7 Best Internet Speed Test Apps

Internet speed is important, especially when you are doing home office, kids are attending virtual class and most of our day is spent with the internet. Most of us buy the highest speed connection that we can afford. And often it seems slower than it was mentioned. But How to test true Internet speed?

Definitely, there are some ways. Most devices now have a built-in internet speed meter. But they only show the download or upload speed when a download or an upload is in action. Some apps will test your connection and lets you know the exact speed you are getting within a few moments. They also show you latency, how many devices are connected to the network, and the history of the internet speed.

Here we have gathered some applications that will help you find out the real speed of your internet connection. We will talk about the features, advantages, and pricing of these internet speed testing apps. Let's jump into them now.

1. Ookla

Speedtest by Ookla is an internet speed meter by Ookla. It can detect download and upload speed and ping. It has video speed testing. That lets you know about the streaming quality on your network. It also has a mobile network coverage map for many networks. It can measure internet speed even on 5G networks. It also keeps the test history. The app has troubleshot methods for getting the offered speed.

Ookla speed tester has a 2GB free VPN for all free users. It uses graphs to show the consistency of the connection. It can test your speed for different situations like downloading multiple files or multiple user connections. The app is free to download. The unlimited Speedtest VPN is $4.99 monthly. It is available for both Android and iOS.

2. SpeedTest Master

Wifi & Internet speed test Meter- SpeedTest Master by Test speed internet & Net meter is another popular internet speed testing app. The app can test internet speed and network performance. It can test all kinds of networks including 5G. The app takes 30 seconds to assess your network. It can also diagnose bad network connections. It shows the performance of your connection with graphs.

SpeedTest Master can detect all the users within a network. The advanced ping test of the app lets you understand the stability of your internet connection. You can save the test results forever. The app has an inbuilt data usage manager to monitor your mobile data use. It can find the strongest signal spot of your wifi connection. It is a free app.


Internet Speed Test SPEEDCHECK by Internet Speed Test, Etrality is a popular internet speed test app. This app can test both wifi and cellular network internet speed. It has an automatic-check feature that lets you set periodic speed tests to check your internet speed performance continuously. The test result is different than other apps in the sense that it shows the quality of your browing experience and how streaming, video chatting will perform with the connection.

SPEEDCHECK lets you know if your connection has the promised speed or not. It keeps track of all past tests done with the app. The LTE feature of the app tests the speed of your mobile carrier. The app can test connections of up to 10Gbps serving speed. It is a free app. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

4. Internet Speed Meter Lite

Internet Speed Meter Lite by DynamicApps is an internet speed test app. It shows the real internet speed of the connection you are using as well the data usage amount in the session. It shows the mobile data and wifi data speed and usage history separately. You can manually set the color of the app. The app is available only for android.

Internet Speed Meter Lite is the free version of the app. The premium version offers pro features. Pro features include a Graph to monitor last minute internet activity, Time and usage of the current session, and some more. The app shows notifications only when connected to the network. It shows the download and upload speed in separate notifications.

5. V-SPEED Speed Test

V-SPEED Speed Test is an internet speed testing tool by V-SPEED.eu. It is an app that tests the internet connection speed on android. It has an interesting interface. The app has built-in mobile and wifi signal finding tool. It can test download and upload speed as well the ping. It can show results on two units kbps and Mbps. It keeps the past test history and can sort the results on different criteria.

V-SPEED provides basic information about the connection. It shows IP address, internet service provider name, how many devices are connected to the network, and more. The app automatically selects different parameters for testing different types of connections. It s a free app and available only for android devices.

6. Simple Speedcheck

Simple Speedcheck is another popular internet speed testing app. The app is simple and easy to use. it can test download and upload speed. It can also detect ping. The app conducts a simple test to check the performance of the connection. The app requires minimum permissions to work properly on your device. It can test both cellular networks and wifi connections.

Simple Speedcheck keeps the records of all speed tests done with the app. It has worldwide high-speed servers to show accurate results. The test results show the network strength, strongest spot on the wifi zone, network name, and more. The app interface is customizable. It is a free app.

7. Meteor

Meteor: Speed Test for 3G, 4G, 5G Internet & WiFi is an internet speed testing app for both mobile network and wifi connection by Opensignal.com. It can check the internet speed on different types of networks like 4G, 5G, and wifi. It shows the result by comparing how your favorite app will perform on the connection. It also shows the download speed, upload speed, and latency of the connection.

Meteor keeps the timeline of all your internet speed tests done on the app. You can set them by best or worst speed. The app also has a network connectivity coverage map. It is a free app and has no third-party ads.

Our Words

Internet speed test apps bring justice to you. They are good tools to know if your wifi connection is worth the money you are spending. You can use these apps and see what measures are the best. This will help you to choose the best internet connection for your home and office. Hope these will be helpful. Thanks for reading the article.