6 Best Photo Organizer Apps For Android And iOS

Every smartphone has a fantastic camera now. And smartphone cameras are getting better every day. Now you can capture macro shots of butterflies as well as wide-angle sunset photos. Every life event and every special memory never goes without having a ton of photos now. We also get lovely shots of our personal life, the latest gadgets that we have bought, beautiful times spend with family, road trips, and of course our pets.

According to a report, the average user has 630 photos and 24 videos stored on their mobile device. And all these photos have different worth for us. Your bridal makeup photo and the snap of the sub you ate this morning have different levels of importance. Keeping them all together is not the best thing you can do with them. You may have hundreds of photos and videos on your smartphone and look for the best way to keep them organized. You can organize your photos by creating albums, keeping a cloud backup of photos and videos, syncing them across devices, and other things.

Photo organizer apps can be a real support to keep all your multimedia organized. These apps will help your keep your photos and videos organized with minimal effort. Here we have crafted a list of the best photo organizer apps. We will open up about the best features, functionalities, available platforms, and pricing of these apps. Let us start.

Best Photo Organizer Apps

1. Amazon Photos (Andorid And iOS)

Amazon Photos lets you store, print, and share full-resolution photos, keeping favorite moments secure and in the spotlight. It has free cloud storage to keep your photo and videos organized and safe. It has an Auto-Save option to back up photos and videos automatically. You can search photos by date or location. You can share photos and albums with private groups of your family and friends.

Amazon Photos is a free app. It has a premium upgrade option starting at $1.99. It keeps the original resolution of your photos intact. You can enjoy many Amazon Photos app features using just your voice on your Echo Show and Fire TV or with the Alexa app on your mobile phone. It shows memories from the same date in past years which is a cool feature. The app is also available for iOS.

2. Slidebox (Andorid And iOS)

Slidebox - Photo Organizer is a quick gesture photo organizer apps app. With this app, you can keep all your photos organized with simple gestures. It has features like Delete Unwanted Photos, Sort Photos Into Albums, Compare Similar photos, Organized Android Gallery, and more. To quickly delete unwanted photos you have to swipe up. You can sort photos in an existing album or newly created albums.

Slidebox is a free app. It has a premium plan that costs $4.99 per month. This app can email photos with just a simple click. It can compare similar photos and quickly sort or delete photos. It organizes photos and albums directly on the media gallery of your phone. The app has positive user reviews. Slidebox app is available for iOS.

3. PhotoSync (Andorid And iOS)

PhotoSync – transfer and backup photos & videos is a photos & video transfer and backup app. It can transfer photos & videos to and from a computer, Share photos & videos between phones and tablets, Transfer photos & videos to and from NAS over SMB, (S)FTP, and WebDav. You can share photos and videos to the cloud with this app. It supports all major mobile storage solutions including Western Digital, SanDisk, Seagate, HyperDrive, and more.

PhotoSync has a free version with limited features. The premium version of the app costs $6.49 per year and $0.99 per month. It has free 7 days of the trial period. Premium version automatically transfers your photos to the cloud you charge your device or in a pre-set schedule. PhotoSync app is available for iOS.

4. Piktures (Andorid)

Piktures: Gallery, Photos & Videos is a photo organizer app with a lot of features. It has different view options including a standard grid, a mosaic view, a list view, and a calendar view. It supports multiple could storage and can backup your photos. It has a secret space to hide your private photos and videos. With the advanced photo editor, you can apply filters, adjust lighting, crop, and resize.

Piktures is a free app. It has a premium plan that is suitable for users with multiple cloud accounts. The WiFi direct sharing option lets you share photos with other Piktures users without mobile data. It also has a QR code scanner. Piktures app is availabale only for Andoird.

5. Google Photos (Andorid And iOS)

Google Photos is a pre-installed photo organizer app on all android smartphones and tablets. It has 15 GB of free storage for your photos and videos. It can create albums for every new place you visit. It can create collages, movies, animations, panoramas, and more from your photos. It is ahs editing tool to make your photos more attractive. With this app, you can Instantly share photos with any contact, email, or phone number.

Google Photos is free. For advanced features like 100 GB of cloud storage, you can upgrade to the $1.99 per month premium plan. This app can automatically identify duplicate photos. You can search photos by people, places, and things in them — no tagging required even without any prior tagging. Google Photos is available for iOS.

6. A+ Gallery (Andorid And iOS)

A+ Gallery - Photos & Videos is organize gallery app for your Android phone. This app can automatically organize your photos by when and where you take them. You can create albums, set favorite albums, and hide unnecessary albums. On this app, you can search photos by date, location, and image color. Search by color is a unique feature of this app.

A+ Gallery is a free app. It can hide your private photos in a password-secured private vault. It has a beautiful and simple interface. It can also sync your photos across devices. It supports Facebook, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, and other platforms so that you access your online photos easily. A+ Gallery app is available for android.

Tricks And Tips to Keep Digital Photos Orgaized

There are some useful tips and tricks that you can follow to keep all your photos well organized.

  • Keep photos that are good and important. Delete all unnecessary photos and videos.
  • Create different albums for different photos. For example, keep you can create a family album to keep all your photos with family members and photos of your family events in one place.
  • Create folders for multiple albums. You can also create subfolders named exactly after the type of photos you have kept in them.
  • Always have a backup of all your photos. You can go for cloud backup as it only takes you to remember the password of the cloud account to keep all your special and important photos and videos.
  • Rename photos. Usually, every photo you take with your phone or camera gets an automatic naming. You should always rename them to identify them and find them easily.
  • Always have a special album of your favorite photos. This album should have all your favorite photos from every event and album.
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