6 Best Infographic Makers

The human brain can remember up to 80% of what they have seen. This is why infographics are now the most reliable way of sharing information. The word infographics came from two different words, information and graphics. William Playfair is thought to be the father of modern infographics. Around 65% of brands use infographics in their content marketing.

Infographics are mostly used to share data, encourage the eye to compare different pieces of data, serve a reasonably clear purpose: description, exploration, tabulation, or decoration, and more. Making infographics with photoshop can be time-consuming and hassle. Now, you have more options available at your fingertips. Many easy and reliable infographic makers make making infographics fun.

Here, we have lined up some of the best infographics makers. We will open up about the best features, best uses, pricing, available platform of these infographic makers. Read through the full list and begin making infographics like pros. Let us jump into them.

Best Infographic Makers

1. Canva

Canva Infographic Tool is one of the most popular infographic makers right now. It has 500+ infographic templates to choose from. You can edit these presets to create your style. You can also add custom pictures to your infographics. Custom font styles, backgrounds, different chars, and graphs are some of the key features of the infographic maker. You can animate your infographics in 14 different page animations.

Canva has both free and premium subscription methods. Canva Pro costs $9.95 per month and Canva Enterprise costs $30 per month. Canva works online so that you can start making your infographics with just one click.

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2. Venngage

Venngage is a widely used infographic maker. You can design infographics including pie charts, mind maps, diagrams, comparison infographics with this infographic maker. It has hundreds of templates of different categories like roadmaps, organization, presentations, social media, and more. You can add custom icons, charts, maps, images to your infographic. It has interactive styles for youtube, survey polls, and more.

Venngage has free access for all users. It has three different premium plans the $19 per month Premium Plan (single user), the $49 per month Business Plan (single-user and paid monthly), the $499 per month Enterprise Plan for 10+ seats (billed yearly). Venngage is easy to use and has over 7500+ templates to choose from.

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3. Visme

Visme has it's own infographic tool. It has over 1000+ templates to choose from. It has templates from different categories like anatomy, comparison, connects maps, how to, histogram, and more. You can also create your new custom infographic from scratch. It has a header and text, stats and figures, diagrams, and more. You can upload custom images and choose from different theme colors.

Visme has free access for all users. It has two different premium plans, you will have to pay $49 per month if you pay monthly, and $29.00 per month if you pay yearly. Visme is widely known for its ease of use and a huge library. Visme puts a watermark on the design if you are a free user. This infographic maker works online.

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4. Infogram

Infogram is a special way of making infographics. This tool has hundreds of free templates to choose from. You can add text, charts, maps, custom graphics, and different shapes to your design. It can also use different integrations including YouTube, Vimeo, Giphy, and more. You can also insert links in your infographics. The grid layout feature lets you plan your space easily.

Infogram has free access for all users. It has three different premium subscription plans. The $19 per month Pro plan, $67 per month Business plan, $149 per month Team plan, and the customizable Enterprise plan. Infogram has a large collection of effective infographic templates. It takes only several minutes to create beautiful information graphics with Infogram.

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5. Mind the Graph

Mind the Graph is designed to create scientific infographics. This infographic maker has 3,000 scientific illustrations and customizable infographic layouts. You can add shapes, images, graphs, and charts, change text and style on the is infographic maker. It has many different icons to choose the most suitable one from. It has a built-in image editor to create the perfect image for your design.

Mind the graph has a free version open to all. It puts a watermark on your design if you are a free user. It has three different premium plans. The $5 per month Junion plan, $9 per month Senior plan, and the $59 per month Team plan for up to 10 users. Mind the Graph is a unique scientific infographic maker. It takes around 30 minutes to create amazing infographics with it.

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6. Easel.ly

Easel.ly is another easy and fast infographic maker. It has several hundred templates to choose from. You can customize graphics, add pictures, change icons and text, add and change backgrounds, add videos, and more. You can also create multiple pages in the editor. You can use 60 different images and 10 different fonts in the free version. You can search templates by categories.

Easel has a free version open to all. There are three different premium plans available. The $5 per month plan for Business and non Profits, the $4 per month plan for teachers, the $2 per month plan for students, and on-demand pricing for enterprises. Easel is one of the most affordable infographic makers right now. It is easy to use. Free design sandbox lets you try before paying for all elements.

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