8 Best Timer Apps

Timing is important. Whether you are running, writing, or doing any other work you may need to know the time how long it took you from the start to the finishing. Some people even use the timer to know how long it takes to happen a definite thing. Chefs, athletes, students, teachers timer is a must-have tool for many professions and jobs.

In earlier days, people used manual clocks as timers. They were the only tool for that time. But now you can get precise timing with history and other analytics. Now there are some magnificent timer apps to help you count down even every millisecond. These apps are simply digital timers on your smartphone. You can use them whenever you need to count time anywhere for any work.

Here we have lined up the best timer apps for Android and iOS. We will open up about these apps' key features, best uses, availability, and pricing point. Read till the end to know about these apps. Let us jump into it.

Best Timer Apps

1. Stopwatch Timer

Stopwatch Timer is a timer app by Javier Salmona. It is a timer app with both analog and digital displays. You can start the timer with a single click and stop counting with another click on the center button. It has a lap timer and keeps the time for each lap individually with a total time. It has countdown timer mode. Just one long press with make the timer start recounting from 0.

Stopwatch Timer has Color themes, Infinite laps count, Timer presets, and more. This app can keep working in the background. You can directly send lap records through mails. There are 12 different themes like classic retro and modern designs. It is a free application. This application is available only for android devices.

2. Interval Timer

Interval Timer is a simple timer application by dream spark. You can use this timer for many activities. It best suits workout sessions like circuit training, calisthenics, boxing round timing Tabata, and more. It has features to save presets for quick activities, audio, vibration, and other types of notifications. Interval timer is a free app. It is android only application.

3. Stopwatch and Timer

Stopwatch and Timer is a timer and stopwatch app by Jupiter Apps. It keeps the last three times counted. The app is clean, easy to use, and basic. It has countdown alarms and notifications. It can count laps, cooking time, interval time, and more. This is a free version of the application. Stopwatch and Timer has a premium version that costs $4.59. The premium version has features like 99 hours timer, Export by email, Countdown and repeat (loop timers), and many more. This is available for android devices.

4. Timer

Timer is a timer app by GOMO Limited. It has Multiple timers. The app has three different themes to choose from. You can customize your own timer. You can start and stop the timer without opening the app. It has a count-down timer. This app is perfect for any sport timing, lap timing, and lap history record. It is a free application. The timer app is only available for android.

5. Large Countdown Timer

Large Countdown Timer is a timer app by MindTheApps. It has appeared on the top feature to start the timer without entering the app. You can set an alarm for timings on the app. It has large digits that are visible from distance. This app has a proximity sensor. It doesn't have any third-party ads. It is a free application. Large Countdown Timer is available for Android.

6. Stopwatch & Lap Timer, Advanced Sport Chronograph

Stopwatch & Lap Timer, Advanced Sport Chronograph is a stopwatch and lap timer app by Chronus Stopwatches. It has a sports timer, a 99-hour counting timer, and more. This app's stopwatch can be operated with the navigation button of any phone keeping the screen locked. The timer is accurate to 1/1000th of a second. It has a simple and sleek design. It is a free application. Stopwatch & Lap Timer, Advanced Sport Chronograph is available only for android.

7. Interval Timer: Tabata, Fitness, Boxing, HIIT

Interval Timer: Tabata, Fitness, Boxing, HIIT is a workout timer by Power Ups. It has timers for Fitness workouts, home workouts, yoga exercises, running, Tabata workouts, and more. It is a simple app. you can start counting time with just one click. The app can keep counting even in the background. It has Different templates to choose from. It is a free timer app and is available on android.

Our Words

Timer apps are one of the most important productivity tools for many of us. Most lifestyles need to keep things timely. On this list, we tried to focus on free timer apps. We tried many apps and these are the apps we decided to put in front of you. Hope it will be helpful for you. Thank you for reading the article.

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