5 Apps Like Venmo

About Venmo

Venmo is an app for peer-to-peer (P2P) payment services. It is available for iPhones and Android. Venmo has over 60 million users. Andrew Kortina and Iqram Magdon-Ismail founded Venmo in 2009. In December 2013, PayPal acquired Braintree for $800 million. With Venmo users can make payments using their debit card, credit card, bank account, and more. It has an instant transfer feature that allows users to deposit funds to their debit cards typically within 30 minutes. It also provides a free Venmo Debit Card.

Venmo is one of the most trusted and popular payment services. Transections through multiple mediums, free transection from linked bank accounts, Emojies, and commentaries written on each transaction that appear on Venmo feed made it popular among millennials. You can buy all types of cryptocurrencies with Venmo.

5 Apps Like Venmo

Now there are many money transfer apps to choose from. These apps let you make transactions and payments with just a few taps on a smartphone. Most apps are impressive and fast. They make our daily transactions easier than ever. They are changing the money transfer app scenario and getting better every quarter. These are some secure, fast, and trustworthy social money transfer apps Like Venmo.

1. Cash App

Cash App is a mobile payment service that allows users to transfer money to one another using a mobile phone app. Cash App stands out for its simplicity, ease of use, and zero fees. It is one of the most secure money transfer apps with security features like Data encryption and fraud detection technology, unique, one-time login codes, two-factor authentication. It offers Free ATM withdrawals if you set up a direct deposit. It charges a 1.5% fee for instant cash-outs and a 3% processing fee when using a linked credit card as a payment method. Cash App lets users invest in stocks and buy and sell bitcoin. Cash App is available for iOS and Android.

2. WorldRemit

WorldRemit is a cross-border digital payments service that provides international money transfer and remittance services in more than 130 countries and over 70 currencies. It can send money to recipients within 10 minutes. You can Identify and track where your money is at all times. You can send a maximum of $9,000 in 24 hours and $5,000 per transaction for debit, credit, or prepaid cards. WorldRemit fees vary by location from $0.99-$3.99 for sending money overseas. WorldRemit app is available for iOS and Android.

3. Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay is a seamless, secure way to pay on the apps you already use. With Facebook Pay, making payments is simple. It has a chat feature for communication. The maximum transfer amount at Facebook Pay is $9,999. Facebook Pay also works with WhatsApp, Instagram. Facebook is using Stripe, PayPal, and others to process these payments. Facebook uses anti-fraud technology and advanced data storage and encryption for payment card and bank account details to monitor payments. Facebook Pay has no fees and will not store money in an online account.

4. Google Pay

Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and online payment system. Google developed the payment service to power in-app, online, and in-person contactless purchases on mobile devices, enabling users to make payments with Android phones, tablets, or watches. Using Google Pay, you can send and receive money pay entering someone's Gmail address. The maximum transaction limit is $2,000 in a single transaction and $2,500 a day. You can make Up to 15 transactions per day. Bank transfer is free with Google Pay. It charges Up to 4% on credit card transactions and 1.5% or $0.31 (whichever is greater) on debit card transactions.

5. Zelle

Zelle is a bank account-based money transferring service and a similar app like Venmo. It offers an easy bank-to-bank process that allows you to pay friends or family right from your bank. Zelle is Compatible with hundreds of U.S. banks and credit unions including Chase and Wells Fargo offer Zelle and you can send cash with same-day transfers to anyone else with an account at a participating bank. Zella is free and when you send money to friends or family, it won’t cost you any extra money for the transaction.

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