6 Best Cooking Apps (Free)

Cooking can cure almost anything.
- Michelle Dockery

I completely agree with that. Cooking is one of the most creative things to do in everyday life. Well, you have to cook to eat most of the time. Aside from that, there are some days we want to cook something special and new. Or, it can be a special occasion and you want to surprise your family with a delicious dish. But how do find new recipes?

Yes, you can ask your mom or grandma, or your sister. And there is another good way of learning new tasty and healthy recipes. There are some apps that can help you be creative with your kitchen. These apps are designed with huge collections of new recipes that you can try. These new dishes can win the hearts of your beloved. They can also amaze your mind as you learned something new and tasted something different.

Here we have created a list of some of the most popular cooking apps. These apps are best for learning about new recipes and cooking hacks. Here we have a focus on keeping the free apps on the priority. Let's start.

1. Tasty

Tasty is a cooking app by BuzzFeed. The app has over 3000 delicious recipes. You can also create your own cookbook in the app. It has features like step-by-step instructions for cooking every recipe. It can also recommend what you cook for the next day or next occasion, If you are a vegetarian you can hide all non-veg recipes within the app and many more.

Tasty has a tremendous feature. You don't have to worry about your phone getting asleep while watching a recipe and cooking. The app will keep it awake without touching the screen. You can also filter recipes by low card, vegetarian only, healthy, and a few more. The Tasty app is free.

2. Food Network Kitchen

Food Network Kitchen is a cooking app for Android devices. It helps you prepare delicious meals. It brings you more confidence in the kitchen with 50+ live cooking sessions each week by your favorite culinary experts and chefs. The app has a collection of 80,000+ recipes. You can save your favorites among them in a free account.

Food Network Kitchen is integrated with Amazon Fresh to deliver you the ingredients you need to make the preparation. When you buy a premium yearly subscription the app provides up to 100 meals for kids living with hunger with No Kid Hungry. The app is free and has two different subscription plans, $6.99 per month or $39.99 per year. It offers a 30-day free trial.

3. All recipes Cook Book

All recipes Cook Book is a mega-collection of recipes with all the nutrition information of each recipe. It lets you know what you are cooking and is it healthy for you. It has recipes like diabetic-friendly, weight watcher recipes, healthy salads, and many more. You can add recipes you like to your personal favorites list.

All recipes Cook Book has amazing features and a sleek interface. The search option lets you search recipes even with voice and image. It has a customizable shopping list to buy the needed ingredients for the dish you are going to prepare. This app is free.

4. Yummly

Yummly Recipes & Cooking Tools is known as a smart cooking app by Yummly. It has features like customizable meal plans, personalized recipe recommendations, and many more. It has optional grocery delivery integration. The advanced search lets you sort recipes by nutrition, cooking time, type of cuisine, special occasion, different diet plans, and more. It lets you set alarms on when you want to eat a dish and when you should start making it.

Yummly app perhaps has the largest collection of 2+ million recipes that you can choose from. Another interesting feature is only by sayings "Hey Yummly" you can activate the Voice Control mode of the app. Now you can go through recipe steps, check ingredients, start timers, and more with voice commands. The premium subscription costs $4.99/month.

5. Cookpad

Cookpad - Create your own Recipes can be described as a social media app for home cooks. Thousands of home cooks come here for inspiration, finding recipes and they share their own recipes every day. It has a huge collection of recipes that you can browse by ingredients, dishes for the season, special holiday recipes, and more. It has a collection of 3.24 million recipes.

Cookpad lets you share your own recipes with other home cooks using the app. You can also take photos and upload them so that you can show how delicious your recipe looks. You can also save dishes you like and create your personal cookbook. You can connect with other cooks on the app. The app is available in almost 70 countries around the world in 23 languages. Cookpad is a free app.

6. Whisk

Whisk: Recipe Saver, Meal Planner & Grocery List is another popular cooking app for android. The app lets you save recipes from websites or cooking applications. The app collects and organizes information from any page or link you choose to save and puts them into the appropriate fields on the recipe entry form of the app. You can also edit recipes that you’ve imported.

Whisk lets you create a weekly meal plan for yourself. This ensures a healthy diet with minimal effort for you all week long. It has recipe collections like vegan dishes, paleo diets, low-carb meals, and many more. You can create your own cookbook within the app. It has grocery delivery services integrated with the app. Whisk is entirely free.

Our Words

We are almost at the end of our list. These are some coolest cooking apps that you can get. All these apps have some unique features that can help you be a better cook. Most of these apps are completely free. You can try all of them and choose what is the best cooking app for you. Hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading.