8 Best Sleeping Apps

Better sleep is important. About 30% of adults from the US reported struggling to get better sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health issues.

Lack of sleep can also cause mental imbalance, poor work performance, anger, and even depression. Better sleep at night keeps your immunity strong, helps keep yourself fit, makes good decisions in your personal and work life.

But how to get better sleep?. Well, there are many ways to improve the quality of your sleep. Creating a good sleeping habit is the first thing. You can recheck your food and drinking habits as they have a huge impact on your sleep. You may try sleeping mediation.

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You can get a comfortable bed and optimize your bedroom. These are some primary things you may try. Mostly it should help solve your sleeping troubles.

If nothing works, you may try sleeping apps. Yes, some apps may help you sleep well. These apps are loaded with features that bring the perfect good night's sleep for you. Here we have lined up some of the best sleeping apps for you.

We will discuss the core features, best uses, functionality, and availability of these apps. Stay tuned and go through this list until the last words. Let us jump into it now.

Best Sleeping Apps

1. Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds, Meditation & Stories is a sleep aid app. It has nature sounds, bedtime stories, breathing techniques, brainwaves to help you sleep well. According to the developer of the app, they collaborate with sleep experts to help you overcome insomnia, nighttime anxiety, and interrupted sleep. It has a large collection of Fairytale and Non-fiction themed bedtime stories.

On Relax Melodies, you can choose from 160 meditations of different themes including, deep sleep, falling back asleep, restful sleep, the realms of dreams, etc. It has a 7-day free trial period. The app has a $59.99 regular price tag. But now, at a discount, you can get the app for just $24.99. The app has a good rating in both Google Play and App store.

2. Sleep Sounds

Sleep Sounds - Relax & Sleep, Relaxing sounds is a relax and sleep app. It has high-quality soothing sounds to help you fall asleep faster. You can also adjust every sound according to your need. In this app, you can also ix your own sleeping sounds by yourself. You can also use the app offline. The sleep timer automatically stops the sound at the scheduled time.

Sleep Sounds have a free version with lots of cool features. It has app purchases and subscriptions for paid users. It is a beautifully designed app with a relaxing interface. Sleep Sounds apps are available only for Android.

3. Medito

Medito: Free Meditation, Sleep & Mindfulness is a for mental wellbeing and better sleep. It has relaxing sounds, guided meditations, breathing exercises, and more. It has guided sleeping meditation to improve the quality of your sleep. The bedtime stories of the app can also bring sleep for you. Stress and anxiety management helps you to relax your mind and keep tensions away while in bed.

Medito is a completely free app. The app focuses on positivity and developing sleeping habits. It has a lot of good user reviews. It is an app by the Medito foundation. The medito app is available both on Android and iOS.

4. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle: Sleep analysis & Smart alarm clock is a sleep monitoring and easy smart alarm app. It tracks your sleep by analyzing sound. The sound analysis tech of the app tracks five different stages of your sleep. It can wake you up during the lightest stage of sleep. This app monitors your sleeping patterns throughout the night. You have to put the phone near your bed, and it will provide you all information about your sleep in detailed graphs.

Sleep Cycle offers a 7 day free trial for all users. It has only one premium plan for a flat $29.99/year. It also has in-app purchase items. The developers of the app claim it to be one of the best sleep tracker apps and to have helped 75% of its users to get improved sleep. Sleep Cycle app is available for both Android and iOS.

5. Sleep Monitor

Sleep Monitor: Sleep Recorder &Sleep Cycle Tracker is a sleep quality analysis app that records sleep cycle records. It is equipped with a smart alarm to remind you to sleep and wake you up at a scheduled time in the morning. It has relaxing sleep music to help you fall asleep fast. You can use this app to record all sounds including, snoring and dream talking. It can track all the phases in your sleep at night. It gives you a score for your sleep in the morning.

Sleep Monitor has a free version with access to all basic features. It has premium subscription plans. The pro version has features like no ads, customizable sleep factors, unlock all sounds, and more. Sleep Monitor app is available only for Android.

6. Loóna

Loóna: Bedtime Calm & Relax is a beautiful app that brings your sleeping mode instantly. Rather than just teaching you technics, this app focuses on disconnecting you from a long stressful day and prepares you for a deep sleep within a short time. It has a sleepscape which is a distinguishing feature of this particular app. Sleepscape is a combination of activity-based relaxation, sounds, and storytelling. The app has a unique and interesting interface.

Loona app has a free version. This free version has a limitation on content. The premium version lets you access all the features of the app. the pro version costs $12.99 for a month and $39.99 for one year. The Loona app is available for both Android and iOS.

7. SnoreLab

SnoreLab : Record Your Snoring is an app for snore tracking. Snores can tell a lot about your sleep quality. Snoring often suggests breathing problems. With this app, you can track your snoring. It records, measures, and tracks your snoring. Then it suggests how you can reduce snoring and sleep better. It has advanced snore detection algorithms. The app also records your sleep statistics. This app gives a snoring score, a unique measurement of snoring intensity. It also gives the best remedies to improve your breathing and snore less. This app gives a snoring score, a unique measurement of snoring intensity.

SnoreLab has a free version. It has all the basic features. The premium version costs $4.99. The paid version gives you access to Full session history, No adverts, Cloud Backup, soundscapes to help you drift off, and more. You have to keep the phone a hand near your bed to get perfect results. SnoreLab is available for both Android and iOS.

8. Sleepzy

Sleepy: Sleep Cycle Tracker & Alarm Clock is asleep quality monitoring app. It has a smart alarm, sleep tracker, sleep statistics, and snore detector. It monitors your sleeping behavior and helps you build healthy sleeping habits. You can keep your own sleep diary inside the app. It is designed to make you relax before you sleep.

Sleepy has a free version with all basic features. It has a premium version that costs $4.99 a month and $29.99 a year. The app has an interesting and sleek interface. It is easy to use. Sleepy is available for both Android and iOS.

Sleeping Apps Comparison Chart

Comparison of Rating, Price, And Platform Among Best Sleeping Apps

Our Words

Enough Sleep is important to maintain good health. You may try these apps if you are not getting enough sleep. Maintaining a good work-life balance, a scheduled sleep, and a proper routine can solve your sleeping problems. We hope you find good sleep every night from now on. Thank you for reading.

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