26 Cool and Interesting Eagle Facts

The eagle is a common large bird. The eagle is called the king of all birds. They are majestic birds. The eagle is a symbol of courage and power. Eagle is actually a common name for many large predetory bords. Eagles are seen almost all over the world. They are big, powerful, and birds of prey. They are distinctive in look for their extraordinary appearance. They are so big that even The smallest species of eagle is larger than many other birds. From ancient times eagles are depicted as a source of strength and unconquerable forces. Eagles have the strongest pair of legs among the birds. They can carry a heavy load for a long time while flying.

There are many species of eagles. They are considered the apex predators in the avian food chain. Eagles eat fish, snakes, other small birds, and even small mammals. Eagles pair up for life. Eagles return to the same nest or same nesting territory every year. They build the largest nest in the bird kingdom. They build their nests at high spots and usually far from human activity. Eagles are good hunters. They usually live in forest trees. Eagles live a long life. They can live up to 20 years on average. Eagles can be kept as pets. A flock of eagles is called convocation, congregation, or an aerie.

Eagles are good fliers. They can fly very fast. Eagles fly high. The eagle is aggressive. They usually fly high and searches for food. Bald eagles are the most famous of all eagles. Harpies are the most powerful eagles. Eagle has one of the finest visions among the birds. Many ancient civilizations worshipped gods who resemble eagles. Still many countries have eagles in their national symbols. In many countries, eagles are declared the national bird. The bald eagle is the National Emblem of the United States since 1782.

These are some interesting facts about eagles:

Fact : There are 60 species of eagles. Most of them are found in Asia and Africa.

Fact : Steller's Sea Eagle is the largest of all eagles. They are massive in all aspects. Their wingspan can reach up to 8 feet.

Fact : The smallest eagle species is the Great Nicobar serpent eagle. These eagles are only found on Nicobar island. They have a wingspan of 3.5 feet.

Fact : Philippine Eagle is the rarest eagle in the world. They are on the verge of extinction with only 400 pairs living in the wild.

Fact : Harpy Eagles are known as the strongest eagles. They can weigh up to 9 kg. They are native of the Amazons.

Fact : Golden eagle is the fastest eagle. These eagles can achieve an amazing flight speed of 300 kilometers per hour. They are also the second fastest bird.

Fact : Eagles have an extraordinary vision. Eagle's vision is at least 4 times better than ours. In our eyes, we have only 2,00,000 cones per millimeters while eagles have 10,00,000.

Fact : Eagles can have a lifespan of 70 years in captivity. But in the wild, they hardly reach 30 or above.

Fact : Eagle couples make a lifelong bond. They stay together for the rest of their life after pairing at an early age.

Fact : Eagles usually lay two eggs per clutch. There can be three eggs sometimes but four eggs are rare.

Fact : The elder chick is the dominant chick. The chick hatches first often kill the chick hatched after that.

Fact : Eagles usually fly at an altitude of 10,000 feet.

Fact : Eagles nest the largest bird nest. These nests are 4 feet wide. The largest eagle nest ever recorded was 9.5 feet wide and weighed over two tons.

Fact : Eagle parents delay feeding when they want the kids to fly.

Fact : Eagles sometimes intentionally drop preys to kill them.

Fact : Eagle beaks grow all its life. If somehow the eagle loses the front part it'll grow again. The beak bends with age.

Fact : Eagles balance and trim feather to improve flight quality.

Fact : Eagles are not migratory. But they change habitat to avoid extreme cold. Though they don't go very far mostly stay in the same region.

Fact : Eagles have warmer blood than other birds. They have a body temperature of 41°C.

Fact : In Bald eagles females are larger than males.

Fact : Eagles have hollow bones and they can swim. They swim to catch fish sometimes.

Fact : For the first couple of years young eagles live a nomadic life.

Fact : There are records of training eagles by police. Dutch police used eagles to fight unauthorized drone flyings.

Fact : In the United States eagles are a special concern. Even to pick up a feather falling in the ground needs permission.

Fact : January 10th is celebrated as Save the Eagles Day in the United States. The day is to spread more awareness about the condition of eagles.

Fact : In the Holy Bible there are mentions of eagles over 30 times.

Eagles are beautiful birds. But some species of the bird, like The Martial Eagle and the Philippine Eagle, are consistently facing the threat of extinction. The bald eagle went near to extinction 20th century. The essential steps took by the government and people's awareness brought them back to the safe line. Eagles are the primary predator of the avian world. We need to protect them to keep the natural balance of the ecosystem and food chain.

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