7 Places To Visit For Audio Books Online: Free And Premium

Starting with a fact, one in five Americans now listen to audiobooks. Audiobooks are recorded versions of books. You can listen to them with your smartphone or any other device that can play audio files. One of the best advantages of audiobooks is you can both listen to your favorite story or fiction as well as do other things like working out or working in your garden.

You can find audiobooks from many sources. You can find them on digital libraries, bookstores, apps, and websites. And possibly websites with thousands of free and premium audiobooks are the best option that you can go for. These audiobook websites can also be seen as huge audiobooks libraries of both free and premium. They have the latest popular audiobook collection for you.

Here we have created a list of the best places online where you can find audiobooks. We will open up about how many books they have, what are the best features of these platforms, availability, and pricing of these online audiobook platforms. Let's start.

Best Places To Find Free Audiobooks Online

1. Audible (Free And Premium)

Audible is an online audiobook and podcast service. It has 200,000+ audiobooks. It lists audiobooks in categories such as Best Sellers, New Releases, Best of the Best, Series, Editors’ Picks, Authors, and more. It has audio books of different fields like Architecture, Career Success, Entertainment & Celebrities, Religious, Historical, Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, and more.

Audible offers 30 days of free trial with one free audiobook. It has two different subscription plans, one is the $7.95 per month Audible Plus and the other is the $14.95 Auble Premium Plus. It has many free audiobooks that you can find by searching free audiobooks on the platform. Amazon Prime members can also get free eBooks and also streaming Audible free audiobooks.

2. Learn Out Loud (Free And Premium)

Learn Out Loud is an online place for audiobooks and video learning. It has over 50,000 audiobooks, podcasts, and videos. It has audiobooks from different categories including Arts & Entertainment, Biography, Politics, Self Development, Religion & Spirituality, Sports & Hobbies, and more.

This platform has free stuff section where you can find your favorite audiobooks from a huge collection of over 4000 Free Audiobooks. The free version of the platform lets you download 8 audiobooks, while the $1.99 version allows unlimited downloads.

3. Digitalbook.io (Free)

Digitalbook.io is a place for free audiobooks. It has free audiobooks of many different genres including romance, mystery, history, horror, and more. It has over 20,000 fiction, 20,000 classics, and 20,000 trending books. This platform supports 12 languages including Chinese, Japanese, Russian. You can listen to your audiobooks from Digitalbook with any device.

Digitalbook.io offers thousands of free audiobooks. You can both directly listen and download audiobooks from this platform. You can browse audiobooks by both authors and genres. You can also browse books by rantings. You can make your collection by creating your profile on the platform.

4. Loyal Books (Free)

Loyal Books is a destination for free audiobooks. It has audiobooks from different genres including Adventure, comedy, literature, science fiction, teen, and others. It has audiobooks of different languages including Chinese, Italian, German and more. You can search audiobooks on the platform by title, author, and keyword.

Loyal Books has the motto of Books Should Be Free. All the audiobooks found on the platform are free public domain books. Loyal Books has apps for both android and iOS. Loyal Books has more than 7,000 free audiobooks. You can download all of these audiobooks without any charges.

5. Open Culture (Free)

Open Culture is a place for free audiobooks. This platform has over 1000 free audiobooks. It has audiobooks from different genres including fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. It has free audiobooks from popular authors including Tolstoy, Hemingway, Orwell, Vonnegut, Nietzsche, Austen, Shakespeare, Asimov. This collection of books are made with free mp3, free stream, and free Itunes files.

Open Culture has a great collection of audiobooks from world-known authors. You can find Robinson Crusoe, Second Variety, The Skull, Bullfighting, Tales of the Jazz Age, A Room with a View, The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains, Homage to Switzerland, Dubliners, and other audiobooks on Open Culture. All these audiobooks are free.

6. FreeClassicAudioBooks.com (Free)

FreeClassicAudioBooks has hundreds of free classic audiobooks. It has Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, White Fang by Jack London, Emma by Jane Austen, The Sign of the Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, My Story by Helen Keller, Metamorphasis by Kafka, and more. You can browse books alphabetically. On this website free audio books indexed by the authors last mame.

FreeClassicAudioBooks gives all these audiobooks for free. You have to download these books to hear them. You can buy 200 Classic Audio Books on 1 USB stick for only $9.95 from this platform. FreeClassicAudioBooks.com audiobooks are available for all.

7. Project Gutenberg (Free)

Project Gutenberg is a volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works, as well as to "encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks. Project Gutenberg offers human-read and computer-generated audiobooks on its site. It has many classic and latest audiobooks including Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders, On the Duties of the Clergy, Jack and Jill, and more.

Project Gutenberg gives all books for free. It has books from popular authors like Balzac, Honoré de, Barnard, Austin, Aristotle, and more. You can search by book title, author, and type. it has different bookshelves including Fine arts Bookshelf, Law Bookshelf, History Bookshelf, Religion Bookshelf, Animals-Wild-Insects, and more.

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