8 To Do List Android Apps and Extensions

It's said Success is the sum of small efforts - repeated day in and day out (a quote by Robert Collier). So it's important to everything when it's important. Every day we have many things to do. And to remember all important things to do, keeping a to-do list is a great way of keeping everything in place.

Most of us use diaries and small notepads to write down evey day works. Now your smartphone can be a real to-do list keeper for you. There are many apps to help you keep a to-do list for the next week even for the upcoming weeks. But, Which is the best app for to-do listing?

To find out the best to-do list app, you need to know what you should look for in such an app. You must look at the app's design, the tools and organizing method of lists on the app, integration and collaboration options of the app.

You have to also look at the notification and reminder feature of the application and how you can prioritize your must-dos on the app. The ease of personalization is also a great quality of a to-do list application.

Here we are going to line up the best to-do list apps for smartphones and other digital devices. We are going to open up about the key features of these apps, the best things you can do with them, ease of use, key functionalities, availability, and pricing of these applications. Let's start from here.

Best To Do List Apps

1. Google Keep

Google Keep - Notes and Lists is a list-making app by Google. The built-in reminder of the app can remind you to do the things you listed earlier. This app lets you share your lists with friends and family and they can also remind you to you do something if needed. You can add color and labels to important notes to quickly organize them as your priority.

Google Keep can sync with every android device you use even wearables. You can set location-based reminders so that when you go to that place it will remind you to complete your important work. You can also make plans on the app. Google keep is an all-free application.

2. To Do List

To Do List by Splend Apps is another popular to-do list app for mobile devices. It has a task manager for smart task management every day. You can group tasks to perform them in a row or a planned succession. It has a home screen widget to first access your lists. You can also add tasks with voice. The hot taskbar is a great feature for adding something quickly.

The To Do List app can notify you with reminders, sounds, vibrations, and a built-in speech synthesizer. It can sync with your Google account. The smart notification of the app notifies you only when you want it. To Do List is a free application.

3. Todoist: To-Do List, Tasks & Reminders

Todoist: To-Do List, Tasks & Reminders by Doist is a task manager and to-do list app. Write and organize tasks, weekly task maker, keeping different tasks on different boards, using priority labels are some of the key features of the app. This application can integrate with other platforms like Google Calander, Gmail, Amazon Alexa, and more.

Todoist: To-Do List, Tasks & Reminders is a smart task manager. If you mention a time like tomorrow at 4 pm or a date like next Sunday it can set a reminder for you on basis of that. You can also set deadlines for a task on this application.

4. Any.do

Any.do - To-do list, planner & calendar is a to-do list app by Any.do To-do list & Calendar. It has a day planner and calendar date planner. So that you can both make plans and a list of must-dos for today and any date in the future. You can set an automatic reminder with every task you list on the app. It can sync with google calendar, your phone's inbuilt calendar and watch, facebook evens, outlook calendar, and more platforms.

Any.do has recurring reminders, location reminders, voice reminders, and what's app reminder. This app has a daily planner, family organizer, bill planner, and deadlines too. Overall according to integration capabilities is the best app on this list. It also has a chrome extension. Any.do is a free app.

5. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To-Do: List, Task & Reminder is a Task planner and Reminder application by Microsoft Corporation. It has list makers and daily planners. You can set daily tasks as my day. The task manager feature of the app can break the task into manageable steps. The list maker has colorful themes, dark mode, emoji, and more. You can share your plans and lists with your friends directly from the application.

Microsoft To-Do has different list makes and planners like Bill planner, Shopping list, notes, and more. You can set smart reminders on the app to remind you of important works and tasks. It has Office 365 integration. You can also add multiple Microsoft accounts to the app. Microsoft To-Do is a free app.

6. To Do Reminder with Alarm

To Do Reminder with Alarm is a to-do list and reminder application. Quick and easy reminders for selected tasks, advanced alerts, choose reminder alerts as alarm or notification, creating tasks with voice, are some of the key features of the application. It has google drive back task history back up. It can sync tasks and events with google calendar.

To Do Reminder with Alarm has a Gentle Reminder feature for friends who owe money. It has different day and night themes. It can all be reminder notes on the home screen. This app can also remind you of taking Medication/Pills, Paying Bills, Policy renewals, Important Calls, and more. To Do Reminder with Alarm is a free application.

Best To Do List Extansions(Chrome)

1. Focus To-Do

Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To-Do List is a Pomodoro Timer combined with Task Management. This app will work as your digital task manager, to-do list maker and will help you focus on your works scientifically. It has a start focus timer to motivate you to complete your task within the timeframe.

It can set reminders for import works. It can also make event lists, calendar events, Grocery lists, checklists, and more. It can sync between your phone and pc and you can access it from anywhere. It is a free extension.

2. New Tab Todo List

New Tab Todo List: Checklist, Notes, Outliner is a to-do list extension for chrome users. It can make sharable checklists, work and personal notes, and task lists. You can share your list with a link from the new tab. It has a mark as a complete, Tag and filter and mentions feature.

It works on all devices and can be synced on each of them. Here you can make a space for your working team, a new or running project, or a new idea. You can invite co-workers and friends to that space to join and work with you. It is a free extension.

Our Words

We are almost at the ending. To-do list apps are a great way to remind all the important tasks for the upcoming days. A planned day is always a productive day. Making a to-do list also motivates your to complete these tasks within the deadline. On this list, we tried to focus on free and easy-to-use task managers for you. Hope it will be helpful. Thank you for reading.

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