Top 5 Android Antivirus Apps

Internet security is a matter of concern for most of us. Android is the largest platform for internet users. Smartphones are getting smarter and malicious programs are also getting stronger. Whenever you are browing through a webpage or installing a new app you must be aware of your digital protection. Antivirus apps are one great solution for internet security. What are the best antivirus apps for android?

Well, there are many good antivirus apps from reputed digital antivirus makers. They have created their own applications to keep your android device secure from internet threats. They are built to protect you from installing third-party malicious programs on your device and notify you about every suspicious activity detected on your device. Android maker Google has its own protection methods for making the internet experience safe and sound for users.

Here, we will line up some of the most popular and effective android antivirus apps that you can try. We will discuss these apps makers, credibility, features, price, and availability. We will also give you a bonus of some key suggestions from expert advice about keeping your android device safe and clean. Let's jump into that now.

Best Android Antivirus Apps

1. Kaspersky

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security is a free android antivirus solution by Kaspersky Lab Switzerland. It works as a protection against all malware for your android device. It also works like a virus cleaner. It can scan out all viruses, spyware, trojans, and other threats from your device. This application works also as an anti-theft system for your device. The app lock system can lock individual apps with passwords.

Kaspersky app has an app lock system, web filter, and anti-phishing feature. Web filter feature which is a premium-only feature automatically filters out all dangerous and suspicious links. It works even offline. It has a free version and a $20 premium subscription plan. Kaspersky mobile antivirus app is available for both Android and iOS.

2. AVG AntiVirus

AVG AntiVirus Free & Mobile Security, Photo Vault is another popular antivirus app for android. It can scan files, installed apps, games, and settings to get a real-time report of how secure your device is. It has a built-in app lock and task manager. The apps have a photo vault to keep your secret photos safe and secure. The wifi network scanner scans any network you are willing to connect with and detects possible threats. It also has a wifi speed meter. It gives your hack alerts on any occasion when your phone is tried to be hacked or your cybersecurity is compromised.

AVG AntiVirus scans every website while you are browing it and keeps your device safe from spyware and malware. The anti-theft system of the app can locate your phone on google map and instantly locks your device. It can take a photo of anyone trying to unlock the device and mails it to you. It can detect potential privacy issues. It is a free app and is available for iOS.

3. Lookout

Mobile Security, Antivirus, ID Protection: Lookout is an android antivirus solution. This app has officially partnered with Google. It can scan your device and detect all kinds of Delawares, spy wares, and other threats. The system advisor of the app ensures the proper operation of your operating system and notifies any trouble with it. It can locate clean and remove all viruses from your device. This application is avilable also for iOS.

Lookout has two premium solutions, the $30 Premium plan the other is the $100 Premium Plus (US-only). The premium plan offers features like protecting your mobile data from phishing and wifi attacks, theft alerts, scanning all the URL links you are visiting during an internet session for safe Bowring, and many more. The premium plus is a plan including all basic and premium features with a special anti-theft system. One feature of the premium plus is that it will keep eye on your social media security.

4. McAfee

McAfee Mobile Security: VPN Proxy & Anti Theft Safe WiFi is an antivirus and VPN solution for smartphones. The free version of the app has many features like Spyware Removal, App Protection Anti Theft Uninstall Protection, and many more. The spyware removal feature scans out all malware from the device and removes them. The anti-theft protection locks the device when lost. It takes a snapshot after 3 failed attempts to unlock the phone. This app makes it impossible to uninstall the mobile security when it is lost. It also has a free wifi scanner to protect the device from any potential threats from wifi connections.

McAfee has two premium plans, the $29.99 Mobile Security Standard and the $79.99 Mobile Security Plus subscription. The mobile security standard offers all free features in addition to secure web browing, guest mode, and media backup. The guest mode lets you decide whic apps other users can open on your phone. The Mobile Security Plus offers all the free and standard features in addition to unlimited VPN, and spam adblocker. This app is available for iOS also.

5. Norton

Norton 360: Online Privacy & Security is a premium-only mobile security application by NortonMobile. It has real-time antivirus phone protection. This protection system can detect, clean, and remove all types of malware, spyware, and other viruses from your device. It has a Secure VPN that keeps your internet browing safe and secure from all kinds of threats.

Norton has wifi security and web protection. The wifi security system checks the security of the wifi connection and alerts for any security issues. Web protection safeguards you from malicious URLs and other browsing threats. It has an app advisor to help you with how safe an application is for you before and after you install it. Norton 360 is also available for iOS.


Antivirus apps are one great way to keep your internet and cybersecurity well maintained. There are more things you can do to be secure from online and offline security threats for your android. You can follow these simple but effective rules.

  • Never change any default security settings of your device. 
  • Read every rule and condition before clicking the agree option. 
  • Don't download apps from unauthorized websites or links. 
  • Never Compromise your internet security in exchange for free wifi. 
  • Carefully check applications before installing them. 
  • Don't push over to a webpage that Google or other browsers blocked. 
  • Be careful about using VPN services. 
  • Never share your credit card information with any website before double-checking.
  • Use different passwords for different services and websites that you use

Internet security depends more on common sense than antivirus apps or other tools. Be sure before making any step online. Hackers can use their digital footprints to get access to your private information. Use antivirus apps and follow security rules to stay safe. Hope it will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading.

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