8 Best Fitness Apps

Staying fit is one of the best things that can happen to you. Fitness comes with effort, discipline, and thinking positively. Keeping your fitness great is easy if you are well informed and trying in the right way. Most young people now think about their fitness and are ready to embrace the challenge of getting fit. There are many ways you can also start your personal fitness journey.

Many of us join a gym, have plans to attend online yoga classes, watch fitness exercise videos on youtube and other social media. But after a couple of days loses their motivation as it may be tiring to hit the gym every day, you can miss online classes, and having a personal trainer is expensive. Now all of these shortcomings in your fitness journey can be solved with a simple fitness app on your smartphone.

There are many fitness apps available for all mobile platforms. Here, we are going to introduce you to some of the best fitness apps for smartphones. We will open up about these applications' key features, best uses, availability, and pricing. Let us jump into it.

Best Fitness Apps

1. Home Workout

Home Workout - No Equipment is a fitness app by Leap Fitness Group. It has home workout routines for people of all fitness levels and ages. It has a warmup routine, abs, chest, legs, and arms workout. Most workouts on the app take few minutes to do. It also records the training progress of the user. It has mostly bodyweight workouts like Push-ups, squats, sit-ups, plank, crunch, wall sit, jumping jacks, punch, triceps dips, lunges, and more. It has workout animations and video guidance for users.

Home Workout app has loose weight with a trainer feature. It has build muscle programs, lose weight, fat burning, and strength training programs. The app can work as a personal fitness trainer and be a real bodyweight fitness coach. It is a free application. Home Workout - No Equipment is an android only app.

2. Calorie Counter by Lose It

Calorie Counter by Lose It! for Diet & Weight Loss by FitNow, Inc. is a calorie counter and diet plan app. It has a barcode scanner that scans the barcode on the pack or can and count calories instantly. It also tracks the Nutrients of the packed food. It has meal planning that helps you count cubs, fats, protein in your food. The pattern feature of the app educates you about healthy food and calorie intake habits. It has a library of workouts to help you lose weight fast with a healthy diet and exercise.

Calorie Counter by Lose It tracks your weight loose target progress. It has many recipes perfected for the weight lose journey and these are available as keto, vegan, vegetarian diets. This is a free application and premium features are also available for paid users. Calorie Counter by Lose It is available for both Android and iOS.

3. Women Workout at Home - Female Fitness

Women Workout at Home - Female Fitness is a female fitness application for android by Leap Fitness Group. It has women's workout routines for all fitness levels and age groups. It has workout routines for fat burning, slim legs, trim waistline, get in shape. This app has warm-up routines, coach tips, a weight loss progress tracker, a calory burn tracker, and many more interesting features. All the workouts on the app are bodyweight and need no equipment to follow.

Female Fitness app has Animation and video guidance for your workout sessions. This application is designed specially to help women in their fitness journey. Belly fat is an ey brow raise for most women and this app has many effective workouts for burning belly fats and look slimmer. It can sync your fitness data with google fit. Women Workout at Home is a free application.

4. adidas Training app - Fitness, Home & Gym Workout

Adidas Training app - Fitness, Home & Gym Workout is a fitness app by Adidas Runtastic. It is a great fitness application for every lifestyle and any fitness level. The app is loaded with beginner to pro workouts for both men and women of all age groups. It has detailed HD videos of every exercise. There are over 180 exercises for basic to advanced fitness levels combined with variations of push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, squats, and more.

The Adidas Training app has premium options to upgrade. The premium has features like choosing training plans for a particular target, making customize workout plans for yourself, saving workouts to your library, and more. You can connect the app with your wearables and get physical information on your phone. Adidas Training app has a free version.

5. Lose Weight App for Men - Weight Loss in 30 Days

Lose Weight App for Men - Weight Loss in 30 Days is a man's fitness app for android users. It provides effectively no equipment workout routines designed for men. It has bodyweight workouts for burning fat, building muscle, and weight loss. The app has three different difficulty options to choose from. the low impact feature makes it easy to work out for you and minimizes the chance of any injuries.

Lose Weight App for Men - Weight Loss in 30 Days lets you customize your own routines according to your comfort. It has workouts for the chest, belly, legs, back, and arms. The animation and video guidance to your workouts makes every workout easy to understand. You can track weight loss and fat burning with the application. Lose Weight App for Men is a free application.

6. Home Workout - No Equipment & Meal Planner

Home Workout - No Equipment & Meal Planner is a fitness app designed with workout routines and meal planning. It has 10 workout routines for full-body, Toned Abs, Upper Body, Strength Body workout routine. All these excises are created with the time frame to be effective on your body. These workouts are designed based on balancing different muscle groups, different difficulties, and man and woman fitness. It is a unisex fitness app and can be useful for both men and women.

Home Workout - No Equipment & Meal Planner has a meal planner to help you burn your calories fast and lose weight in a short period of time. The food suggestions are quite easy to follow. The exercises it has needed no equipment to do. It has video guidance and a detailed description of evey workout. Home Workout - No Equipment & Meal Planner is a free application.

7. Lose Weight In 21 Days - Home Workout

Lose Weight In 21 Days - Home Workout by Fit apps is a weight loss routine app. It has weight loose exercises for women, chest fat loss excise for men, and regular bodyweight routines for both men and women. It has 15-minute workout routines every day to lose weight within 21 days. It has 50 different workouts to try. These workouts can be done at home without any equipment.

Lose Weight In 21 Days - Home Workout has three different difficulty levels to choose from. You can also customize your own exercise plan on the app. It has workouts for beginners to experienced athletes. It keeps a training history and keeps track of your progress. Lose Weight In 21 Days is a free app.

8. 30 Day Fitness Challenge - Workout at Home

30 Day Fitness Challenge - Workout at Home is a home fitness app by Leap Fitness Group. It has workout plans to gain back your fitness within 30 days. The app has different challnges to take like a 30-day abs challenge, a 30-day butt challenge, a 30-day full-body challenge, and more. It provides detailed video guidance of workouts. It keeps track of your progress with time. You can share this progress directly from the app with your friends.

30 Day Fitness Challenge - Workout at Home challenges has three difficulty levels, from beginner to pro. This app has high-intensity interval training for busy people. This is a kind of short-time-intense workout plan to maximize the workout results. It is a free application.

Choosing The Best Fitness App

We are almost at the end. Now it's time to give our verdict about the best fitness application for you. On the list here we focused on free and easy access apps. There are more fitness applications to try for those who wish to pay.

We can mention Strava, Seven - 7 Minute Workout, Sworkit Fitness. These are also some great activity trackers and fitness applications. You can try all of these apps from this list and decide by yourself which apps are going to be the best for you. Thanks for reading.

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