11 Best Photo Vault Apps: Hide Phots And Videos

Smartphones have allowed us to capture every moment of our life. Now you can keep your memories alive with photos. We take photos when you are traveling, cooking, even at work. All these photos are automatically added to the gallery of our phone. And whenever we give our phone to some else's hand unlocked all these photos and videos are open to that individual. But there is an issue that we must admit.

We all have some photos that we want to hide from others. They might be of our memory, plans, or something else that we don't want others to know about. Keeping them in the gallery or just hiding them is not always enough. We need to keep them safe with passwords and locks. Some apps can help you hide your sensitive photos and keep them safe and secure. These photo-hiding apps are commonly referred to as photo vault apps.

Here we have created a list of some of the best photo vaults apps for both android and iOS. We will open up about the best features, functionalities, best uses, and pricing for these apps. Stay tuned and read the list. Let us start.

Best Photo Vault Apps

1. Keepsafe Photo Vault (Andorid And iOS)

Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos is a Photo Vault & album locker app. You can use this app to Preserve special memories, Store family photos, Organize important documents, Protect copies of your driver’s license, ID cards, and credit cards, and other things that you want to keep safe. This app syncs all your secret photos or videos across devices using the private Cloud. This app has a Face-down auto-lock that automatically locks the device while keeping your device faces downward.

Keepsafe Photo Vault is a free app. It has premium options to get. Keepsafe premium costs $4.99 per month or $23.99 per year. Premium features include Break-In Alerts, Fake Pin, and Album Lock. The Break-In Alert feature takes photos of intruders and tracks break-in attempts. With the album lock feature, you can set individual PIN codes to access particular albums. the Fake Pin feature lets you create a decoy Keepsafe with a separate PIN code. Keepsafe Photo Vault is also available for iOS.

2. Vaulty (Andorid)

Hide Pictures & Videos - Vaulty is another photo vault app. It has image and video hiding with password protection. It has free and automatic online backup for your files. You can create multiple vaults within the app. It can take a picture of individuals who tries to break the vault. It can store Vaulty uses several advanced layers of security to protect your private media. You can change the app icon to a calculator and others to disguise the app.

Vaulty is a free app. It has in-app purchase products ranging from $1-$40 per item. Vaulty is described as encrypting pictures and videos on a mobile device, requiring a separate password to view. It can play any video your device can handle and if there's a format your phone can't handle natively, Vaulty can securely display your video in third-party apps.

3. Vault (Andorid)

Vault Hide Pics, App Lock is a vault app to hide photos and videos. This app has features like hiding and Protect Photos & videos, App Lock (Privacy Protection), Private Browser, Cloud Backup, and more. All the photos and videos hidden with this app can also be backed up to Cloud Space for better protection. It has a Cloud Backup feature that makes it easy to transfer files across devices, and always have your files.

Vault-Hide Pics, App Lock has Multiple Vault & Fake Vault with different passwords. With the Stealth Mode, you can make the vault icon disappear from your home screen and it can only be found again with the correct password, so no one knows it exists. It has break-in alerts and secretly snaps a picture of anyone who attempts to access with a wrong password. This app is available for android only.

4. Calculator - photo vault (Andorid)

Calculator - photo vault photo vault to hide photos, hide pictures, hide videos disguised as a Calculator app. This vault app uses the AES encryption algorithm and encrypts the content you keep in it. It has a built-in private browser for safe browsing. The shape closes feature and quickly closes the app when you shake the phone. It has Fingerprint Unlock. You can create a Fake vault with a different password for storing fake photos and videos with this app.

Calculator - photo vault has Colorful Themes. It Automatically takes an Intruder selfie when someone tries to break into your privacy by entering the wrong password. To restore the vault password, simply enter the number '11223344' into Calculator and press the '=' button. Then retrieve your password by entering the answer to your security question.

5. Private Photo Vault (Andorid And iOS)

Private Photo Vault - Hide Private Photos & Videos is another popular photo vault app for hiding photos and videos. It has password-protected app entry, Password Protected Photo Albums, Break-in Report: Photo + GPS, Decoy Password, and other features. This app is hidden from your recently used apps list. In this app, you can create a different vault for videos. It has fingerprint lock, face lock, and pin lock features.

Private Photo Vault lets you email photos. You can also text Message Photos. You can set custom covers on albums to keep safe the contents of your private album. It has a Private Image Gallery with Fully functioning zooming, rotation, and panning. It has built-in safe browsing. Private Photo Vault app is a free app. This photo vault app is available for both Android and iOS.

6. LockMyPix (Andorid And iOS)

LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault: Hide Photos & Videos is a vault-app to securely hide your photos, videos, and documents. You can set a PIN, Face, Fingerprint, Password, or Pattern lock in this vault. It uses AES Encryption to keep your files and privacy secure. You can disguise your vault and let it disappear. It has sd-card support to free up space. You can also give the app with the disguise of other apps like calculator or Radio.

The LockMyPix app encrypts your private photos, videos, and files. It has Face Unlock so you can log in using your face or iris on supported devices like the Pixel 4, 5, or 6. You can also create fake vaults with this app. It can capture intruders trying to open your vault with a break-in selfie. You can sort your photos and videos as you like with many different options. LockMyPix app is available for iOS.

7. Hide Pictures, Hide Photos & Videos, Gallery Vault (Andorid)

Hide Pictures, Hide Photos & Videos, Gallery Vault is a private gallery vault app. It has features like Private Gallery, Fake Crash dialog unlock, Advanced Security, and other features. It can detect break-in attempts and it will record and store this attempt. It has a Password Recovery feature in case you forget your pin code or pattern. If you activate the advanced security feature the app can not be uninstalled by anyone else.

Hide Pictures, Hide Photos & Videos, Gallery Vault is a free app. It has premium features for paid customers. Fotos cloud is one of the premium features, it enables you to securely store all your private Images and Videos in the cloud and to transfer the data between multiple devices. Hide Pictures, Hide Photos & Videos, Gallery Vault app is available for android only.

8. Compass Vault (Andorid)

Compass Vault-Hide Photos & Videos is a vault-app disguised as a compass app. It has a working compass as the front face of the app. When you long tap on the compass it opens the vault. You can hide your photos and videos on the app. It has a password and fingerprint lock.

Compass Vault is easy to use app. It is reviewed as an effective disguised vault app. It has a batch hide, so you can hide a bunch of photos together. You can hide different types of files in this vault. Compass Vault app is available only for android.

9. Clock Vault (Andorid)

Clock Vault-Hide Photos, Videos & Hide Files is a Secret Photo locker & Video Locker. You can hide pictures and videos with this app. You can set Album Cover in each of your secret albums. You can also change the clock icon of the vault to other icons like music, Calculator, and more. It automatically captures a picture and mails you the selfie photo of anyone who tries to creak the security & unlock apps behind you.

Clock Vault has a break-in alert. It has a private browser and video player. You can change the theme of the app. If you forget the password you have to set the time to 10:10 and press the middle button again. It has an app lock protector to lock other apps in your phone like Messenger, Gallery, Browser, Contacts, Email, and more. Then it will open the password recovery option. You must have set the password recovery option to use it. This is an android only app.

10. Notepad Vault-AppHider (Andorid)

Notepad Vault-AppHider is a hiding app for all your secret photos, videos, and even apps. You can hide all installed applications with this app. It has Password protection for your secret things. You can use the hidden apps within the vault app. The gallery module lets you hide photos and videos with this app.

Notepad Vault-AppHider is a free app. It is a free app. Users reviewed the app as an excellent app. Some also complained about losing their secret files. This app shows no third-party ads. It also has a built-in camera to take private photos. Notepad Vault-AppHider app is available only for android.

11. Torch Vault (Andorid)

Torch Vault-Hide Gallery's Photos, video is a photo vault app with the disguise of a torch app. It can Hide photos and videos. It can also hide Hide Audio files. It has Passcode & Fingerprint unlock. The torch works as a led flashlight app.

Torch Vault is a free and easy-to-use app. You can create different folders for your secret files. You have to long-press the touch on off button to open the secret vault. Some users also complained about losing files. This app is available for android.

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