6 Best Home Décor Apps

A beautiful home creates a beautiful mind. You can make your home sweet and attractive by yourself. You just need to put some simple tricks in your design. The first step of creating a great décor for your home is a great design.

Sketching a lot and trying different patterns will help you what suites best your space. There are apps where you can plan your home décor in many different styles. If you purchase decorative items with a well-defined plan the decoration will be budget-friendly and efficient. And you get the wanted look for your home.

You can found many different home décor apps for android and iOS. These apps can help you try your ideas and get an idea of exactly how it will look after the decoration. These apps will also give you tips and pre-created designed to try for your home. You can purchase home décor items through some of these apps. Let's jump into them now.

1. Room Planner: Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3D

Room Planner: Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3D is a home décor app by iCanDesign LLC. It is one of the most popular interior designs apps. You can decorate your home with this app virtually. The app has its own floor plan creator and design layouts for bedrooms, living space, and other parts of a home. It has a room visualization feature. The app has catalogs to choose your furniture from. You can use the app both online and offline.

Room Planner lets you visualize what your design will look like after finishing the work. It has many designs to choose from and you can design only by changing elements and colors of everything in the plan. The pre-ready plans are created by home decor and interior design experts. The app is free to download and it also has premium subscription plans. It is available for both Android and iOS.

2. Havenly

Havenly: Interior Design is a home décor app by Havenly, Inc. This is an iOS-only app for home decor ideas. It is a prominent interior design app. It has features like browsing designs, interior design quizzes, a curated shopping list, and more. The app has a large collection of home décor ideas to choose from.

Havenly is featured on platforms like Vogue and The New York Times. It helps you create great looks for different spaces in your homes. The advanced shopping list of the app lets you choose the best item for the best price chose from many available sources. The app is easy to use. The app is free. You can also buy paid services from them.

3. Houzz

Houzz - Home Design & Remodel is a home décor app available for both ios and android. The app has 20+ million home interiors and exteriors photos. You can filter these photos by style, room, and location. You can also save and share the designs you like with your family and friends. The sketch feature of the app lets you draw your own ideas directly on your favorite ideas. It was named Wikipedia of interior and an exterior design by CNN.

Houzz app can help you Buy Products and Find and Hire Home Professionals. You can choose from over 5 million products and 2.5 million home improvement professionals. The app has its own biweekly Houzz Newsletter. It publishes informative articles on home décor essentials like home renovation, interior design, and decorating tricks. It is a free app.

4. Homestyler:3D Home Décor Tool and Makeover

Homestyler:3D Home Decor Tool and Makeover is a popular home décor app by Topping Homestyler (Shanghai) Technology Co. Ltd. It is a free home design game and helps you be your own interior designer. On This app, you can work on home renovation projects and apply new ideas to your real-life projects. It has features like DIY design projects, Remodels your room, Become a planner, Shares your virtual dream home, and many more. It is available for android and iOS.

Homestyler:3D Home Decor lets you upload a photo of your own room and design it on the app. It is best for achieving the look you want. The app has 3D products and materials to design your home and room. The app is easy, relaxing, and fun. On the app, you can create an interior design profile and share your ideas with other users. The app is free.

5. Modsy

Modsy Interior Design is an iOS-only home décor app by Pencil and Pixel, Inc. Th app is an interior design service app. There are pre-designed plans for home décor and you can buy a design package right from the app. It has décor ideas for Living rooms, Bedrooms, Kid’s Room and more.

Modsy app is free to download and all designs are free to check out. The app has a team of professionals to help you in your interior design journey. The app also offers furniture shopping. There are design packages available on the app including unlimited excess to all interior design tools.


6. Project Color™ The Home Depot

Project Color™ The Home Depot is a cool wall color app that you can try. This app lets you add a photo of your interior walls and apply different colors to them. This way you can find the best color for your home. The app is completely free to download. It also has a color search feature and you can search for colors by name and color codes.

Project Color helps you paint your home in the most suitable and lovely colors. The app has an advanced system so you can choose colors by the mood you want to set in the room. You can buy the color you got from the app from the nearest home depot outlet. The app is available both for android and iOS. It is a free app.

Our Words

Everyone loves their home. It is the only place where we feel the most comfortable. It should have all the things we need in our life. Keeping the house decorated as your dream is always the best thing you can do. You can always try new things and add new dimensions to your home. Keep trying. Thanks for reading.