10 Free And Effective Voice Changer Apps And Tools

There are many reasons for people changing their voices online or offline. It may be because they want to hide their identity or make a different voice, or just to have fun. But not all of us are voice artists and can change our voice like pros. There is a solution to that. There are many apps and web tools that help you change your voice instantly.

Many people use voice changers when streaming online on discord or other platforms. Especially when they feel like having a special voice for entertaining the audience. The term voice changer (also known as voice enhancer) refers to a device that can change the tone or pitch of or add distortion to the user's voice.

People mostly use voice changer apps to change how they sound. Voice changer online tools are also popular among many. Here we have gathered some of the most popular ways to sound different with your smartphone or online. Let's start.

Voice Changer App 

1. Voice changer with effects

Voice changer with effects by Baviux is a popular voice-changing application. The app is available for smartphone users. Share, Save recording, Import pre-recorded sound, Set as notification sound are some of the features of the app. The app is easy to use and simple. The app includes more than 40 effects like monster, alien, drunk, and more. It is 9.6 M in size

2. Voice Changer - Audio Effects

Voice Changer - Audio Effects is a voice changer by Super Effect Studio. The app looks quite interesting. the interface is colorful and easy to use. It has many cool features. Share audio files with your friends via social networks, You can sound like Robot, Very funny sound effects like Helium, Chipmunk and Hexafluoride, Like talking on the phone with phone sound effects are some of the key features. The speed changer feature late you change the tempo of recorder audio. It is a 17M app.

3. Voice Changer

Voice Changer by AndroidRock is another popular voice-changing app. Record audio and apply an effect on it, View, edit the saved audios, Open an audio and apply an effect on it are some of the key features of the app. You can also generate your own voice effect. It has many interesting effects to apply from. Old man, hoarse, underwater, bee are some of them. The app is simple and easy to use. The app is free and it has premium features. It is a 7.5M app.

4. Super Voice Editor - Effect for Changer, Recorder

Super Voice Editor - Effect for Changer, Recorder is a popular voice changer app by SoulApps Studio. Voice Recorder, MP3 Cutter, Audio Tuner, Ringtone Maker, Messenger Voice Changer are some of the key features of the app. the app has an audio recorder. There are many effects to choose from including Iron Man, Venom, Star War, Aline, Chimpuk, and many more. All effects are free. The app has a simple interface and it's easy to use. It is a 17M app.

5. Voicemod Clips: Free Voice Changer & Video Maker

Voicemod Clips is a voice changer and a video maker app by Voicemod. It is unique in the way that it also has video-creating features. You can Make original clips with this app. After recording a video with it you can choose voice effect and set duration for the content. The app is specially designed for social media content creators in mind. It is easy to use and simple. It is an 82M app.

6. Voicer - Celebrity Voice Changer Prank Meme Videos

Voicer - Celebrity Voice Changer Prank Meme Videos by QStudio.org is another voice changer cum video editor app. Tens of celebrities and actors to choose from, New pranks added every someday, Prank call and fool friends who deserve it, Troll your friends with a scary, girl-female, or robot voice changer avatar are some of the key features of the app. The app is a fun-oriented one. It supports many international languages and flanger effect. This app is easy to use. It is a 22M app.

7. Voice Changer -Super Voice Effects Editor Recorder

Voice Changer -Super-Voice Effects Editor Recorder is a free voice-changing app by SmartDroid Tech. Voice recorder, Popular characters voice effect, Voice disguiser, Create and set the audio as your ringtone or notification sound are some of the key features of the voice changer app. It also has video editing and capturing features. The app has an interesting interface and easy to use. It is an 8.4M app.

Voice Changer Online 

1. Voicechanger.io

Voicechanger.io is an online voice-changing tool. you can both upload and pre-recorded audio or use a microphone to record a voice. Then you can apply different effects to the audio. There are 51 different voice effects available in the tool. It is easy to use. There are aliens, telephones, evil, Hellboy, robot, Jacky Chan, and some other effects. You can also create a custom effect.

2. Lingojam.com

Lingojam is another online tool for voice changing. It has 12 different pitches to choose from. You can both record a new clip or upload an existing audio clip. It is simple and easy to use. You can do different things with this tool. The most interesting feature is the chipmunk feature. It works quite finely.

3. Voice-Changer.Org

Voice-Changer.Org is a simple and free voice-changing tool. It has 11 different effects to choose from including cave, old man, deep voice, robot, and bear voice. It has both uploading and recording feature. It is easy to use. It takes only microphone permission to use the tool. It has other features like the audio joiner, audio extractor, audio cutter, etc.

Voice Changer Software 


Voicemod is a popular voice changer software for Discord, Skype, and other calling and streaming services. Voicemod is a free-to-play program designed for Windows. You just have to sign up with discord, twitch, or Gmail. The free version is loaded with a set of 7 voice effects. This set will rotate every week. You can buy your favorite one permanently as a premium user. You can create your own soundboard with your favorite effects.


These are some of the options you can choose to use as your voice changer. There are many other voice-changing apps, tools, and software you can try. Here on this list, we tried primarily on free options. If you have a budget you can get a lot more things. Voice changing was once a fun thing to do, but for today it has got many other dimensions.

Streamers from different platforms use this kind of apps or tools to make interesting content for their audience. Some people also use voice-changing tools for security reasons. It has slowly become an important part of our online footprint. It is all we have on voice changers for now. Thanks for reading.