23 Crazy And Fun Spider Facts

Spiders are often seen on the corners of our homes. They are small eight-legged arthropods. Spiders are seen all over the globe except Antarctica. Most spiders are land animals. Spiders can move very fast. They have a very different body shape than many other animals on earth. Spiders can be of many sizes and colors. The smallest are few millimeters, while the large one can have a body span of 30 centimeters. Many spider species make web to hunt prey. Most spiders are known to be predatory. Africa is home to many of the large spider species. Australia is home to some of the most venomous spider species. There are some species known to be aquatic, living on the surface of water resources.

Spiders usually live in wood, underground and human homes. Most of the spider species have a life span of about two years. Spiders reproduce through eggs. Female spiders are larger than males. Female spiders make silk egg-cases. These cases can contain hundreds of eggs. In many species, the female spiders carry the egg case attached under their abdomen. Some also carry eggs on their back. Male spiders live a shorter life than females. Spiders are known not to be aggressive to humans. There are more than 45,000 known species of spiders. Female Black Widow spiders kill and eat the male before, after, or while mating. A few species are known to be social. Social spiders build communal webs.

Spiders have been an important part of the ecosystem as small predators. They are considered the main predators of insects. Spiders act as natural pest control. Many small mammals and bird species eat spiders. In such ways, they have been an important part of the natural food chain and ecosystem. Many people keep spiders as pets. Some spiders are venomous. Most spiders are harmless. Home spiders control any small insects inside the home. Spiders are interesting. It is interesting to watch them moving. These are some little known spider facts below:

Spiders are ancient. The oldest spiders appeared on Earth 300 million years ago during the Carboniferous age. Most specimens found of that era provably belong to the Mesothelae.

The Mesothelae is the smallest suborder belong to spiders. Only 116 species of the suborder are extant.

Most spiders belong to the Araneomorphae Infraorder. Almost 44,000 species of spiders belonging to the Araneomorphae Infraorder. Spiders from Araneomorphae is known as true spiders.

Spiders from the Symphytognathidae family are the smallest spiders. Most spiders from this family grow up to .3 millimeters.

Goliath birdeater is the largest spider species. These spiders can grow up to 30 cms. They are currently holding the title of being the largest spider.

Sydney funnel-web spider is known to be the most venomous spiders. Bite of these spiders can lead to death.

Diving bell spiders are the only spider to live almost entirely underwater. These species are also known for the notoriously painful bite.

Trapdoor Spiders live underground. They build an amazing tunnel or funnel from the soil, vegetation, and silk with a door. These spiders are mostly nocturnal.

Antivenoms are developed for treating spider bite patents. But these antivenoms are usually not used as resulted worse for many.

The American Museum of Natural History has the largest collection of spiders. Most researches on spiders are directly dependent upon this collection of over 1 million spiders.

A spider of Gaius villosus species lived around 43 years. The spider is known to the longest living pet spider ever. The spider was named Number 16. It was a female trapdoor spider.

The brown widow spiders lay the highest number of eggs among spiders. They lay up to 120-150 eggs for each sac.

Spiders from the Scytodidae family shoot their venom at a speed of 28 meters per second. They have a large venom gland. The gland produces a sticky mixture of venom and silk.

Spiders are not known to be loud. Only 26 different families can produce sound. These spiders produce sound through stridulation or percussion.

Peacock spiders can make loud sounds. Their sound can be heard from several meters away.

Habronattus coeacatus spides sing complex songs. These little spider songs can contain up to 20 different elements. These songs are organized in functional motifs and incredibly complex.

Spiders are found in some of the harshest places to live. They are found at elevations as high as 5,000 meters in the Himalayas. These spiders are known as the Himalayan jumping spiders.

Ballooning spiders are found drifting through the air at heights of more than 800 meters.

Ant spiders are daytime hunters and live together with ants. They mimic the ant's behavior, even chemical traits. Most ant spiders feed only on ants.

Some peacock spider and red-headed mouse spider has the red and blue color combination of the marvel superhero spiderman. The marvel hero is inspired by spiders and has capabilities similar to spiders.

Arachne is a Greek mythological character. Arachne is a princess and depicted as a half-spider half-human in Gustave Doré's illustration for an 1861 edition of Dante's Purgatorio.

Kwaku Ananse is one of the most important characters of West African, African American, and Caribbean folklore. Kwaku Ananse is considered to be a god of all knowledge of stories and often takes the shape of a spider.

Spiders are depicted in many native American arts. Clay pots with the depiction of spiders are found from Ancient Moche civilization sites.

Spiders are mysterious. They have many more unknown traits unknown to man. Like many other animals on the planet, some species of spiders are also facing the threats of extinction. In all known spider species, 36 species are listed as critically endangered on the IUCN's Red List. March 14 is saved as World Spider day. More and more awareness and love towards these beautiful arthropods may increase the safety for them.