6 Gardening Apps That Are Free

Gardeners, I think, dream bigger dreams than emperors.
– Mary Cantwell

Gardening can be a source of immense pleasure for people of all ages and professions. It has surprising health benefits, like exposure to vitamin D, it reduces stress, it improves your hand strengths. Gardening also helps you combat mental pressure and loneliness. Gardening is a pack of benefits for human life.

In addition to that having flowers from your own garden at your desk or great fresh homegrown vegetables on your plate from every aspect of life planting and gardening is one of the few life-boosting activities you can enjoy.

According to National Gardening Association (NGA), 1 out of 3 families now grows their all or a part of their food by gardening. This suggests a 200% growth in gardening since 2008. This sounds mindblowing to me. But how do you start a garden for beginners?

Yes, there's a lot of ways you can start learning about planting your own garden. One of the amazing ways is following a gardening app. There are apps that can educate and inform you about gardening and planting.

These apps are known as gardening apps or planting apps. They give you the best advice on what should you do with your soil, how to grow more, how to take care of your plants, or even what you should plant in your garden for the upcoming season.

Here, we will discuss the best gardening apps you can try and make yourself a better gardener. Let's start.

1. From Seed to Spoon

Vegetable, Fruit, & Herb Garden Planning Guides is a popular gardening app for android. The app has information about growing 100 vegetable plants. You can also know about varieties of seeds and purchase them with the app. The app educates you about the elements good and bad for your garden. It also helps paste control.

From Seed to Spoon works as a library of information for gardening. In little words, it's a complete guide to efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable gardening. It is a growing database of gardening knowledge. The app is free to download.

2. Plantix - your crop doctor

Plantix - your crop doctor is another effective planting app that can help you in your gardening journey. This app helps you identify the problems or causes of damage to your plats. It can identify 400+ problems of around 30 crop plants. The app is effective globally as it supports 18 different languages. It uses AI-powered image recognition software to identify diseases and pathogens.

Plantix works in a very interesting way. All you have to do is take a photo of your leaf and upload it on the app. The sophisticated system of the app will analyze the leaf and tell you about the condition of your plants. It also suggests the solution to your problems. The app has its own Plantix community that can answer your queries about agriculture. Plantix is a free app.

3. PlantSnap

PlantSnap - FREE plant identifier app is a free plant identifier app. It also works as your adviser on how to take care of your garden plants. It can identify 600,000 types of plants of trees, flowers, succulents, and more. You get a complete description of a plant with the app. You can create your own plant collection that consists of the plants you discovered with the app.

PlantSnap is designed with an easy-to-use and green interface. The app informs you about the growing process and care of plants you have. It gives information about lighting, watering, and friend plants of your garden plants.

4. Planter

Planter - Garden Planner is a garden planning app. If you have a relevantly limited space or you just want to utilize 100% of your gardening space this app is for you. The app has a virtual garden bed and you can virtually plan what plants you can grow and how much space they need. This will give you an idea of you should plant your plants. According to the developers, an open web app of Planter is coming soon.

Planter has some more garden-effective features. It gives you the Companion and combative plant information. It uses square foot gardening mapping to make your spacing easy. You can also add plants that are not in the app. The free version of the app has only one garden bed to plan. It has very affordable subscriptions.

5. Plant Care Reminder

Plant Care Reminder – Plant Watering is a visual assistant app for garden care by Aleksei Turbin. It reminds you about taking the proper care of your garden plants. You can create care plans for your plans with the details of watering, fertilizing, spraying. And the app will remind you about performing these duties on time.

Plant Care Reminder lets you set notifications of the cares. Most beginner gardeners complain about forgetting to take care of their plants in time. This app can easily solve their problems. The app can also sort the list of plants by flower or vegetable or however you want.

6. Waterbot

Waterbot: Plants watering + Gardening is another popular gardening app. It reminds you you water your plants. The app can track all the plants in your home and garden. And it notifies you when a plant needs water. You can use the app to create flower avatars for your plants.

Waterbot app is easy to use. You have to pick a plant and create an avatar for the plant on the app. Then you can set watering intervals from 12 hours to around three weeks. After watering you can mark the plant as “watered” so you don't overwater the plant. This app is completely free.

Choosing The Best Gardening App

These are some of the best gardening apps that you can choose. These apps work differently and have different features. You need to choose an app for you according to your needs. If you need information about plants you may try the app Plantix or From Seed to Spoon. If you need a garden planner you can try Planter. And apps like Waterbot help you properly take care of your plants. Hope this list of free gardening apps will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading.