plan costs $39 per month. Advanced Audience Insights costs $696 per month.

    More Social Media Analytics Tools

  • Brandwatch
  • Agora Pulse
  • Mention
  • Best Graphic Designing Tools

    7. Canva

    Canva is an easy-to-use, free graphic design software that allows you to create social media graphics with ease. Its hundreds of templates for social posts and photo and icon libraries make it easy to create compelling visuals. Canva comes with loads of ready-made templates and cool graphics you can use. This means you can create an attention-grabbing featured photo in minutes. Canva has a free basic plan. The other two plans are the $119.99 Canva Pro Plan and the Customisable Enterprise plan.

    8. Animoto

    Animoto is a free video maker for social media marketers. It has great templates for various themes. It has customization features including style, speed, layout, text, and more. If you want to get creative, use Animoto’s blank canvas and create a marketing video from scratch. It has Powerful features that make video creation easy. Animoto is best for creating small videos, which are one of the most effective tools in social media marketing. It has a free version for all users. Premium plans are the $8 per month Basic plan, the $15 per month Professional plan, and the $39 per month Professional Plus plan.

    More Graphic Designing Tools

  • Visme
  • Lumen5
  • Fotor
  • Bonus

    Okay, now with all these tools, you are equipped to start your social media marketing journey. But, how to be good at social media marketing? How can you improve your social media marketing? Here, are 10 tips that can help you be more effective at creating your social media marketing strategy:

    1. Set goals that are perfectly align to your business objectives.
    2. Create a specific strategy for each social media platform.
    3. Learn about your target audience.
    4. Be consistent. You have to post consistently on your social media.
    5. Always try to understand the new trends.
    6. Keep track of your results accurately and analyze them regularly.
    7. Focus on your video contents. Video generates 1200% more shares than both images and text.
    8. Try new things and do A/B testing.
    9. Interact with your audience and customers.
    10. Build relation and colaborate with influencers and micro-influencers .

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