13 Best Meme Generators (Apps And Online Tools)

MEMES are larger than ever now. They are everywhere. On social media, private chats, youtube, and every possible platform you can think of. Memes are funny or satirically edited photos that show the fun part of an event. Many thousand hundred memes are created every day. Most memes are created with photo editing softwares manually. Is there any easy way to make memes?

Yes, there are some free meme generator tools to make the next super funny viral meme within seconds. These meme generators are loaded with meme pictures and templates that make your meme-making easy and fun. There are many meme-making apps and meme generator web tools. You can also use graphic design softwares to create your own memes.

Today we are going to open up about all the ways you can try to make your memes. We are going to reveal some of the most effective meme generator apps and tools and other softwares that you can use to make memes. Let's jump into them now.

Best MEME Generator Apps

1. Meme Generator Free

Meme Generator Free by ZomboDroid is a popular meme generator for android and iOS. The app has over 1000 funny meme templates with captions. It can also create custom memes by using custom pictures from your phone. It can make stickers and breaking news memes. It has 60 different fonts to write your meme lines.

Meme Generator Free is free and no watermarks are added to your memes. It can create modern and complex memes even with multiple captions. You can create your own favorite meme collection in the app. The deep fry meme feature lets you add funny effects to your memes. It is a free app.

2. Memes Maker & Generator + Funny Video Meme Creator

Memes Maker & Generator + Funny Video Meme Creator by Memes Apps LLC is a meme maker app. It can create photo memes, video memes, and gif memes. The app has trending meme frames, distortion effects, funny stickers, a collection of stock photo memes, and more. You can also use photos or videos from your gallery to create memes. It has many different fonts and you can add backdrops to your fonts on the app.

Memes Maker & Generator + Funny Video Meme Creator can make silly breaking news memes, pop culture memes, sports memes, celebrity memes, and every type of video meme. The app has its own meme feed and users can share their latest created memes with others memers and followers. The app is great for making memes within seconds. It is a free app.

3. Memedroid

Memedroid - Memes App, Funny Pics & Meme Maker by Novagecko is another popular meme generator for android. It has many different meme pictures, funny content, and more to create the best funny memes. The app has its own memer community. The app has jokes, a collection of meme frames, and a meme collection.

Memedroid has social media integration and you can share freshly made memes to your favorite platform directly from the app. The meme editor of the app has unlimited numbers of meme-making opportunities with a huge collection of meme templates and stickers. You can also start chatting with fellow memers on the app. It is a free app.

4. Memasik

Memasik - Meme Maker Free by Memasik is an android meme generator. It has a huge updating collection of memes and funny pictures. The app has almost all popular and classic memes. You can also use your own pictures from your phone to create memes with the app. It has a huge collection of stickers and fonts. You can also draw memes and write directly on meme pictures with the app.

Memasik has its own meme wall and you can publish memes instantly. Users can connect with the memer community of the app and share, like put a comment on other memes. You can filter the feed by top, new and popular memes. Users can follow other memers within the app. The app has its own coins. You can win these coins by being a meme maker. It is a free app.

5. Meme Soundboard

Meme Soundboard by ZomboDroid is another meme app. It is a meme sound generator and meme sound app. It has 500 meme sounds and playback of up to 16 simultaneous sounds without length restrictions. You can also add your custom sound to the app. Users can share these sounds with friends. The app's contents are regularly updated.

Meme Soundboard has a favorite sound feature. You can create your own collection of meme sounds within the app. The app is easy to use and designed simply. It is a free app. The app is available only for android devices.

6. GATM Meme Generator

GATM Meme Generator by IDDQD is a meme maker. It has a huge collection of memes and meme templates. You can also use your own photos to make memes. Users can search and sort memes on the app. It can also create a shortlist of favorite memes. This meme generator does not put a watermark on created memes.

GATM Meme Generator has social media integration to share memes directly to other platforms. It has popular meme templets like Bad Luck Brian, Awkward Penguin, Success Kid, and more. This is a free app. This meme maker is available only for android.

7. Easy Meme Maker

Easy Meme Maker by Biracle is a meme generator for smartphones. The meme generator is easy to use and fun. It has thousands of meme templates to choose from. This meme maker has 12 fonts to choose from. It also has a huge collection of funny stickers and images. You can also flag your favorite temples and later find them with a single click.

Easy Meme Maker can share memes directly to social media. Memers can use custom pictures to create funny memes with the app. It has an easy-to-use meme editor. The app is simple and free.

Best Online MEME Generator

1. Imgflip

Imgflip memenegerator is a popular online meme generator tool. It has all the features you need to create quality memes. It has thousands of preset templates to choose from. Users can also upload their custom images from their own devices. The meme editor has multiple text bars to put text on your memes. You can change the fonts and colors of the text.

Imgflip meme generator also can create video memes. Most temples here are uploaded by users. The tool has almost all the popular and funny templates. It is simple and easy to use. It requires no editing skill to make memes with it. It is free.

2. kapwing

kapwing meme maker is another popular online meme generator. It has a great meme editor that can create super funny memes with minimum editing. The webtool has a collection of thousands of meme templates that you edit to create your own. The editor can also edit videos to make video memes. It has layers, text, elements audio, scenes, and more features.

kapwing can also record screen activity, video, and audio. It has Unslapsh, pixels, google photos, and others plugins to import photos directly to the web tool. It is easy to use and completely free. It requires no sign-in but puts a watermark on the edited meme.

3. Inpixio

Inpixio meme-generator is a online meme make by Inpixio. It is simple and easy to use. You can choose a photo or drag a photo from your device to make your meme on the tool. Then you can put text on your meme photo. That's it. It is a free meme editor and puts no watermark on the meme.

4. Clipchamp

Clipchamp Meme Generator is a online video meme creator. It requires signing up with Gmail or Facebook or dropbox. Then you have to choose what genre of video meme you want to create then you can start editing your meme video. It has many preloaded meme templates. You can edit the length of the video as well as the music and VFX. You can also put text or graphics on the video. Overall it is easy to use.

5. Memegenerator.net

MemeGenerator.net is a online free meme generator. It has a huge collection of memes and memers. You can create your own memes here on this platform and share them with others users. It has meme templates to create new memes. You have to choose a meme templet and then put two texts on the photo. And then after doing a captcha your meme is ready to share. It is a free meme generator but puts a watermark on the meme.

MEME Generator Softwares

You can also use graphic design software to create your memes. You can use Adobe Photoshop or Canva. Both of these photo editors have online editors. You can use many other photo editors like GIMP, Snapseed, Photopea, etc. Canva has its specially created meme editor. Using these software may need some skill to create meme photos. Though most of the memes are generated, manually created memes make the loudest laugh sometimes.

Our Words

Memes are memes. They are the fun part of our hectic daily life. One good meme can change your day into a bright one. Sometimes memes can get a little rude or out of the line but mostly they are all fun.

And, we can also make funny memes into die-cut stickers or enamel pins to decorate our items and bring fun to life. Not just the memes are fun, do you know? It's even more fun to create funny memes as stickers or enamel pins. When you create a unique meme, you can't buy your meme stickers or meme enamel pins everywhere, don't worry, click custom die-cut stickers and upload your memes to their design system, then you can customize your own meme stickers online. If you're an enamel pin fan, meme enamel pins are really addicting because of their fun look. Custom enamel pins no minimum at Enamelpins.com is guaranteed, you can feel free to order your meme enamel pins at any time.

Remember not to hurt anyone while memeing. Hope it was helpful. Thank you for reading.

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