8 Gratitude Journal Apps: Create Happiness and Satisfaction

Practicing gratitude is a simple way of finding happiness. It is one of the simplest things that you can start doing to bring more satisfaction to your life. We all have some sweet memories and some shiny moments that we are grateful for in our life. Writing down those happiest moments gives you the golden pleasure of gratitude.

Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way of keep track of the best things in your life. You can use a notebook or a diary as your gratitude journal. You can, of course, create your own style and format.

In that journal, you can write about things you enjoyed, the best moments of your life, surprises, and little amazing things. Most people write down a list of 3 things every day or whenever they make a journal.

Gratitude journal apps help your journaling habit. These apps are beautifully designed for gratitude journaling with great features. Here we have lined up some of the best gratitude journal apps for you. We will discuss the core features, functionalities, best uses, availability, and pricing of these apps. Stay tuned and read the list till the end.

Best Gratitude Journal

1. Gratitude

Gratitude: Journal, Affirmations & Vision Board is a a gratitude journal app. You can create unlimited journals and positive affirmations in this app. This app lets you create a vision board for your future goals. You can set reminders for writing your journals on the app. You can also add images and colors to your journals. It gives daily zen and beautiful positive quotes for you.

Gratitude has a free version. The paid version has advanced features like Search through your Journal, Backup your Journal, Add Multiple Photos to a Journal Entry, and more. The app keeps you focused with features like 7days and 14 days gratitude challenges. Gratitude: Journal, Affirmations & Vision Board is avilable for both Android and iOS.

2. Presently

Presently: A Gratitude Journal is a simple and free gratitude journaling app. You can journal your daily positive thoughts on this app. It motivates you to journal with quotes and prompts. You can also set daily alarms to remind you to keep your journal. You can share your gratitudes directly with your family and friends directly from the app.

Presently keeps your journals safe and secure. You can lock your journals with fingerprint or Facebook. It has many different color schemes to choose from. You can also import journals from other apps or anywhere else on this app. It is a completely free application. Presently app is available for android users.

3. Daylio

Daylio - Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker is another popular journal app that you can use as a gratitude jounal. You can Customize color themes, Discover what makes you happy, Share statistics with your friends with this app. It helps you build good habits and collect achievements. It has an advanced state of your mood and activity.

Daylio has a free version. It has a premium version that costs $17.99. It also has in-app products. Daylio calls itself a secure and private jounal app. It doesn't share or collects your information. The daylio app is available for both Android and iOS.

4. 365 Gratitude Journal

365 Gratitude Journal is a personal gratitude jounal app. This sends you a gratitude jounal prompt every day. These prompts have life lessons to deal with emotions, positivity, self-love, and joy. According to the developers, this app is a happiness coach. It brings thoughtfulness and positivity to your life.

365 Gratitude Journal app has a free version. It also has a premium version to upgrade with. The pro version costs $4.99 a month and $34.99 a year. It has in-app purchases costing up to $75. The 365 Gratitude Journal app is available for Android and iOS.

5. Reflectly

Reflectly: Diary, Gratitude Journal & Mood Tracker is a gratitude jounal app. In this app, you can write about your good feelings every day. It uses AI tech to show correlations & graphs. You can receive overviews with personalized insights for the day, week, and month. This app helps reduce stress, develop gratitude and feel happy.

Reflectly has a free version of the app. You can also upgrade to the $47.99/year premium. It offers a 7 day free trial period before you buy the subscription. Reflectly app is available for both Android and iOS.

6. ThinkUp

ThinkUp - Positive Affirmations, Daily Motivation is a positive affirmation and motivation app. You can build your own self-improvement program with this app. You can select affirmations from the app and also can create your own inspired by them. You can also voice record your gratitude journals. It has 1000+ positive affirmations including, Daily Motivation, Health, and Mental Health, Spirituality, and Happiness.

ThinkUp has a free version of the app. The free version has 5 free affirmations. The premium version costs $49.99 per year. This app can suggest things to improve your happiness. ThinkUp app is a popular app for iOS and is now also available for android.

7. InnerHour Self-Care Therapy

InnerHour Self-Care Therapy: Anxiety & Depression is an app for self-care therapy and gratitude journal. It has six self-care courses. This app is equipped with 400+ therapy-based self-help tools designed for depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health concerns. This app has mood tracking and mental health insights. You can learn about the symptoms of anxiety, how to tell if it’s time to go to therapy and Understand the causes of depression.

InnerHour Self-Care Therapy is a free app. It has an intelligent chatbot that you can talk with. Goal setting and tracking help you to stay on track. You can also practice meditation, mindfulness on the app to improve your positivity and gratitude. InnerHour Self-Care Therapy is available for both Android and iOS.

8. Three Good Things - daily gratitude journal

Three Good Things - daily gratitude journal is the last gratitude journal app on this list. It is a traditional three good things jounal but in a digital way. This platform is a safe and ad-free place to keep all your gratitude jounal in one place altogether. It has reminders to bring you back to the habit of keeping your happiness jounal every day. You can create PDF, to print, save and email your gratitude journals.

Three Good Things - daily gratitude journal is a free app. It helps to bring back happiness and satisfaction in your life by positive journaling. Developers of the app said it can help fight depression and create good habits in your life. It is an app for Android users only.

Benefits of Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal has amazing benefits to your mental health. Keeping a regular gratitude journal 
  • Helps increase positivity 
  • It improves your self esteem 
  • Brings happiness 
  • Brings satisfaction with life 
  • Helps develop patience, humility, and wisdom

Our Words

American psychiatrist Brian Weiss said, "Happiness comes from within." When you focus on the positive sides of your life, even the smallest things can make you feel great. Mostly we tend to be impatient and ignorant about the good things and mostly regret bad things over and over. A gratitude journal can bring a great positive change on this.

We tried to bring every best app you can try to start keeping your happiness journals from now on, We hope it will be helpful for you. Thank you for reading.

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