10 Most Effective Blogging Tools For Beginners

Blogging Is Easy, But...

Blogging can be a hobby, passion, and even profession. Blogging is popular than ever now. Many individuals are expressing their ideas and knowledge through blogging. Most businesses now understand the value of content marketing and blogging is a part of that. Blogging is simple. You can also start blogging right now. Open your blog and write a blog post on what you know about or what you love. But becoming a successful blogger and reaching thousands of people to share your idea is a bit more complicated.

Best Blogging Tools

According to a Hosting Tribunal post there are over 600 million blogs in web. All these blogs publish more than 6 million blog posts every day. So it is getting harder to make a successful blog. But there is a solution to that. Using the right tools for blogging gives you an advantage and become better than most blogs. Blogging tools are useful tools that help you write better blog posts. Examples of blogging tools can be keyword research tools, content idea generation tools, blogging platforms, graphic design tools, headline analyzer tools, grammar and spelling checker tools, and many more.

We have created a list of the best blogging tools. These are some essential blogging tools that will improve your blogging quality as well as your blogging experience and success. We will open up about the core features, best uses, functionalities, and pricing of these tools. Let us begin.

Best Keyword Research Tools

1. Semrush (Web)

Keyword research is the first step of blogging.

Semrush is an all-in-one keyword research tool with marketing insights. It helps you find long-tail keywords, understand yearly keyword trends, get Keyword difficulty analysis and organic traffic insights, and more. Using the Keyword Overview tool, you can type in a keyword and get a full picture of everything you need to know. Semrush starts free. You can check 15 results for free with one email log-in. It has three premium plans, the $119.95 per month Pro Plan, the $229.95 per month Guru Plan and the $449.95 per month Business Plan.

2. WordStream (Web)

WordStream is a related keyword generator and keyword research tool. It is a fast and easy-to-use tool to find the most related keywords your business needs to drive traffic through organic and paid searches. You can also find popular and niche keywords for your website at scale. It can also find high-volume keywords in your industry or niche. You can also download your keyword list as CSV files. WordStream keyword research and key world analyzer start free. The premium Advisor plan is $49 per month.

More Content Planning Tools

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ahrefs
  • KWFinder
  • Best Writting Tools

    3. Grammarly (Web, iOS, Android)

    When talking about blogging, first comes writing. Your content needs to be grammatically right, rightly spelled, and easy to read. To manage to keep all these standards, you can use writing tools. Grammarly is my favorite writing tool. It automatically checks your grammar and spelling for free. It can also detect the ease of reading and exactly which sentences need more attention. Shaking grammar and spelling is free on Grammarly. It suggests advanced issues that you can get solved as a premium user. Grammarly Premium costs $12.00 per month. For more Professional and clear communication there is a Business subscription that costs $12.50 per month per member. Grammarly has apps for iOS and Android.

    4. Hemingway Editor (Web)

    Hemingway Editor is another writing tool to write more bold and clear blogs. It checks the readability of your blog. Hemingway Editor also counts the number of words in your post. You can also use this editor for editing your blog post with write tags. It has H1-H3 tags, Quote tag, bullets and number tags, link tags, bold and italic tags. It gives you advanced writing advanced to improve the engagement of your blog post. Hemingway web is free. Hemingway App has a desktop app that costs $19.99 for a one-time buy.

    More Writting Tools

  • Draft
  • ProWritingAid
  • Copywritely
  • Best Headline Analyzer Tools

    5. Sharethrough (Web)

    Sharethrough Headline Analyzer is a popular tool for giving the best title to your posts. Great blog post titles bring s more traffic to your site and increase your traffic. On Google results, only your post's headline appears. So it is important to give your blog posts a title that is catchy and attracts the reader to click on it. Sharethrough helps you to check How Engaging Is Your Headline?. It gives you an engagement score by averaging the Engagement Score and the Impression Score of your blog post title. It is a free tool.

    6. Capitalize My Title (Web)

    Capitalize My Title is another popular headline analyzer tool. It gives you an Overall Headline Score, by averaging the Readability, SEO, and Sentiment score of your blogpost title. It uses the Flesch-Kincaid Readability Score method to analyze your post titles. It also has Word Count, Character Count, SEO Pixel Width, Power Words, Keywords, and other analyses. Capitalize My Title is a free tool.

    More Headline Analyzer Tools

  • CoSchedule
  • IsItWP
  • AMIstitute Headline Analyzer
  • Best Graphic Design Tools For Bloggers

    7. Visme (Web)

    Visme is an easy to use and graphic design tool. Visual content allows you to communicate your brand message and a concise and compelling way. Tools like Visme let you create engaging visual content like images, infographics, comparison charts, and more without any prior graphic design experience. Visme provides users with tutorials and guides to make it easy to get up and running with their design software. It is a total data visualization tool that helps individuals and teams to translate data into engaging content in the form of presentations. Basic graphic design is free with Visme. The premium Personal plan starts at $15.00 per month (billed yearly). The Visme Business Plan costs $29.00. It offers a custom Enterprise plan for businesses.

    8. Canva (Web)

    Canva is another very popular graphic design platform for beginners to advanced designers and bloggers. It enhances your blog and eliminates the fear of design for a non-designer. Canva lets you create blog images for WordPress in minutes. Canva images are free or inexpensive. Bloggers love using Canva because it allows them to create interesting, engaging custom images, easy to format images, and other graphics. Canva starts free. Premium plans are the $8 per month Basic plan, the $15 per month Professional plan, and the $39 per month Professional Plus plan.

    More Grapgic Design Tools

  • Adobe Spark
  • Snappa
  • Stencil
  • Best Content Planning Tools

    9. Concured (Web)

    Concured is an AI-powered content intelligence platform and content planner to research and plan content most appropriate for your audience. This content planning tool helps content marketers better understand the interests of their audience so that they can deliver content that educates, inspires, and makes an impact. It uses deep learning to understand your video, podcasts, articles, blog posts, and more. It can recommend new improved content and compare your content to your competitors and find the best ways to rank. Concured gives personal quotations for pricing.

    10. Wistia (Web)

    Wistia is one of the best content planning tools built specifically for video content. It has simple, intuitive, and powerful products spanning from free and premium video hosting solutions, to video creation and editing tools. Regardless of their experience level, everyone can create, host, manage, distribute, and analyze great-looking videos with Wistia. It supports a broad range of integrations as well as 4K resolution for super high-quality videos. Wistia starts free. The premium pro plan of Wistia costs $99 per month. It has an advanced plan for business users. Wistia has an iOS app.

    More Content Planning Tools

  • CoSchedule
  • BuzzSumo
  • Content Snare
  • Our Words

    Blogging is a fun thing to do. If you are willing to start blogging or a blogger by now congrats. I hope these tools will help you to make a jump start for your blog. Thank you for reading.