6 Best Deepfake Apps

Deep fakes are overtaking social media by storm. This latest tech also known as synthethik media is getting wildly popular. With the rise of artificial intelligence, deep fakes are now more available. You may have scrolled through your social media feed today and came across multiple deep fakes.

The term deep fake was initially coined by a Reddit user using the title "deep fakes". It gained widespread attention with adult content created with deep fakes. But now the use of deep fakes is getting more creative.

You may have seen deep fakes of mission impossible star Tom Cruise on tiktok, The Deepfake Roundtable by Collider Extras, and my personal favourite Donald Trump joins Breaking Bad, deep fake contents are the wildest fantasy for many content creators.

There are sophisticated deep fake softwares to make content within a few minutes. They are online tools and apps. Most smartphone users choose an app to make their own deep fake videos for fun. Deep fake apps are available for evey mobile platform.

Here we are going to line up some of the most advanced and popular deepfake apps that you can use to create the next viral deepfake.

Best Deepfake Apps

1. Reface

Reface: Face swap videos and memes with your photo is a deepfake app by NEOCORTEXT, INC. This application can make face swap videos and GIFs from selfies and other photos. It can also make celebrity look-alike photos, TV person photos, and more. The app uses AI tech to map your face and changes it to another in a realistic way.

It can create memes, video memes, gifs, etc. Reface app has a basic free version. It has advanced pro features for paying users. The premium version costs $24.99 a year. The pro version is going ad-free. The free version is available for 30 minutes a day per user. Reface is available for android and iOS.

2. FaceApp

FaceApp - Face Editor, Makeover & Beauty App is an AI app. This app can make a different kinds of deep fakes. It can change your hairstyle, gender, age, and face swap with celebrities. The weighting filter of the app makes you look heavier or slimmer. It has 60 different filters to change your selfies. You can also put your face in a famous movie scene.

FaceApp has live-action editing. All these features make it a great deepfake app. It has a basic free version and a pro version. This app can change the background of your photos. Facepp aging photos are quite popular on social media. Faceapp is avilable for both Android and iOS.

3. FaceMagic

FaceMagic: Face swap refaces videos Ai face swap app is another app that you can use to create deep fakes. This app can make custom face swap videos for you. You can share your videos to any social media and video sharing app directly from the face magic app. It can make celebrity face swaps, gender swaps, funny videos with any face you want.

FaceMagic has a huge collection of images, GIFs, and videos that you can use for creating your customized content. It is a fast app and can create your videos and photos. It uses advanced AI face morphing technology. It is a free application. FaceMagic is available for both android and iOS.

4. MyHeritage

MyHeritage: Family tree & DNA is a AI photo editor. This app brings a new life to the old photos from your family album. It uses AI to build your family tree. According to the creator of the app around 81 million family trees were built by users all over the world. The AI claims to have a library of 13.3 billion historical records. All these resources are used to create a historical family tree for you. To create your family tree you have to capture and scan your family photos with the app. It has a DNA check feature that can find out your DNA heritage using AI. It can also animate old photos.

MyHeritage can make Instant Family History Discoveries with three matching technologies Smart Matches, Record Matches, and Instant Discoveries. You can also use the app to colorize old black and white photos. This app has a free version where you can add 25o family members and use up to 500 MB of free space. Multiple premium plans are starting from $129-$299 per year. MyHeritage is available for both Android and iOS.

5. SpeakPic - Deepfake

SpeakPic is an AI app that can generate sounds and add them to photos. On this app, you can write or record any text and make them sound. Then by adding these sounds you can create custom videos from pictures. It has different effects to change the recorded voice. There are over 12 effects to choose from.

SpeakPic is a free app. You can add sound to videos also. This app can create funny videos for your friends and family. It supports many languages. You can directly share videos from the app and also can save them on your device.

6. Voicer

Voicer - Celebrity Voice Changer Prank Meme Videos is a voice changer and prank call app. Now it can make video calls where you can swap your face even your call partner's face. It has ringtones with minions, scary, cartoon, and celebrity voice sound. You can record your own voice and swap it with a celebrity voice. Voicer can be a fun tool to make prank calls with your friends and also a great voice changer. It is a free application.

Our Words

Deepfake has reached our hands more and more in the last couple of years. Now you can make deepfake videos, change sounds with them, and do many other amazing things with it. According to us, MyHeritage : Family tree & DNA is a quite interesting deepfake app that you must try. That is all we have about deepfake apps for now. Hope you will found it informative and interesting. Thank you for reading the article.

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