20+ Most Amazing Toyota Facts

Toyota is perhaps the most common name in the automobile industry of the current world. This Asian giant auto manufacturing company is the largest on the Earth by sales unit in 2020. Kiichiro Toyoda founded the company in 1937. Since then Toyota had made and sold over 250 million vehicles. Toyota is known for its built quality, durability, and resale value.

The founder Kiichiro Toyoda created the company from his father's business the Toyota industries. In 1938 they built their first passenger car the Toyota AA. Now they own four more brands Hino, Lexus, Ranz, and Daihatsu. It also has stakes in numerous major companies of the related industry like 20.02% in Subaru and 3.8% in Yamaha Motor Corporation. Toyota is considered a pioneer in the electric hybrid car industry. The model Prius is the highest-selling hybrid automobile ever. As a company, they reached over 1,00,000 patents by 2000. Toyota is also highly involved in motorsport. The company makes the transportation for the Royal Family of Japan. With a brand value of $51.59 billion, Toyota is the most valuable car brand in the world.

In their journey of over eight decades, Toyota has been the name of reliability, comfort, and quality. They have produced some of the most iconic cars of all time as the Supra, MR2, the Land Cruiser, and the Camry. Everyone knows about Toyotas. Almost every human being capable of driving drove them. Today we have gathered some of the most interesting facts about the company.

The companies first passenger car was the Model AA. The car was produced for six years. A little over 1,400 units were built. The model AA used a 62 horsepower Type A Overhead valve 6-cylinder engine.

The Toyota Corolla is the highest manufactured model of the company as well as the highest manufactured automobile of all time. Over 45 million units of Corollas are sold worldwide.

The Crown is the longest manufactured car of the company. Toyota is making the crown since 1955 what makes the model the oldest passenger car of the company.

The 2020 Supra is the fastest production made car from Toyota. The car can reach 0-60 miles in just 3.8 seconds.

In 2013 the auto manufacturer became the first company ever to built and sell 10 million cars within a year.

Though largely known as a Japanese brand a large portion of Toyotas are made outside the country since 1963. They built their first production plant outside Japan in Melbourn, Australia. Around 1.8 million units are assembled in North America in the 2019-2020 period.

With an $85,515 starting price the land cruiser is the most expensive production car of Toyota. They introduced the first generation Land cruiser in 1951.

Toyota created over 365,000 jobs in the United States. The first-ever car from the company reached the USA in 1957.

They are the global leader in the hybrid car industry. In the year 2008, 158,886 Prius hatchbacks were sold in the US what surpasses the total of the other 10 best-selling hybrid car sales figures.

Scaled Composites made the prototype TAA-1 aircraft for Toyota. The aircraft was designed by the Toyotas engineering team. Textron Lycoming built the engine for the one-off aircraft.

At least 70% of all cars from the automobile brand is still on the roads. As of general belief, A Toyota Corolla is expected to have a 5,00,000 miles life span.

Toyota motor company has 36 production plants all over the world. They have additional 22 factories that produce different components for them.

The Toyota Tsusho Corporation, a member of the Toyota Group is one of the largest companies in terms of subsidiaries owned by them. They have around 1000 subsidiaries.

Most companies have business slogans. And Toyota has many of them. In different times in different countries, the company had over 85 slogans. In Japan, the recent one is "Start Your Impossible".

As an old and reliable company they have high principles and they follow top-level guidelines. Challenge, Improvement, Go and See, Respect and Teamwork are the five prior principles of Toyota.

In 2019, Toyota Motor Corporation gave free access to 24,000 of their patents of vehicle electrification-related technologies to other car manufactures. They stated that the step was taken to “further promote the widespread use of electrified vehicles, and in so doing, help governments, automakers, and society at large accomplish goals related to climate change.”

Toyota also had shown their interests in different sectors than automobiles. They have worked in the development of robots of different capabilities like trumpet-playing. Toyota also developed a Sewing machine technology that can draw ideas directly onto fabric using the art of free-motion embroidery. In fact, the company finds its roots in sewing machines.

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda drives a very special One-off Century GRMN. They launched the GR performance sub-brand a few years ago and the letters stand for Gazoo Racing Masters of Nürburgring.

Toyota BZ will be the companies first all-electric car series. These cars are expected to be on the market by 2022.

In 2017, Toyota introduced a seven-year-long test drive which is known as the world's longest, toughest test drive. It is a 130,000-mile long Five Continents Drive devised by the CEO Akio Toyoda himself.

The QR code was designed by Denso-wave Inc. which a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation. The technology was invented to manage and keep records of inventories in Denso plants.

Toyota developed the first-ever robot that talked in space. The 34cm-tall robot Kirobo said: “On August 21, 2013, a robot took one small step towards a brighter future for all.”

Toyota also makes forklifts. It sold the earliest of its forklifts in the US in 1967. By 1995 the company sold over a million units of these machines worldwide.

From the invention of an automatic handloom to the largest automaker in the world, the journey of Toyota is truly unbelievably amazing. They shaped the history of human transportation all over the world. Toyota is a name of inventions, change, and innovation. These are all you need to know about Toyota Motor Corporation. Thanks for reading.