14 Best Free Photo Editor App For Android

Every day millions of pictures are uploaded on every platform. And there is a secret to share "almost all photos are edited before being uploaded". But what are the best apps to edit your photos to get the most attractive look for your photo? that is a common question. There are over hundreds of photo editing tools and apps on the table right now. It will be hard to install and check which one is the best app to edit your photos.

We have gone through many apps and reviews from users to find out the best free and easy-to-use photo editing apps. As there are many apps to choose from we choose some of the best apps to feature as the best photo editor apps for android. Below are some of the most popular and useful apps to edit your photos.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is a photo editor app that delivers a full spectrum of tools and effects at your fingertips. The photo editor app gives the user everything needed to quickly edit and transform images. It has features like Remove Noise, Spot Healing, Perspective correction, and many more. The app is easy to use, simple and fast.

Photoshop Express one of the Photoshop family of apps. Users can create custom stickers from favorite shots. It doesn't apply any watermark and it is completely free. It also can make collages. The app has its own feed to check what others are doing with their photos. With over 100 million users it is one of the highest downloaded photo editors.

2. Canva

Canva Photo Editor is another popular very popular photo editing app. It is widely used mainly for quick edits, typography and making social media content. Ad creator, Logo maker, easy object adding, are some of the great features of Canva. Users can Crop Images for Trim, Precise Compositions, Apply Textures with Canva. Canva app is easy to use and best for composing design. It allows the user to make a product out of their photos.

It is a very popular and loved app for social media influencers and busy workers. With thousands of free pre-created objects, it is easy to make anything like posters, cards, and many other things with Canva. Canva basic is free and pro upgrades are available. It has over 100 million downloads.

3. Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro is a great app for editing photos without pro skills. The effects, filters, grids, and draw tools available in the app lets the user create a wanted look for their photos. It has primary features like Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, warmth, etc.

Some other features are Glitch Effects and Blur Background. With Photo Editor Pro you can create DSLR like Blur Effect. The app has Photo Collage Maker. It is a quick and easy photo editing tool. the app has 100+ Photo Effects that can easily change the look of the photo. The editing app is rated 4.8 stars by over 1.8 million users. It has over 100 million downloads.

4. Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor has over 350 million users hence it has proved its capability of editing fantastic photos. BBC once called it the photoshop light. Many leading services use the photo editor. The Fotor photo processor is known to be an industry leader and able to handle high-quality images with ease. With Fotor you can choose the focus point of the image.

The application is easy to work with. It has Full-featured effects, borders, and stickers. It also has One-click enhancements that bring out the best in your photos. The app provides Professional Editing Tools For A Masterful Finish. The app is rated 4.5 stars on google play.


VSCO is an expressive photo editor. The app also has a video editor. It has editing tools like Contrast and Saturation. It is simple and has editing presets. VSCO app has its own camera feature and can take photos.

With this app, users can Sharpen, adjust and create clarity in their photos. It is free and premium upgrades are available. The app has over 100 million downloads and rated 4.1 stars on google play.

6. Snapseed

If you want as many as tools possible to perfect your image may be the best option for you is Snapseed. Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google. It has 29 different tool filters including Face Enhance, Brush, Perspective, Lens Blur, Frames, Double Exposure, and many more. According to many, it is one of the best mobile editing apps out there.

Snapseed is easy to use. With this app, you can save your favorite look that you created and can directly apply the look later on other projects. Tools are easy to use and to the point. It gives users ultimate control over their images and any amateur can achieve pro-level results with this app. it is rated 4.5 stars on google play by over 1.3 million users.

7. Flickr

Flickr is a popular photograpger community. It has its own app that has a feature of photo editing. users can edit their photos, add filters, crop images, and more. Transform, Filters, Adjust, Focus are some key features of editing in Flickr.

It is an easy photo editing tool for android devices. It has many other photos to take inspiration from. The app is common among photographers. The app has over 1 million downloads and rated 4 stars on google play.

8. PicsArt

If you are searching for an all-in-one app to edit your photos PicsArt is a great option for you. It is one of the most popular photo editing apps for android devices. It has features like hot filters, background eraser, free images, Retouch tools, Blur photo backgrounds and others. It also has video editing features.

According to PicsArt, the app has 1 billion downloads to date. It is easy to use and needs no professional experience to create amazing looks. It is also a good collage maker. The app is rated 4.2 by over 10 million users.

9. Instasize

Instasize is the photo editor and pic editing toolkit for creatives. The app can Instantly make your photos look better with free photo filters. There are 20+ unique fonts to add text to your photos. With Instasize users can adjust the contrast, exposure, saturation, and clarity of the photo. It also has retouch tools, format photo resizer.

Instasize is free and easy to use. It has premium upgrades. The layer feature of the app is an easy way to introduce colors and patterns to your photos. It emphasizes keeping the photo natural. It has over 50 million installs and rated 4.6 on google play.

10. Pixlr

Formerly Pixlr Express, now Pixlr is a free photo editing software for multi both amateur and pro use. It is one of the easiest photo editors to use. It has social media integration that lets the user share photos with friends directly from the app. With Pixlr you can choose the object you want to focus on and create a great focus.

It has many filters and tools to edit the photo with minimal effort. You can also adjust the tone of the photo with overlays – amplify the tone, cool it down, or add surreal shades. It has a feature called Auto Fix, that adjusts the color of your photo in one easy click. It has over 50 million downloads and rated 4.3 stars by over 1.2 million users.

11. Prisma

Prisma is a stand-out photo editing app. With over 120 million users the photo editing software has a distinctive approach and look than many other photo editors available. Prisma has art filters that transform your photos into paintings. You can even adjust the edited photos to create the look and atmosphere exactly you want from the edit. It's to mention that the app's filters are great for actually getting the vibe of real paintings from your pictures. Over 300 art styles are avilable in Prisma’s art filter library.

When the Prisma app was launched in 2016 it took the world seconds to accept the artistic style of the app. Initially, it was launched for ios only but soon later it became available for androids. It is one of the earliest photo editors to use neural networks and artificial intelligence to apply artistic effects. It's a free app. The magnificent app is rated 4.6 stars by around 1 million users.

12. PhotoScape

PhotoScape is another professional, easy to use, and free photo editor app avilable. Blur Photo Editor, Filters and Effects, Photo Collage Maker are some best features of the PhotoScape editor. The app has 30+ filters to create the wanted look. It can save photos in high quality.

With PhotoScape users can batch edit multiple photos. The splitter feature can slice a photo into several pieces. Raw Converter of the app can Convert RAW to JPG. You can also Find similar faces on the Internet with PhotoScape. The app is installed over 10,000 times and has a 3.7 star rating on google play.

13. Facetune2

Facetune2 is an easy-to-use photo editor that can retouch your selfies and acts as a personal makeover studio. The app has retouching filters and image correction features. It has Compare tool to compare before and after edit. It has features like Reshape, beauty filters, re-adjust and many more.

With this app, users can remove Zits, Pimples and Blemishes. It is often called the selfie enhancing app. It has over 50 million downloads and a 4.3-star rating on google play.

Special Mention

14. Afterlight

Afterlight is a special mention on this list. It's a personal recommendation for android users. With over 15 adjustment tools, 59 filters, 66 textures, cropping and transforming tools it is really an amazing photo editor app available for free. In addition to that, it has 77 different simplistic and adjustable frames.

Afterlight is a simple, easy and fast tool to create amazing photos. it requires minimal permissions for all versions of this app. the size of the app is 35 MB which is great for an app with this many features. It is installed over 10 million times and has a 4.0 rating on google play.