6 Best Cycling Apps

Cycling is my favorite outdoor activity. It feels like flying to me. I believe most cycling enthusiasts feel the same. Cycling is a source of enormous mental and physical improvements. Cycling increases fitness, strength, and mobility. It helps you reduce anxiety and stress levels and brings calmness by releasing feel-good hormones.

In earlier days, cycling was just a manual thing that you do alone or with human friends. Now tech can be one of your best buddies for cycling. Cycling apps make it easy to connect your cycling journey with a digital device. These apps will help you find cycling roots, suggests cycling tips, track your cycling, and many more. The fun part is they have a lot of free features that you will love.

Here we have tailored a list of the best cycling apps that you can use to boost your cycling passion. We'll discuss the best features, functionalities, best uses, and pricing of these apps. Stay tuned and read through the full list. Let us jump into it.

Best Cycling Apps

1. Strava

Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming is a popular cycling task tracker app. You can analyze your cycling with this app with statistics. It can track distance, cycling speed, elevation, and calories burned. You can count miles with this app by connecting it to your wearable devices. It can find out the best cycling route for you.

Stava is a free application. It also has premium plans to upgrade. The premium plan costs $5 per month if you pay annually. Premium features include Route Planning, Goal Setting, Personal Heatmaps, and more. Starva app is available for both Android and iOS.

2. Map My Ride

Map My Ride GPS Cycling Riding is a cycling app with route tracking. It can connect to all wearable devices you can think of. You get visual, haptic, and audio progress with this app. It can track the pace, distance, and duration of your rides. It is giving one year of free premium now.

Map My Ride has a free version. It has two premium plans of $5.99 per month and $29.99 per year. Premium features include live tracking, audio coaching, and personalized training plans. Map My Ride GPS Cycling Riding is available for both Android and iOS.

3. Bikemap

Bikemap - Your Cycling Map & GPS Navigation is a cycling app to navigate, discover and record new cycling routes. It can help you navigate cycling routes everywhere. It has A to B Navigation with stopovers, 7 million cycling routes in over 100 countries, finding the most popular nearby, and many other features. It also shows bicycle rentals, repair shops, charging stations on the maps.

Bikemap is a free application. The premium version of the app costs €9 per month, € 39 per month, € 99 for a lifetime. It also has in-app purchases ranging from $1-$70 per item. Bikemap is available for both Android and iOS.

4. Bike Tracker

Bike Tracker is an app for everyone who loves cycling. This app can measure and record the maximum and average speed of your cycling sessions. It can also track time, pace, slope, and burned calories. It has a dark theme. This app can monitor altitude based on data from GPS and barometer sensors. It gives bicycling activity statistics, maps, graphs, and other data in one app.

Bike Tracker is a free application. It also has a premium version. It offers in-app purchases costing $2-$3 per item. You can also check Check the weather and install GPS on this app. Bike Tracker is available only for Android devices.

5. Ride with GPS

Ride with GPS - Bike Route Planning and Navigation is a route planner app for cycle riders. You can plan a ride step by step with this app. It shows real-time elevation gain. It has different to help you find tracks, paths, trails, or roads easily. You can also add custom cue sheet entries and Points of Interest. It can give you voice prompts and cue sheets. You can keep your stats organized by equipment.

Ride with GPS has a free version of the app. It has two paid subscription plans, the basic and the premium. The basic plan costs $6 per month and $50 per year, while the premium plan costs $10 per month and $80 per year. The premium plan has Heatmap for Web Route Planner, Stationary bike support, and more features. Ride with GPS is available for both Android and iOS.

6. Wattson Blue

Wattson Blue is a cycling app. It helps you to balance stress and recovery to maximize your long-term performance. Daily subjective, sleep and nutrition metrics, Peak heart rate, power, speed, and pace curves (Premium), Current week’s summary, Comparison to other athletes are some of the key features of the app. It helps you improve and avoid burnout.

Wattson Blue is a free app. It has premium subscription plans. The premium plan costs £3.99 per month. It also has in-app purchase items ranging from $4.49 - $32.99 per item. Wattson Blue app is available for both Android and iOS.

Best Cycling Apps Comparison

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