9 Best Free Camera Apps For Android

Third-party camera apps are in use for more than any time in the past. In the last couple of years, smartphone and mobile device manufacturers are giving the cameras of their devices the highest priority. In every next phone photographic abilities are getting better. But in addition to that sometimes you need a helping camera application that can enhance the image quality or achieve the wanted image for you. Many smart device makers are introducing applications that can help the user getting better shots.

There are many different camera apps. Some of them are can apply filters, whereas some can truly perform pro-level enhancements. At least 20 of them are widely used. Even AI-powered camera applications are avilable for both Android and iOS. Most of the camera apps for android come with a free starting where you can update it to premium features. With these apps, users can create the perfect DSLR-like shots with their smartphone cameras.

We have created a list of the best free camera apps for your smartphone. These are some best and free apps you can try./p>

1. Google Camera

Google Camera is one of the most downloaded camera applications. It is a performance-increasing app from google. It has features like Portrait, Night Sight, and video stabilization modes. It is free. You call it the official android camera app. It is available for Android 7.1.1 and the following. It has an interesting interface.

Night Sight is one special feature of the photography app from google. The Long Shot feature lets the user make short videos created by bringing many photos together. With Google Pixel phone it performs the best. It is free. the size of the app varies from device to device. It is rated 3.3 stars on the play store by over 300 thousand people.

2. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a free, powerful camera app that is great for photography and editing images. It has many features that prove it to be a pro camera app. The camera app has features like choose exposure, timer, instant presets, raw and more. It has two modes Professional and HDR.

Adobe Lightroom is free and easy to use. It has premium upgrade options. With an easier organization system, you can easily organize your captured and edited photos. The photography application is downloaded over 10 million times and rated 4.3 by almost a million users on google play.

3. Adobe Photoshop Camera: Photo Editor Lens Filter

Adobe Photoshop Camera is a free camera app and photo editor that lets the user add the best filters even before capturing the shot. It has 100 fantastic lenses that create a great photo for you. The camera app has AI features that help to capture like a pro on a smartphone. Auto-Tone Photo Effects is another great feature that enhances the quality of the photo without making any extreme changes.

Photoshop Camera is free. Though it's designed and created from adobe photoshop the application is easier to use than the mother software. The app has over a million downloads and it is rated 4.6 stars by a little over 10,000 users.

4. Cymera

Cymera camera and photo Editor is a free camera App available for all Android devices. This application gives priority to selfie cameras. it has features like Real-time Selfie Filters, Smaller & V-shaped faces, Skin Glow tools, Import Directly From Google Photos. The photo editing app can capture perfect instant selfies with +150 filters and 7 different camera lenses.

Cymera is known to be easy to use and simple. Photos can be directly shared on social media with this app. There is some unique feature as you can input your handwritten message and own drawing on the photo. The app is rated 4.6 stars on google play by over 2.3 million users.

5. Instagram

Popular social media Instagram has its own camera integration that is better than many distinguished camera apps. Instagram is a place where the highest quality photos are found. With the Insta camera, you can capture photos with pre-installed filters and can edit the picture even more after capturing.

The app has many tools to adjust the image until you get the wanted look. It allows you to create and share your photos with a single app. Instagram is free and it has one of the best user interfaces found on any app.

6. pen Camera

Open Camera is a completely free photography app. It is one of the most popular apps available. Many professionals are known to use the app. The most interesting feature is it has the option to take photos remotely by making a noise, or by voice command "cheese".

There are some other great features like Panorama, including for front camera., Support for HDR, Exposure Bracketing, Focus bracketing mode, and more. It is also ad-free. The application is open source. Google Play rating is 4.1 stars from over 200 thousand users.

7. Camera FV-5 Lite

Camera FV-5 is a professional camera application for mobile devices. It has DSLR-like manual controls. The application is focused on capturing more raw images that can be edited later for advancement. This photography app is one of the most used android applications for capturing photos. Features like a Built-in intervalometer, Long exposure support, Manual shutter speed, Program and Speed-priority modes make it a standout camera application available.

The camera has four different kinds of focus Autofocus, macro, touch-to-focus, true manual focus. It is downloaded over 10 million times from google play and rated 3.8 stars by 130 thousand users.

8. Simple Camera

This simple and easy-to-use camera app is suitable for both capturing still images and video recording. It is a simply designed app and not loaded with extra features that almost always remain unused. Focusing capability is great though it can vary with the device you are using. It has different photo frames and also a collage maker.

It has wanted features like setting the resolution limits. Users can pinch the screen to zoom in and out or toggle horizontal image swapping during capturing portrait photos with different photo frames. It needs minimal permission to work on the phone and completely ad-free. In little words, it's true to the point application designed with a minimal but effective approach. Its Google play rating is 3.9 from a little over 3,000 users.

9. Camera MX

Camera MX is a camera app that comes with many features you can think of. It offers every Android user an easy-to-use yet full-fledged camera app, for any smartphone. It has features like a Fast camera zoom with pinch finger gestures, a Timer for delayed shots, Lock focus and exposure with a long touch, a Hand-picked selection of beautiful camera filters and many more.

The camera application is geared with a photo editor. It is completely free. The Camera MX application is downloaded over 20 million times and is rated 4.3 stars by over 300 thousand users.

Choosing The Best Camera For Smartphone

These are some of the most popular free photo editing apps for android. Though all of these have a primary functionality of editing photos they are different in features, styles, and editing capabilities. Some apps are focused on making a pro-level natural-looking photo and some are focused on making a new look for each photo. You can easily go through these apps one or two at a time and check which app is the best for you. Thanks for reading.