8 Best Free History Apps

I believe that the more you know about the past,
the better you are prepared for the future.

- Theodore Roosevelt

History is an important part of our life. You must know your roots and how the world is shaped as it is today. Studying history is the only way to know about the events that are important to nations and the Earth. To learn history, you can read historical books, watch historical movies and documentaries. There are school courses to teach you about the past of this globe.

There is a new way of learning history and that is history apps. These apps are built to easily go through the past and learn the most important parts of it It is also fun as you can use your smartphone and don't have to carry a book or large files. These apps are designed to make the process of learning history fun and easy.

Today we are going to go through multiple history apps. We will talk about the features, how you make the best use of these apps, for what age the app is built, and pricing. After going through the article you will be able to find the best history app for you. Let's jump into it now.

1. The History of Everything

The History of Everything is a history app by 2D, Inc. It is a Kurzgesagt ispired history app. The app has a history of many different things and easily educates you about many important historical aspects of everything. The app has a fresh and beautiful design. It is a free app. It is available for both Android and iOS.

2. Historical Calendar

Historical Calendar - Today in History & Quiz is another popular history app by Alexandru C. Ene. It has a historical timeline of every calendar date. It has birthdays, deaths, and other historical events. The app can be useful to many people as it has 50 different languages to choose from. It is a free app and premium upgrades are also available. It is available for android.

3. US History Quiz

US History Quiz is an amazing American History app by Quizzes by Peaksel. As the name suggests the app is focused on US history. The United States is a nation with a diverse and fantastic history. This app keeps this timeline in front of you and tells you how the greatest country on the planet emerged. It has a history quiz feature which is a great game for testing your history knowledge and compare with your friends. The app is free and available only for android.

4. History of Empires

History of Empires is a simple history app by OAJOO. The app has a history of different empires that ruled on vast lands for centuries. It has Ancient Egypt, Mongol, Mughal, British, and many other empires history. The app is easy to use and simple. It is a free app. It is available for android only.

5. History of Africa

History of Africa is a history app by HistoryofTheWorld. The continent of Africa has its own mesmerizing history. Africa is full of lost kingdoms and many historical events happened in Africa that shaped the world as it is today. This app is a great way of going through that. It has a timeline of African history from ancient times to modern African states. The app is free and available only on android.

6. History of Art

History of Art is an art history app by Historyofart app. The app has over 200 art movements and styles of arts, the history of 40,000 artists and architects, over 2,00,000 wiki articles, and more. The history of art on the app is grouped in ages that help you easily go through different arts ages. It also has a collection of artworks from different cultures and countries. The app supports over 20 languages. The app is free to download and has in-app purchases.

7. Learn Art History, Artworks & Paintings - Artly

Learn Art History, Artworks & Paintings - Artly is a popular art history app by Artly Co. The app has a collection of different art styles from different eras and different parts of the world. It has a collection of artworks from museums like The Louvre Museum, The Prado Museum, Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. It has a quiz feature and you can play art recognizing games within the app. The app is designed to learn about art and art history. The app is free to download. There are premium features available. The app is abaibale for both andorid and iOS.

8. Learn World History (Free)

Learn World History (Free) is a history app by JoeMorris. It is a great app for simple history learning. The app has a historical timeline from the ancient world. It has a history quiz on art, culture, and historical events. You can also set the difficulty level by setting "Which Came First” and “When Did It Happen”. The app is easy to use and interesting. It has a free version. The paid version has double the content of the free version.

Our Words:

There are many history apps available for different platforms. They have different features. These apps are useful for learning history and making your leisure productive. We tried to keep the free apps in our priority here on this list. You can try these apps and choose the best one for you. Hope it will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading.