9 Free Yoga Apps

Yoga is a practice for controlling and stilling the mind. It finds its root in ancient India. Then by many centuries, it reached many parts of the world. Now about 36 million people alone in the US practice yoga to achieve mental discipline, physical and mental balance, and peace. Yoga is also known for helping quit addiction, fighting depression, and sleeping better.

Yoga is actually a vast knowledge of many meditative processes. You must understand the process before you start practicing it. You can learn to Yog from gurus, websites, courses, and apps. As most people have a smartphone in their hands, apps are an easy tool for helping most people to start their journey as yogis. You can found many apps are designed to help beginner pro yogis with their yoga.

We have crafted a list of the best yoga apps for you. We will provide you the best information about these apps' key features, best uses, availability, and pricing. Stay tuned and read the whole article. Let's start now.

Best Yoga Apps

1. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga | Fitness Yoga Plan & Meditation App is a yoga pp by Daily Yoga Team. It has a yoga guide from beginner to advanced level. It has guided yoga meditation videos for easy learning. These videos and guides are created by world-class yoga teachers from around the world. It has over 1000 guided yoga, over 500 asanas, and a huge yoga pose library for its users. It has yogas for weight loss, improving focus, better sleep, and flexibility of your body. It supports many languages including English, German, French, and more.

Daily Yoga lets you follow your favorite masters within the app. The app has its own yoga community where you can connect with other users of the app, and know about their journeys and experiences. You can create your own yoga plans on the app according to your own schedule to create your daily yoga habit. It is a free version. It has premium upgrades for $12.99 per month. It is available for both Android and iOS.

2. Yoga for Beginner Free

Yoga for Beginner Free - Daily Workout at Home is a yoga app by Leap Fitness Group. This app is designed to help beginners to start yoga at the ease of their homes. It has 30-day yoga workout plans for weight loss, yoga for men and women of every fitness level. It is loaded with 100+ yoga poses to follow.

Yoga for Beginner Free has special yoga plans for women. It has yogas to reduce stress, improving mental and physical stability, relaxation,n and more. It is a free application. Yoga for Beginner Free - Daily Workout at Home app is available for android only.

3. Yoga for Kids and Family fitness - Easy Workout

Yoga for Kids and Family fitness - Easy Workout is a free app for children and beginners. The app has specially designed yoga routines for kids. It has guided yoga meditation to improve fitness and health, energy Improvement, boosting confidence, sleeping better, and more. Doing yoga together creates a great bond among the family members.

Yoga for Kids and Family fitness provides healthy living information for kids and other family members. It is a great app for the whole family for learning yoga with easy poses. It is a free application. Yoga for Kids and Family fitness - Easy Workout is available for android devices.

4. Yoga - Track Yoga

Yoga - Track Yoga by Eternal Karma Inc is a yoga app to create everyday yoga habits. You can start practicing yoga with this app anywhere at any time. Most people who benefitted from yoga have reported practicing it every day. This app focuses on that and has daily yoga plans tailored by experts. It has yoga asanas, core yoga, Iyengar yoga, pranayama, and many more styles and technics.

Yoga - Track Yoga has grouped yogas into different groups like Beginners Mind, Full-Body Fitness, Flexibility Series, and more. These different groups of yogas will help you reduce stress, boost energy, get good sleep and wake up early with a productive mind. It has yoga poses for all three levels(beginner, intermediate, advance). It is a free application.

5. 5 Minute Yoga

5 Minute Yoga by Olson Applications Ltd is an app for quick and easy yoga routines. The app is loaded with selected easy and simple but effective yoga poses. It gives detailed guidance to every pose with appropriate images to help you learn yoga first. Every yoga poses shown on the app can be practiced just within 5 minutes.

5 Minute Yoga has a quick yoga workout for anywhere. You can practice these yogas to release pressure, mental stability, and keeping cool. You can try these guided yogas even before going office or going to sleep at night. It is a free application. 5 Minute Yoga is avilable for both Android and iOS.

6. Yoga for Beginners – Daily Yoga Workout at Home

Yoga for Beginners – Daily Yoga Workout at Home by OHealthApps Studio is a yoga app for beginners. It is a daily yoga workout app. It can help complete beginners to tune into daily yoga practitioners with well-sorted yoga knowledge. It has basic yoga asanas, yoga poses, details about yoga terminologies, and many more.

Yoga for Beginners – Daily Yoga Workout at Home has yoga to build a strong upper body. It has free weight loss yoga programs for women. Other features are yoga for beginners, advanced yoga postures, breathing exercises, and more. It is a free application. Yoga for Beginners – Daily Yoga Workout at Home is available only on android.

7. Yoga Workout - Yoga for Beginners - Daily Yoga

Yoga Workout - Yoga for Beginners - Daily Yoga by Fivestars Studio is a free yoga workout app. It has yoga asanas for relaxation, breathing exercise, and healthy life. This app has 3d videos to help you understand yoga postures with accuracy. The app has a BMI calculator to find the best yoga poses for you according to your physical structure.

Yoga Workout helps you practice yoga by yourself at home. It works like a yoga coach for you. It can remind and track your workouts. It is loaded with yoga videos to make you a daily yogi. This is a free application. It is available only for android.

8. Simply Yoga - Home Instructor

Simply Yoga - Home Instructor is a free yoga app by Daily Workout Apps, LLC. It has 35+ yoga poses demonstrated by certified instructors. You can choose yoga poses by length. There are 6 predefined easy yoga routines of 20-60 minutes. It has video and audio guidance for doing the yoga postures in the right way.

Simply Yoga has yoga workouts for all fitness levels from beginner to advance. It also has a full-paid version with features like ad-free, the second set of workouts, and creating a custom routine for yourself. The basic version is free. Simply Yoga is available fr both android and iOS.

9. Yoga for Beginners | Mind+Body

Yoga for Beginners is an iOS yoga application by Fast Builder Limited. It has hundreds of yoga asanas, poses, and workouts for your yoga journey. All these yoga postures are and simple beginner-friendly. It has quick and effective yoga workouts that you can do anywhere anytime.

Yoga for Beginners helps you take control of your health and fitness. Apple Health integration to track workouts, calories, and weight. It is a free application. this app is also available for android devices.

Our Words

These are some of the free yoga applications you can find. There are many premium apps for yoga for android and iOS. If you are willing to pay you can try all of those apps, and mostly you have trial periods to decide if they are worth paying for. But according to us free yoga apps can help you and fulfill your yoga needs at beginner levels. We are at the end of our list. hope it will be helpful for most of you. Thank you for reading.

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