6 Free Meditation Apps

Meditation is a century-old practice found in many civilizations of different eras. The oldest records of meditation go back to approximately 1500 BC. Meditation is a mental technic that calms your mind, helps you focus on yourself and your ideas.

Meditation has physical benefits too. There is scientific proof that meditation can reduce pain, chances of heart disease, help coping with depression, and many more.

In ancient times most people use to meditate and it was a part of the human lifestyle. Most enlightened humans of earlier times are found to meditate. With the modern pace, it got new forms and developed new techniques.

Meditation is one of few things common between all faiths and spiritual schools of thought. Meditation returned to the mainstream by the early 19th century by many religious and secular personalities across the world.

There are many ways you can also start meditating and boost the inner peace and productivity of your life. Some professionals teach how to meditate, there are many organizations for learning meditation, there are online meditation courses you can enroll.

The latest way to learn to meditate is by following the meditation app. Here we are going to line up some of the best meditation apps you can use for free. We will open up about these applications' key features, best uses, availability, and pricing. Let's start from here.

Best Meditation Apps

1. Let's Meditate

Let's Meditate: Meditate, Relax & Sleep is a free meditation app by Heal Me Team. This application has guided meditation tracks with a wide topic range to suit your situations. It has meditation to reduce anxiety, getting better sleep, healing your mind, and more. It has meditation tracks with different time lengths from 5 minutes to up to 40 minutes.

Let's Meditate also lets you download mediation tracks for offline use. This application doesn't show any ads and never distracts you with notifications while meditating. It needs no sign-up.

2. Insight Timer

Insight Timer - Meditation, Sleep, Music is a free mediation app by Insight Network Inc. This application is an app for mindfulness, meditating, and better sleep. It has over 100,000 guided meditations. Here on this app you can select time mediations by time, follow your favorite meditation instructor, and share your thoughts with thousands of groups. It is loaded with different types of meditating techniques including Yoga, Insight Meditation, MBSR, Zen, and more. It is a free application.

Insight Timer can help you get better sleep. It has Sleep Meditations, sleeping music, Soundscapes, and more to help you sleep deep. It keeps track of your progress with Stats and milestones. You can browse popular on the app like Self-love and Compassion, Focus and Concentration, Dealing with Anxiety and Reducing Stress and more. It is a free app with premium options. Insight Timer is available for both Android and iOS.

3. Atom

Atom: Build a habit of meditation (For Beginners) is a meditation help design to help beginners to create a habit of meditating. This app has a guideline to make you a regular meditator within 21 days. The app is focused on creating mindfulness and consistency. It has programs for mental wellbeing, happiness, relaxation, and self-esteem.

Atom uses the concept of anchor habits to create permanent meditating habits in you. It has guided audio meditations and bite-sized content about your meditation journey. It has mindfulness programs to create a happy mindful living style for you. It is a free application.

4. Medito

Medito: Free Meditation, Sleep & Mindfulness is a free meditation app by Medito for Mindfulness, Meditation, and SleepHealth & Fitness. It works on improving your Mental wellbeing with Meditations, Mindfulness Practices, Breathing Exercises, and more. It has contents to help you manage anxiety and stress, practice gratitude, relax and find positivity. It has many meditating technics from ancient times to the modern era. It has features to help you understand the use of meditation and mindfulness to create a proper work-life balance. It also covers work management topics including improving productivity, staying focused & motivated, and managing conflict.

Medito has a Beginner Course, Intermediate Course, and Daily Meditation for different kinds of users. The beginner course is designed to help those who have no prior experience with mediation. The Intermediate course is designed to help improve the quality of meditation for meditators with basic knowledge of mediation. It also has sleep mediations to get you deep and sound sleep. It is a free application. Medito app is available for both Android and iOS.

5. Simple Habit: Meditation, Sleep

Simple Habit: Meditation, Sleep is an app for meditation and sleep management. It has guided meditation to improve your mental health and mindfulness. You can track your progress with the application. This app will help you Sleep better, Relieve stress, Manage anxiety and depression, and more with the help of meditation. You can also find meditation motivation on the app.

Simple Habit will help you improve your focus. It has sleep meditations. It provides technics to Stay calm and relaxed, Breathe deeper and easier, Improves relationships, Achieves mindfulness on the go, and more. It is a free application with premium features to buy. Simple Habit is available for both android and ios.

6. Serenity

Serenity: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness is a meditation app loaded with a variety of meditation and mindfulness techniques. You can learn the basics of meditation with the app with a free 7-day audio course. It will help you develop all the skills needed for mindful meditation. It has stress relief meditation technics and a daily meditation guide. You can discover all the positive aspects of life to be grateful for it with this application.

Serenity: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness has a sleep guide for getting deep sleep. It helps you sleep well with sleep relaxation technics and other ways. This app also helps you acquire a silent and peaceful mind. It is a free application. Serenity meditation app is available for both Android and iOS.

Our Words

Meditation is a way to discover the best version of yourself. It calms your mind, develops productivity, and sleeping quality. It helps you gain a new perspective and capability of handling tough situations. Meditation unleashes the creative power within you. You can try all of these apps mentioned on this list and start meditating. Thanks for reading.

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