6 Best Weather Apps

Weather forecast is an instinct of human beings. We look at the sky every morning to guess how the day is going to go. A dark sky indicates a rainy day, a foggy one indicates a cold day and a bright sun in the sky indicates a great shiny day. How the weather will be on a particular day can be very important.

Whether planning for a road trip, or a birthday celebration or going to an open-air event, knowing about the probable weather gives you extra confidence and a chance to carry an umbrella too.

Most people look at newspapers, tv, and other sources to know about the weather. Now there's another cool option the Weather apps. These apps will inform you about every small detail about the weather. They will predict rain, sunny days, any storm alert, and more. What is the best app for weather?

Well, there are many good weather applications. You can try different apps and decide by yourself what is the best application for weather information. But that will be a time-consuming hassle. To help you in choosing the best weather app, we have created a shortlist of apps so that you can be a little ahead and get a good hint about these apps.

We will discuss all the key features of these apps, what information they serve, the best uses, and the pricing. Let's jump into it now.

Best Weather Apps

1. AccuWeather

AccuWeather: Weather alerts & live forecast info is one of the most popular weather apps. It is a live weather forecast that forecasts any location's weather with updated information every minute. It has weather warnings for Severe rain, wind, sun. It gives almost aurate information. You can see the forecast for 45 upcoming days on the app. It has live radar maps, localized mapping, storm radar, and many more features.

AccuWeather informs you about the real feel temperature. You can get local forecasts and personalize the app depending on your location. It automatically updates while you change location with granted permission and gives instant forecasts about the weather of the new place. It is a free application. AccuWeather is available for both Android and iOS.

2. The Weather Channel

Weather Radar & Live Widget: The Weather Channel is another widely popular weather forecasting application. It has a Live Doppler radar, severe weather alert, a storm tracker with a tropical cyclone track, and more. It always has weather information for the next 15 days. It uses GPS location to track your position and give you the latest weather information and alerts. The forecasts include sunrise and sunset times, allergies, and pollen forecasts.

The Weather Channel has future radar for 6 hours, 'feels like temperature, and an hourly forecast feature. It has a premium plan of $29.99/year. This 'The Weather Channel Premium' subscription is an Ad-free, advanced version of the forecasting service. It has features like a 15-minute forecast and an advanced radar map. The Weather Channel app is available for both Android and iOS.

3. Weather by WeatherBug

Weather by WeatherBug: Live Radar Map & Forecast is a weather app by WeatherBug. It has weather forecasts, lightning and Thunderstorm alerts, real-time weather condition information, and more. This app has weather forecasts for 10 upcoming days. It has 20 weather maps including Doppler radar, wind chill, road forecast, UV index, and more. All these weather maps are animated and easy to understand. It has weather news featuring forecasts, let's, and personalized for your lifestyle.

Weather by WeatherBug has Severe Weather Alerts, hurricane tracker, air quality information, and Global fire data. It gives your latest information on weather and temperature using your GPS location. It supports many different languages including English, French, Japanese, and Portuguese. You can set different Temperature Units according to your needs. It is a free application. WeatherBug is available for both Android and iOS.

4. 1Weather

1Weather: Weather Forecast, Widget, Alerts & Radar is an android weather app by OneLouder Apps. It gives hourly weather information, lives 25 layer radar map. It has radars including typhoons and hurricane trackers, thunderstorms, and severe weather. It shows the next 12 weather forecasts. It has 12 customizable widgets to access weather information directly from your home screen. It gives a 48-hour detailed forecast based on GPS location.

1Weather has sun and moon tracker, sunrise and sunset time, moon phases, and more. The weather tv feature has HD quality regional, national, and city weather forecast videos. It always updates latest you about weather news, events, wildfires, hurricanes, hail, tornadoes. 1Weather is a free app.

5. Weather Forecast

Weather forecast is a daily and hourly weather forecast app by smart-pro android apps. This app shows the GPS location weather on the home screen and other preset locations' weather information on other widgets. It updates with your location automatically. The forecast report of the app includes atmospheric pressure, visibility distance, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, and more.

Weather forecast lets you manage weather reports of multiple locations at a time. It gives a forecast for 10 upcoming days It has accurate and reliable weather information. This is a free weather app.

6. Weather

Weather is a free Weather channel, weather network app by Weather Team (forecast, radar, widget, recorder). It gives weather forecasts based on your GPS location. The forecast report includes information about Wind speed and direction, Weather Radar, Rain maps, humidity, dew point, and more. It can give a detailed weather information report for 7 upcoming days. It forecast report is updated hourly.

The weather has all unite for temperature, atmosphere pressure, wind speed, and other weather indicators. You can share your location's weather update with your friends directly from the application. You can set a lock screen weather update with this application. It is a free application.

Our Words

Weather apps are an easy way to know about weather forecasts. These apps are easy to use and mostly free. But they are of great worth. They can help you decide if you are going to plan something for this evening, or tomorrow or even the next week. We tried to keep it simple and informative so that you can easily decide which weather application is the best for you. Thanks for reading.

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