17 Mind Blowing Facts About Caves

Caves are mysterious and thrilling. Going inside a cave was the wildest fantasy of most of our childhoods. We read and loved stories about caves. They are dark, isolated, and unknown to us. People from prehistoric ages lived inside caves. They were the only shelter offered to men by nature. Actually, caves are natural voids are inside mountains or ground. Caves form from many natural causes. Caves are home to many animals. Mostly different species of bats and many insects. Larger mammals also use caves as homes sometimes. Many fossils of prehistoric animals are found inside caves.

Most caves are formed with rocks. It takes millions of years to form caves. Caves ranges in size and atmospheres. Especially the cause of formation decides the size and the environment of a cave. There are several types of caves. The type of cave is decided by streams. There are glacier caves, salt caves, mountain caves, and many more. Different caves have many different appearances and physical patterns. There are different ways of determining the age of a cave. Many minerals forms inside caves. Deposits of natural minerals are found inside caves.

Human beings had a closer relationship with caves in earlier ages. Our ancestors used to live inside caves. They draw many paintings depicting their huntings, life, animals of their time on the walls of caves. These pictures give us a great inner look into their lives and the nature they lived in For thousands of years, they found caves as their homes. They lived and roamed inside one cave to another cave. So we have the fascination for caves engraved in our DNA. Every year, over two million people go to visit caves. One of the most visited tourist places in the world are the Caves.

These are some magnificent cave facts:

Fact : Most caves are formed with limestones, gypsum, and dolomite. In these rocks, water dissolves easily that's why caves are mostly formed with them.

Fact : Caves mostly formed millions of years ago even before any life was on the Earth. And most of them are still unknown to us.

Fact : There are three types of caves. These are inflow caves, outflow caves, and through caves.

Fact : Karst caves are the most common. They are mostly formed with limestones. Lechuguilla Cave in Mexico is a Karst cave.

Fact : Sea caves have formed near many coastal areas all over the world. See caves are smaller in size and depth.

Fact : The shortest existing caves are some Glacier caves. They often form under glaciers by melting ice and collapse after some weeks or months.

Fact : Earlier human left their marks on the walls of caves. These are called the cave paintings. The oldest found cave paintings are 1,00,000 years old.

Fact : Mexico can be called the land of caves. Mexico is the country with the highest number of discovered caves.

Fact : The Mammoth Cave is the largest in the world according to the total length of surveyed passage. The Mammoth cave has a whopping 400 miles of passageway.

Fact : According to the cross-section the Hang Sơn Đoòng cave of Vietnam is the largest. The cave is around 5 miles long, 200 meters in height, and 150 meters in width.

Fact : The Veryovkina cave is the deepest. The cave is 2,212 meters deep.

Fact : Even today around 30 million people in China live in caves. Caves are warm on cold days and cold on warm days. This is a reason why so many people chose to live in caves.

Fact : Many animals have evolved to live inside the darkness of the caves. These animals are called troglobites. These types of animals don't have functioning eyes.

Fact : The exploration of caves is a hobby for many people. Some people do this professionally. The exploration of caves is called Spelunking.

Fact : Deer Cave holds around three million bats inside it.

Fact : Some scientists suggest that some caves have the same weather as it was thousands of years ago.

Fact : Waitomo Cave has glowworms on its ceiling.

Caves are truly magnificent. They are dark, most humid, and interesting places. Most of the caves are still unknown to us. With the exploration of more caves hope we get to know about caves more and more. Next time you go on cave exploration remember these facts.